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Sneak Peek of DreamWorks’ ‘Home’ Plays before ‘Mr. Peabody & Sherman’

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A few days ago, I got the chance to watch DreamWorks’ Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Right before the movie started, an unexpected promo came on the screen for DreamWorks’ upcoming 2014 film Home. There hasn’t been any public trailers, logos or character designs given for this film, so seeing this first look was certainly a surprise! Unfortunately, I couldn’t film it, but I’ll do my best describe it.

After all the movie trailers were done, the DreamWorks logo appeared on the screen. But then something strange happened: I saw a spaceship and a strange planet that clearly wasn’t earth, which was odd since Mr. Peabody & Sherman is set on earth. First I thought it was perhaps a Rocky and Bullwinkle short, but then I recgonized the characters from Home that were leaked a few months ago.

The promo was about five minutes long and featured aliens searching for a new planet to inhabit. They visited several planets; one had a lot of nature, colorful plants, and big fantasy creatures a la The Croods, while another planet was more like a desert with lots of sand and sun. I can’t remember all planets because they visited quite a lot of planets really quickly. The promo ended with the aliens finding planet earth, a suitable planet to live on and they go down to the planet. Overall the visuals looked really good. The promo was really funny, but I’m still not 100% convinced.


The clip was called ‘Almost Home’, but it’s unclear whether this is the new title of the movie or just the title of the promo. I can’t really say if I’m going to like the movie just by seeing this trailer because it reminds me of the Olaf and Sven Frozen teaser trailer, just a promo with the cute and funny characters of the movie. Personally, I preferred this promo so hopefully the movie will surprise us, just like Frozen did with people who had only seen Olaf and Sven trailer.

Hopefully this promo will be shown at every Mr. Peabody & Sherman screening so everyone will be able to see it soon. It’s highly possible that DreamWorks will release it online when Peabody releases in US theatres, but they might keep this promo exclusively for theatres. Either way, I think we can at least expect more footage of Home soon.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman will release in theatres March 7, 2014, Home will hit November 26, 2014.

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  • Haley TheRadiant

    This looks pretty cheap
    I hope this is just a test something or other

  • Nathan C.

    Am I the only who wishes they kept the film’s old name? (Happy Smekday!)

    • Well yeah, I’d have preferred “Happy Smekday” to “Home”, but I’m still dreading this film.

      • Fadi Antwan

        Same here. Aliens theme is already a NO-NO for me, but that alien in particular looks dreadful.

      • Moonie

        I spoke to th director a few months ago and posed the same question – he said that ‘happy smekday’ would be both difficult to translate and hard to explain quickly in the ads.
        He didn’t appear to be a big fan of the title ‘home’ though.

  • Todd Dolce

    Sadly,..these types of movies just don’t age gracefully. Even if it does well out of the gate,….in about 2 years….will we all be looking back at it and wondering,”What were they thinking?!?!”

  • Regenal Armour

    Honestly I think this could actually be good.I mean sure animated alien movies have been doing good, but if DreamWorks can make a good Mr. Peabody and Sherman movie and when you have Tim Johnson (Antz, Over the Hedge) as a director, how can you go wrong?

  • EllaCedar13

    So how was Mr. Peabody and Sherman?

    • Max den Hartog

      Mr. Peabody & Sherman was really good! A review will appear on the site soon.

  • Eddy