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‘Frozen’ Deleted Scene Gives Us Alternate Look at Coronation Day

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Disney has offered us a glimpse at a deleted scene from their latest animated smash, Frozen.

in this never before seen deleted scene from the movie, Anna and Elsa are preparing for Elsa’s coronation, and clearly, the sisters weren’t exactly estranged in early versions of the story.

Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee explain that the reason this scene was cut was because the unison of the sisters at the end of the movie wouldn’t have had the same emotional impact it did when Anna and Elsa had a more strained relationship (as in the final movie). Of course, the scene is adorable, and characters act the same: Anna is goofy as usual and Elsa is reserved and poised.

Check out the deleted scene below (video courtesy MTV):


Do you think this scene would have changed the movie as we know it? Would it have worked? Sound off below!

Frozen releases on Blu-ray and DVD on March 18 and on HD Digital February 25.

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  • Frank

    This is a fun scene, but I see why it couldn’t be in the movie. Watching this makes me like Kristen Bell’s voice over performance even more. She brought so much life and energy into Anna.

  • Bob Smith

    Their relationship hardly seems strained in that scene, so it wouldn’t have worked in the final version. If this scene were to happen somehow in the final version, there’d probably be very awkward silence between the two.

    But this scene can work in some kind of follow-up, maybe a short or even a sequel. Actually, I think Frozen has plenty of potential for a sequel since the sisters are back together, and the sequel can focus on and further their relationship even more.

  • Haley TheRadiant

    This made me laugh so hard!!

  • morgen71

    That was fantastic!

    • Elsa Frezeny

      Reminds me of my younger sister trying on dresses she would always try on cloths and use an accent. Some of the outfits she put on were a combination of all diffrent outfit.

  • Biblio-Phil

    “Oh sorry young man I knocked you from behind!” and “I can barely fit through the doorway”! were hilar-lar! :))


    Ok i absolutley loved LOVED LOVED Frozen so much, but i felt like there was something wrong with the storyline, i really felt the moral to the story, but i felt as if it could be better shown, especially when having the oppurtunity in expressing this moral of love with THE SNOW QUEEN STORY BY HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSON. I came up with this own little Frozen storyline on my own, its just something i made up, so please no hate.

    The story begins with a prophecy (Such as like Beauty and the Beast) this prophecy, says of an evil Snow Queen (the antagonist of Frozen in my little version) who has retched, horrid snow powers. Now according to this prophecy, on one unfortunate day, the Snow Queen is to curse, cast a spell really, on someone in Arendelle. The cursed person will grow up and have to suffer with these powers, but such a curse can be manipulated into using for good. The cursed one will one unfortunate day cast a spell of an eternal winter on Arendelle, and everyone will freeze to death and the cursed person will die of a frozen heart. But if the person manages to use their powers for good and reverse the winter, the eternal winter will vanish, and the Snow Queen will die of a cold heart. Most people of Arendelle like to think of this prophecy as a “local ghost story” and something most kids tell as jokes. One day the Snow Queen decides to pay a visit to the newborn princess of Arendelle, Elsa. Now the Snow Queen decides to cast her spell on the princess, hoping that such bad powers to such a big name of Arendelle will make Elsa’s ‘betrayal’ to Arendelle of the eternal winter seem even grander. The King and Queen soon realize that this prophecy has been cursed upon their child, they contemplate on what to do, and they decide to keep their child safe, and not let her cause any harm to anybody. 3 years later, the King and Queen have Anna. now the rest of the story continues such as the Do You Want To Build a Snowman sequence, but a little bit longer. Such as when Elsa hurts Anna giving her the streak in her hair, she feels as if such damage to such a loved one can cause damage to her whole kingdom. her parents keep her isolated to prevent less danger and this eternal winter that is suppose to happen, that they think they can prevent with solitude. Also like in the part when the parents died, i feel as if the part when Elsa is behind the room she should be feeling and showing more of a insanely worried, stressed, sorrowful, uncontrollable feeling in these traumatic events. Now the i feel as if the First Time in Forever sequence was a PERFECT sequence in the movie. First it shows off Anna’s quirky side (which i felt couldve been toned down a bit, just a little) but it puts us under the man-is-gonna-save-woman impression and all Anna is wanting is a man. Now continuing with my version. Elsa feels as if today is going to be the day. Her building up fear and anxiety makes it worse. Now since the Snow Queen is the villain, youd expect there to be no Hans, but of course not. Hans is the Snow Queen’s sidekick, her little servant. now this part isn’t revealed until after Hans reveals his true colors, but to this day The Snow Queen is frightened that Elsa is learning to control her powers and is capable of stopping this eternal winter, due to Anna’s help. So The Snow Queen visits Arendelle once again and discovers Hans, who tells her of his problem with his 12 other brothers and such. The Snow Queen promises Hans everything his heart desires but he must do her this favor. (The Snow Queens true intentions are once he’s left Anna to die, and Elsa dies of her frozen heart, shed let Hans die in the permanent and worsening winter) After Hans tricks Anna by not giving her the kiss she needs to survive, he meets outside with the Snow Queen, where his true intentions are revealed (yes that audience gaps is still included here) and now Hans is to break the news to Elsa, and know putting Elsa under the impression her sister was murdered by herself, she will not have the power of love to stop the winter. Now the rest of the story continues as it goes, but once Anna is saved by her act of true love, not by Kristoff but her sister Elsa. Elsa then discovers it is love and bravery that she needs to reverse this winter and control her beautiful yet dangerous powers. Much to the Snow Queen’s dismay, Elsa reverses the winter, but The Snow Queen has no time to flee, the only heart that love cannot melt is hers, and it kills her, turning her into pure ice, sprouting from her heart. Her ice sculpture then shrivels into snow. A dramatic silence and then Sven and Olaf with his personal flurry mistakenly run over it playing not seeing her whole death. now the ending plays out like it did, with Hans being arrested and the sisters rejoicing and Kristoff’s sled, and that is the end.P.S forgive my lackness of Kristoff, he played the exact same role as he did in the movie, his character was absolutley perfect for a more sarcastic, lovable Kai if you will.
    AND THAT IS MY VERSION OF FROZEN. (ID also really like a dramatic Let It go Reprise somewhere, and Fixer upper to be 75% trolls signing, and some Kristoff and Anna duet 25% of the time. Like a small “Love is an open Door” but you can actually feel the love because its actually coming from both sides.

  • Elsa

    yup…i have seen this a thousand times on youtube…i figured out why this couldnt be put in the final movie…….

  • shaunn

    If there is a Frozen sequel, a version of this scene should be in it.