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‘Frozen’ Is Now in Theatres! What Did You Think?

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** SPOILER WARNING: There will be spoilers in the comments of this article. Don’t read the comments if you haven’t seen the movie because, trust us, you don’t want to be spoiled. The comments are dripping with spoilers. Run away if you haven’t seen Frozen!**

It’s here! It’s finally here!

Today is a big day for Disney animation fans–Frozen has been released in US theatres. It’s been a few years since we had a Disney animated musical released, let alone one featuring two princesses. Based on Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytale, The Snow Queen, this film has long been in and out of development at Disney, so we’re excited to finally see the final product on the big screen.

Over the past year, we’ve hyped, speculated, and discussed Frozen at length. Remember Frozen Friday? Frozember? Yeah, we were pretty much obsessed (and proud of it!). Now is your chance to let us know your thoughts, review and opinion and discuss it with fellow fans.

As of 8:30AM pacific time, Frozen had a Rotten Tomatoes score of 87%. Out of 92 reviews, that makes the film “fresh.”

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What did you think of ‘Frozen’? Let us know in the comments below and discuss with fellow animation fans to your heart’s content. Spoilers are welcome here!



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  • Max den Hartog

    4,5 Stars! It was really good! I only had the feeling they wanted it to be over as soon as possible so at the last 10 minutes they were rushing it too much.

  • Stephanie

    I saw it for the second time last night and I have no problem declaring it my favorite movie of the year and one of my all time favorite Disney films. Is it perfect? No, but it is stunning, beautifully crafted, funny, heartwarming, and pure magic.

  • DB

    I saw frozen yesterday and it was a bit better than tangled and tangled is my favorite movie or should I say was now it is frozen caus it was amazing! although I wasn’t expecting the villain to be….I give it 5 stars it deserves it and when it ended i felt like it took 20 minuetes! I was really hooked to it

  • DB

    wait spoilers are welcome?! well in that case I wasn’t expecting Hans to be the villain but I did have a feeling that the duke of weselton might’ve been a villain so it turns out there is two villains!

    • Stephanie

      The moment he showed up, my mother leaned over and asked me if he was a bad guy. So suspicious. When I saw Frozen the second time, I was on the look out for any hints of his villainy and picked up on a few TINY things.

      • TT

        yea. it feels like hans as a villain is just a concept they throw in in the middle of the plot. it doesn’t add up to his motives.
        so he decided to marry anna and kill elsa later to become king, but when anna left him in charge, couldn’t he usurp the throne? probably because people of arendelle still loyal to anna and wont approve, and he didn’t bring an army with him. but what about the time when he went to find elsa? why didn’t he kill her there but left her alive? is it because he wanted to kill her himself to be called a hero, but afraid that anna would dump him and he wont be king? theres so many holes.

        • Katy

          The only reason why I think Hans didn’t just let Elsa be killed at her ice palace is because he wanted to get her to reverse the winter first. Who wants to be ruler of a frozen kingdom with so many problems? But, when Elsa told him she couldn’t, he decided to go ahead with the plan, thinking that killing Elsa might be as good a chance as any to end the winter, and then he could just take over the kingdom as planned, and once he thought Anna was dead, there was really nothing stopping him… or so he thought. Luckily that didn’t happen, and Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf live happily ever after! Yay!

  • Olivia

    Oh my gosh. I kinda wanted to throw my shoe at the screen when I realized Hans was the villian.
    My DAD even loved it. That’s how you know it’s a good movie; when a grown man likes a Disney Princess movie.
    But when he asked me why I wanted to see it, I said,”because Idina Menzel, Santino Fontana, and Jonathan Groff are in it! DUH!”

  • Brianna

    Just got out of the theater, and Frozen was AMAZING. Easily a new Disney favorite of mine! 5 stars no question. Hans being the villain REALLY took me off guard. He really was too good to be true! Also…OLAF. WARM HUGS FOREVER. Edina’s power ballad definitely won an Oscar. Hands down.

    • Not Without

      I love the TWIST! The audience full of families audibly gasped! The kids LOVED it they listened intently to the songs and laughed at Olaf. It was truly magical and I’m sure memorable.

  • Amazing. Everything I hoped it would be. Loved all the songs, the animation, the themes, just everything. Strong contender for my new favorite Disney film (sorry, Tangled..).


