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‘Frozen’ Blu-ray Gets Official Release Date, Special Features Announced

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[UPDATE 3/18/13 3:45PM PST] The Frozen Blu-ray is available now! Click here to purchase on Amazon. Read our review of the Collector’s Edition Blu-ray here!


Yeah! Disney has finally announced that Frozen will be released for DVD and Blu-ray on March 18th!

We are about two months away from being able to watch Frozen over and over again to our heart’s content. (You know without having to pay the crazy movie theater prices at least. We will be able to save a lot of money this way.)

The announcement of the release date also came with a list of special features that will be included, most of which will only be available digitally or on the Blu-ray. The special features are considerably less than those found on the Monsters University Blu-ray (Pixar is known for going all out for its home media releases), but they look intriguing nonetheless. The special features will include:

  • The Making Of Frozen (Blu-ray, Digital)
  • D’frosted: Disney’s Journey From Hans Christian Anderson to Frozen (Blu-ray, Digital)
  • Breaking the Ice – The Real Making of Frozen (Blu-ray, Digital)
  • 4 Deleted Scenes with introduction by Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee
  • Original Theatrical Short – “Get A Horse” (Blu-ray, Digital & DVD)
  • “Let It Go” Music Videos by Demi Lovato, Martina Stoessel & Marsha Milan Londoh (Blu-ray, Digital & DVD)
  • Frozen Teaser Trailer (Blu-ray, Digital & DVD)

Despite being released in theatres in 3D, there will not be a 3D Blu-ray disc available for Frozen. The only way to view the film in 3D will be by purchasing a 3D digital copy. It seems strange that Disney abandoned the 3D Blu-ray format for Frozen, especially since the film is one of the highest grossing films of the year and is on pace to break studio records. But then again, the 3D TV and Blu-ray market hasn’t really taken off as much as media companies would have liked, so maybe it’s not worth the extra cost.

Also notably absent is a director’s commentary. Audio commentaries by the filmmakers have become a stable in Blu-ray/DVD releases over the past decade, but not for Disney. Tangled didn’t have one. This was so disappointing that a few of the Tangled animators and other crew members came together and released an unofficial commentary track. (Thank you, Clay!)

If you can’t wait until March, you will be able to download Frozen as Digital HD and Digital 3D on February 25th; however, the movie will not be available in its physical forms (DVD, Blu-ray, and On-Demand) until March 18th.

You can pre-order Frozen through Amazon now (using the Rotoscopers affiliate link, of course!) and you can also pre-order through iTunes to get the film digitally.

Are you excited or what?!

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  • Max den Hartog

    Awesome features! Hopefully they’ll also be on the Dutch Blu-ray so I don’t have to buy the 3D blu-ray which I can’t watch on my TV.

  • Briana Roop

    Really wish there was a sort of director/producer or animators commentary, but the deleted scenes are enough to get me excited!

  • The bonus features seem to be better then Wreck-it Ralph and MUCH better then Tangled’s. Where’s the audio commentary?

  • Eric Faulkner

    I’m disappointed that the version with the Soundtrack was cancelled. I was really enjoying the Disney releases that came with the Soundtrack.

  • That looks like a nice range of bonus features! I’m just hoping the making of shows some clips of the songs being recorded. I really, really, want to see Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell singing in the studio. This looks a lot more interesting than the Tangled blu ray (which was a little disappointing).

  • Monica Rae Jennings

    I really hope that one of those deleted scenes to be animated outtakes of Life’s Too Short (including the Reprise) We Know Better and More Than Just The Spare especially Life’s Too Short Reprise because that should have been in the movie.

    • SnarkyDisneyFan1003

      I hope that too

  • Haley TheRadiant

    Finally the moment I’ve waited for since,……… THIS SUMMER!!!

  • Brianna

    I just received an email from Amazon saying that they will be sending my Frozen DVD/Blu-ray (which I preordered as soon as it was up online at the end of November) will be delivered the end of January. Quite strange.

    • Make sure they don’t send you that “Frozenland” knockoff instead! Or any other live-action film entitled, “Frozen”.

      • Brianna

        I promise you it’s the correct movie! haha

        • Patricia

          I got the same email note about it being delivered January 24-30. It shows up on my order status, too. I’m assuming it’s a glitch!!

