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Mike & Sulley Are “Stealing the Party” in New ‘Party Central’ Clip

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Although Pixar isn’t releasing a new animated feature this year, the studio will continue to release a few shorts and TV specials. One of them is Party Central, a new short featuring the characters from Monsters University. The short was originally going to release with The Good Dinosaur, but since it got delayed, we’re get to see the short in front of The Muppets: Most Wanted instead.

In addition to some stills and a clip we got a while ago, Pixar now released a new poster and another clip called “Stealing the Party.”


I love the way Pixar is promoting Party Central, almost like a feature film! And that makes waiting for 2015 more fun. It’s exciting that we got a new poster, but I’m not a big fan that Mike is the central character since I thought this would be a Oozma Kappa short, set after the end of MU. This fun Party Central promotion makes seeing The Muppets: Most Wanted worth even more.


In the short, Mike and Sulley return to Monsters University for a fun-filled weekend with their Oozma Kappa fraternity brothers. The gang is throwing their first party, but no one’s showing up. Luckily for them, Mike and Sulley have come with a plan to make sure ‘Party Central’ is the most epic party the school has ever seen.

Party Central will be shown in theatres in front of Disney’s The Muppets: Most Wanted releasing March 21, 2014.

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  • Anthony Raphael

    I feel like pixar really needs to just sit down and do some serious brainstorming, I like Pixar, however I like Walt Disney Animation more, but I still want Pixar to succeed, I personally felt Monsters University was a bit of a let down, nothing legendary compared to some titles of Pixar. Toys Story is legendary, Wall-E is very innovative, Ratatouille and The Incredibles are legendary in my eyes, but Monsters U seems like a forgotten film to my (don’t hate it’s just my opinion)

    • Fadi Antwan

      I completely agree (except the part about Wall-E, it was legendary as well ;)). The old directors need to return.

  • Nathan C.

    Why is this rated PG again? I’m confused 😛

    • Anthony Raphael

      Its about college parties, and even tough its for families to watch, it will have references to frat partying and innuendos which parents might not be suitable for their children to watch

      • Nathan C.

        All Pixar films have innuendos, but very few kids will get them. I wonder how MPAA saw this to be different…

        • Anthony Raphael

          I know but as i said before the whole theme of the short is at a frat party which parent might be hesitant about for hong children to be watching

          • Nathan C.

            true true

            but now I wonder whether Partysaurus Rex needs to be re-rated PG for “reckless behavior and name-calling” 😛

  • Haley TheRadiant