    The only thing that can ever beat Frozen’s chances of winning an Oscar is a sequel to Frozen. i watched the whole movie, and throughout it i was comparing it to Tangled seeing which one was better but i stopped 15 minutes into the film because the better movie was obvious. And the childrens reaction to Elsa’s powers, Olaf, and Hans bretayal were amazing. My parents thought that Elsa’s singing sounded a bit pitched and a bit shrilled, but oddly enough they thought Olaf was the most hilarious thing ever. ???

    • TT

      u forget the wind rises. that’s the only competition.


        that just made me laugh

  • Darn, I should’ve paid heed to the warning above that those who haven’t seen the film yet shouldn’t read the comments, lol! I have nobody to blame but myself!

    • Not Without


  • alexinwonderland12

    It was AMAZING! I was seriously crying within the first 10 minutes. I thought all of the songs were great too. I don’t think I really had a problem with anything in the movie. I mean, I think the end could have been a bit more grand, but I was satisfied. Here are my favorite parts (in no order) :

    1. The end of Do You Want to Build a Snowman. Tears were streaming down my face by the end of this, and it pretty much shattered my heart. Having them sitting with both of their backs to the door was brilliant as well.

    2. When Kristoff was talking to the trolls and Olaf and Anna thought they were rocks. I was laughing so hard at this part that I’m pretty sure the people around me thought I was losing it. Definitely one of the best Disney comedy moments ever.

    3. Elsa singing Let it Go as she created her castle. I went into this part with sky high expectation, and somehow, they were met. Idina’s voice simply rocked the theatre. I had chills the whole time.

    4. First time in Forever reprise. I thought it was really powerful to have Anna and Elsa actively singing at each other. The scenery of the ice castle was marvelous, and you could just feel the emotion rolling off of them when they were singing. Is it just me, or was anyone else getting a Wicked vibe with this song? And I mean that in the best possible way.

    5. On the fjord at the end. Everything going on between Kristoff, Anna, Elsa, and Hans was so intense. It was emotionally gripping to see Anna being whipped around by the blizzard as Kristoff raced towards her. For a minute there, I thought Sven was a gonner. I literally gasped in the theater. And then Anna saving Elsa was great. That was a fantastic twist on true love. It was absolutely stunning when Anna finally froze solid, and you could see her last breath floating out. When she thawed, it melted my own heart. Did anyone else notice the glitter/ ice on Anna’s cape after that?

    6. The Duke of Weselton was hysterical. I expected him to be a more sinister, serious character, I’m glad they used him as comic relief. Pretty much whenever he showed up, I was giggling. NOT THE DUKE OF WEASELTON!

    Man, what a fantastic movie. I would say that it’s my favorite Disney movie since Aladdin, and Aladdin is my second fav Disney movie right behind The Little Mermaid. I just want to go see it again now!

    • Stephanie

      YES! YES! YES! to #1-6. I’ve seen Frozen twice and both times I was an emotional wreck during the first 15 minutes or so. I also notices the ice on her cape the second time around. The small details, like the breath you mentioned, were so wonderful. I was hoping that it would be the sisters’ true love to save Anna and I’m very glad it played out that way.

    • Silver Wolf

      Did you notice Sven’s tongue stuck to the Ice Staircase when Anna and Kristoff get thrown down by the snowman? I laughed so hard, I didn’t notice that the first time I went! Also Rapunzel and Flynn were in the movie!

      • alexinwonderland12

        Yeah, I think I do vaguely remember that happening. Sven is just so cute! I thought the Rapunzel and Flynn cameo was a fantastic idea too! I didn’t catch them in the actual movie, but saw the pictures after. I have to go see it again so I can pick up on all the little things that I missed the first time.

  • Debbie

    I saw Frozen today and I absolutely loved it! I thought it was great and I loved all of the songs, although I really wanted Jonathan Groff to sing more in it. I do have to admit that I like Tangled just a tiny bit more, but it was still an amazing experience for me. Did anyone else catch the brief Rapunzel cameo in the film?

    • Stephanie

      I wanted more Jonathan Groff singing too. However, I thought he was fantastic as Kristoff and loved him and Sven together. I admit to talking for my dog in a funny voice.

      And yes to the Rapunzel cameo. Was that Flynn walking next to her? Where’s the Frozen/Tangled crossover fan art?