  • In March, I can get “Frozen” on DVD as well as see the second half of Season 3 of “Once Upon a Time”?! Oh March, can’t thy draw hither more rapidly?

    • Blake Taylor

      I’m with you on those two – AND Saving Mr. Banks AND Muppets Most Wanted! #marchmarchmarchmarchmarch

      • SnarkyDisneyFan1003

        Can’t wait for march #cantwaitformarch

  • Abosuba

    I was hoping so badly for the 3D Blu ray with either the Anna or Elsa French poster on the cover with the lenticular 3D effect as the Tangled 3D Blu Ray! … So sad… 🙁

  • Jessica Angus

    I just re-watched Tangled with that commentary, thank you for mentioning it! I had no idea it was out there. 😀

  • Bill

    Gee I remember the days when a movie was actually out of cinemas and or at least out of the top ten before the release of the DVD was released.

  • Brandon Kelly

    The Blu-Ray will be added to my favorite Disney movie collection 🙂

  • DisneyStore.com shows up an upcoming “Diamond Edition” along with Collectors Edition in their description.


    • Kelsey

      I saw that too, I’m wondering if the diamond edition will have more special features than the collectors edition. Guess I’ll just have to wait to pre-order my copy.

      • I’ll wait, I’d like to have the best edition.

        Hope it has the Japanese poster as cover art!

    • SnarkyDisneyFan1003

      Thank u

    • rikkii54

      that link took me to a 2d copy…not 3d…

  • Renn75
    • EllwoodA

      No longer. As of 2/1/14, BB lists it as not available. Me thinks BB assumes too much too early.

    • Makarpc

      It’s been removed from their site.

  • SnarkyDisneyFan1003

    I am literally counting down the days

  • MrFilmyMan

    I really wish there was a commentary 🙁 Oh well.

  • kat_xk8

    Was the 3d tv comment a personal opinion? I have 2 3d TVS actually and Disney is releasing other movies in Blu ray 3d and the 3d Blu ray is available in the uk to purchase .

  • Rich Hill

    No 3D Version?!?! Please don’t go double dipping. Loved the movie, but I’m gonna pass on purchasing. Was looking forward to spending the extra dough for the 3D.. Weak sauce

  • The decision not to release a 3D Blu-ray is hugely disappointing.

    And it’s very strange. You speculate that “maybe it’s not worth the extra cost” — which I’d believe except that it’s being released on 3D Blu-ray in other markets. Blu-ray.com is showing Frozen 3D Blu-rays in several EU countries for example — all encoded for Region B so they won’t play in the U.S. Given that Disney is going to pay the money to master Frozen as a 3D Blu-ray over there, how much extra can it cost them to release it over here too? Or, as a last resort, would it kill them to release it in the UK as a region-free Blu-ray Disc so I can buy it from there if I can’t buy it from here?

    None of this makes any sense. I’d have purchased this if Disney would let me. I’d at least understand if they’d give me a valid reason. If you’ll forgive me, the notion that “maybe it’s not worth the extra cost” isn’t good enough. There has to be a better explanation for this.

    And I’ll hold off purchasing this movie until I know what that is.

    • Nicola Meyers

      Check out the Amazon UK site. It does say that it is region free 🙂 I’m going to have my cousin get it from there and ship it to me!!

    • Derek Langan

      there’s a region free UK 3D available hun.

  • lisa

    No 3d release?! Are they serious? I was looking forward to that.. And so were my kids. Im so disappointed with Disney on this one. They release old movies on 3d blu ray but they won’t release Frozen in 3d ..boooooo.

    • cgill24

      It is available on the amazon.co.UK store for £18 ($30). It’s region free so it will play in the US.

      • joseph cruz

        Will there be special features in the UK version?

  • Tyler Reyes

    We should make a petition to bring back the Frozen 3D version to America instead of abandoning completely what do you guys think

    • CTMorseJr

      The best petition would be to not buy the 2D version to let Disney know that not releasing it in 3D is costing their bottom line. I won’t be buying it in 2D.

      • Nicola Meyers

        I won’t be buying it in 2d either. Very disappointing, it is available from Amazon UK in 3d….but not here 🙁

      • Jane Does

        Me either

    • rikkii54

      WE WANT 3D!! Extra cost? The movie is already made in 3D!!! There is no extra cost!! The cost was incurred when they created it in 3D already!! I WILL NOT BUY 2D!! I have a 55″ 3D tv, my son has a 60″ and my friend has a 46″!! WE WANT 3D!! What more can we do??