      • Katy

        Agreed- I want to see some Frozen/Tangled fanart now too! Somebody get on this! (Also agreed to Kristoff and Sven awesomeness too!)

    • Mari

      I think Kristoff isn’t a character to sing much. While I would have LOVED another Kristoff song or even a KristAnna duet, I think it was a smart move to take his character into consideration.

  • Brandon Kelly

    Wow spoilers and yet I haven’t seen it haha. Actually spoilers don’t bother me too much because I want to see the full package visually and see how it is put together. Sometimes people give spoilers to a film that is not good at all (Not saying Frozen will be bad) and you are like ehhh. So I am very excited to see it. I have the tickets already, will be seeing it with a special friend.

  • April

    My only two complaints are that Hans ended up evil (honestly I wanted him to end up with Elsa) and that there was an obvious (to me) difference between the animation in the whole movie and the animation of the background people during the ball scene. Disney is prided upon their attention to detail but during that scene, if you weren’t Anna, Elsa, Hans, or the Duke of Weselton, there was a lacking amount of definition and animation to the guests and servers at the party.

    • I still totally ship Elsa x Hans! LOVE the idea of them.

      And yes, yes, yes! I noticed that about the animation in the ballroom with the background guests too but forgot to mention it. It seemed a bit flat at times.

  • Fadi Antwan

    I just finished watching it. It was just amazing…AMAZING. The beginning really was just phenomenal. The “Vuelie” followed by “Frozen Heart” scene just blew me away. I’ll be thinking about this for the next few months or so. Frozen is definitely top 10 or close in my favorite Disney movies list. I liked the ending too even though most complaints were about it. It was great, nothing wrong with it.!
    I give Frozen a 5. Oh yeah, and this is definitely getting the Oscar.

  • MovieMan995

    The film was fantastic. It contains a great mix of warmness, sadness, and some great comedic laughs. It was definitely be christened as a new Disney classic. Believe the hype!

  • Armond

    Did anyone stay for the post credit scene? It is pretty short but it is funny and it features Marshmallow.

    • Stephanie

      I did the first time, but forgot on Tuesday night.

  • Fadi Antwan

    Btw I think we all want to know what Mayra Amaya thought of Frozen! 😀

    • Lori

      I think she was right on … major plot holes in the movie, odd vocal casting (Kristen Bell cannot hold a CANDLE to Idina Menzel, and it shows when they sing together; and urbane Jonathon Groff as clunky mountain man Kristoff? o.o), Olaf’s doofy characterization. It was a good movie, don’t get me wrong. I think the music itself was gorgeous — Disney music really rarely falters — and the animation was amazing. But personally, I’d still rank Tangled above it, and Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast heads and tails above it.

      • Lori

        Plus the parents REALLY bothered me — their callous attitude (dad especially) toward their daughter’s powers (“Conceal it. Don’t feel it.”) was borderline abusive. No wonder the poor girl loses it in the end — it’s very similar to Dash in The Incredibles and the mom’s selfish need to “fit in” versus the dad’s wish to celebrate his son’s incredible natural talent. Character downfall from not being true to one’s self is a strong theme in Disney movies.

        But just my two cents. 🙂

  • Ariel

    I just saw the movie. It was really good! I’m glad I saw it! 🙂

  • Lisa

    I really liked it a lot! I loved Elsa and Anna and the music was great. The ending felt a bit rushed to me and I wished they gave more of a back story to Kristoff.

  • Edouard Dia

    It’s gorgeous but too
    fast, with a story very clumsy sometimes . It’s not that epic, you
    barely see Elsa, Kristoff is a great character but invisible, Sven too.
    They reach the palace too fast. Emotion and drama could have been huge
    but humor and visual effects are overwhelmming it all… And the finale
    is so bland. In theory, Elsa and her story should have been the darkest
    an most complex Disney stuff ever. It never reaches Beast, Quasi,
    Pocahontas or even Tarzan. I really think that, i’m sad, as a hardcore
    Disney fan.