  • gizzy757

    wow really i had money pre-oredered on frozen for 3D! looks like disney just lost 35 – 40 bucks! oh well their loss, this was worse than their decision to not release a 3D combo pack for OZ

    • Jane Does

      That still irks me off they did that with OZ

  • Disney is lying. 3D BluRay version apparently available in the UK – even on Amazon UK.




    • rikkii54

      Thank You Brent. I just did exactly that and it seemed to work great and my Frozen 3D is getting ready to come to me shortly. Bless You for being such a trouble shooter 😉 I took the liberty of ordering the newest Hobbit while I was at it. Appears to be far cheaper for movie cost and shipping is the same so how can I go wrong! plus with disney cheating us out of 3d, I feel I had no choice. Bless You & Yours for the awesome tip!! Way better than ‘plant corn early’ for a tip!! 😉

  • Olaf

    Please release a Blu Ray 3D version in later March. This movie is too great to not be in 3D! Please Disney!

  • Makarpc

    There can only be one possibility to holding the release of the 3D version in the US since it will be available in the UK: Disney will release it at a later time to get 3D folks to buy another copy later & force those who can’t wait to buy the 2D version now. Pretty lame, IMHO. Definitely looks like double-dipping.

    • Derek Langan

      totally agree with u here! This is a typical Disney marketing stunt! Watch this coming Christmas they’ll release the 3D version with tons more extra features hence is why there’s small pickins for EF on this blu ray release! Who’s WINNING, Disney!!

      • Jane Does

        Probably make it with a snowglobe made out of Olaf lol, perfect xmas present

        • Derek Langan

          True Dat. Maybe, they’ll even throw in a VHS packaging, for old peps to hold & well, just cause they can do anything! I just hope i can time it well that I get it for free when I join the Disney movie club?
          LOL, but all bitching aside, it’s a pretty awesome movie!
          Cheers ;{}

  • Berri

    Does anyone have a link to download the Digital 3D format?

  • Michele Smith Williams

    So if i buy the 3d version from http://www.amazon.co.uk it will work the same?

  • justin

    I was going to by it, they lost a sale here without 3d

  • LLee206

    You can buy the digital 3D & 2D (plus bonuses) as a bundle on vudu.com!

  • Katebloch

    I will not watch it if not in 3d at home. We purchased our system to enjoy 3d at home $$$$. I’m sad they are forcing a 3d viewing in theater, we do not do crowds. Sad Disney.

  • Digitalman

    I was gonna buy it for the 3D,but now I guess I’ll just Pirate DLC it.

  • Sea Wolf

    No FROZEN 3D is BS. They have released it in Europe, Italy and Canada. You can order it from The Canada Amazon as I have. Screw Disney. They are milking this for all it is worth and will probably release the Blu Ray 3D months down the road so you have to buy 2 copies. Order it from Canada (region free) and get it in a couple of weeks.

  • ldhasson

    No 3D? I am sure they’ll double-dip. Will wait.

  • OC

    Was so looking forward to the 3D… WTF

  • Hathor-Aroha

    Do you know if there will be a choice to be able to watch the actual movie without having to slog through “Get a Horse”? By the seems of things I’m the only one on the planet who really, really didn’t like that short.

  • RobCat

    Interesting that they say the 3D market didn’t take off as they expected. Not many movies have been released in 3D, really, and the ones that have are difficult to get unless you pick them up opening day as they fly off the self. I don’t think “demand” is the issue, “Supply” is.

  • Jane Does

    This is absurd, it was done really well in 3d. I won’t buy it in 2d, nor any film in 2d that I can get in 3d. I did just pre-order my 3d Blu-ray from the UK tho. Says it’s region free, but man Disney this was a dumb move, like when u made a trailer for Dumbo 2 but never made the film. WTF!?

  • Derek Langan

    Oh BTW Disney Frozen Geek Squad, look what I found?


  • Mtnbiker2001

    I just read a comment in the review of Frozen on BluRay.com and this person from Mexico said he purchased the 3d version there and that he experienced a lot of ghosting. I was surprised to read this as it was made with native 3d. I have ordered mine from Amazon UK and can only hope that its a better copy. Anyone know if Mexico got a blu ray 3d release of this film?