  • TT

    everything was perfect to me. I actually like them rushing a little cause I could feel my heart beating really fast.
    my only concern was the ending. elsa saying “that’s it! love!” and then melt everything was just disappointing. what about love? does she love arendelle that much? I dunno. I kinda wished arendelle to melt right after anna froze and elsa was crying. then to everyone’s amazement, after arendelle melted, anna melted as well. that could’ve been better.
    and if elsa was crying any louder than in the movie, I would’ve broken to tears.
    hans was such a weak villain. but when he revealed his true self, everyone in the theatre was like “OOOOHHH!!!”. so its ok.
    there are song that r better than others.
    do u wanna build a snowman broke my heart.
    the emotional scenes were soo intense it was so hard to breath.
    the animation was gorgeous!!!
    luckily, olaf was hilarious! and to people who said he had no purpose, he saved anna.
    I decided to compare tangled with it but lost myself to the film in the first 15 minutes.
    I didn’t know marshmallow could talk……
    if some guards die in the action sequences, it would’ve been better.
    and the trolls were quite annoying to me (opinion). their song rnt as good as the others.
    and I love how Disney expanded what true love could be.
    4.5 ALL THE WAY!

  • Katy

    I was sooo excited for Frozen, and it totally held up to my high expectations! When I first heard about it, I went and reread The Snow Queen (The original with the broken mirror/Gerda/Kai), and found some other versions of it too (ex. The emotionless Snow Queen could never marry, and whenever anyone asked her to marry them, trolls who protected the prophecy would throw them into a pit killing them. The Snow Queen finally fell in love with a mountain man. The trolls killed him, but because she loved him, it thawed her heart, and she became a human again.) that I had never heard before, and I loved seeing parts of the fairytales in this new story (Which I love!). I went and saw the movie with my sister (we did a disney bound-ish cosplay-type-thing of Anna and Elsa) and we loved the sisters storyline, and totally related. I loved “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman” (Which has been stuck in my head since I got back from the theater) and was excited to see it and the whole backstory, and it was awesome! Not to mention “Frozen Heart” (Oh my gosh!) and “Let it Go” (Which I have been singing for a week now). All the voice actors/singers/songwriters did an awesome job with the music! All of the ice and snow animation was so cool, as well as the clothes and hair! The story did seem a little rushed, and I wish it had been a little longer. It was exciting, though, how everything moved so fast, but I still wish it was longer/ more drawn out. Hans being the bad guy was a shock, and I was a bit upset that my Elsa/Kristoff (Which I’ve been shipping since reading the second story cited above, and hearing Kristoff’s “ice is my life” line. They seem to have a lot in common as well) and Anna/Hans (I really hoped that he would really be a “nice guy” but I guess I was warned because I couldn’t help thinking the “Love is an Open Door” didn’t sound sincere, and now I know why) ships didn’t work out, but overall, I am happy with how things worked out (I figured my hopes for pairings weren’t very likely anyway [Still- Wouldn’t it have been cool?]). “Reindeer(s) are Better Than People” was great, and Olaf and Anna’s scene with the rocks/trolls was hilarious!!! The magic was really magical, and beautiful. I liked the ending (I guess it could have been longer/more exciting as others have said, but I still liked it). I liked how the story turned out to be more about family and sisters than romance, and I loved that it was Anna and Elsa’s love which thawed both of their- yes, I think Elsa’s metaphorically (or not?) too- frozen hearts, which is something I was really hoping for. All I could think when I left the theater was that I wanted to see the movie again! I was mentally comparing Frozen to Tangled (like many others, it seems-Oh, and I love the Rapunzel/Flynn cameo) and in the end I just can’t decide which was better- there are points for both (and I kind of have bias both ways because Rapunzel was always one of my favorite fairytales, and I’m glad it’s a movie plus I love Disney’s version of it, but winter is great, and I love characters with magic powers, and that whole inner struggle/ protection thing that Elsa goes through makes for a great and relatable story, not to mention the sisters aspect, and both movies are moving, but also laugh out loud hilarious!) so for now I remain indecisive. So Anna and Elsa are now tied with Rapunzel and Mulan for my favorite Disney Princesses (erm… Princesses/Queens/Warriors). Kristoff was a great character, Hans’ treachery was a good plot twist, the Duke of Weasel Town (excuse me, Wessleton) was funny, and Olaf was hilarious (not annoying…Whew! I think we were all a little worried, but he was great!) Overall, I guess you could say I laughed, I cried- It moved me!

    • Katy

      Oh and I stayed for the bit at the end too- pretty funny! Did anyone else notice in the credits where it says something like “Kristoff’s view that all men pick their noses and eat their boogers is purely his own opinion and does not reflect the views of Disney.”? I thought it was hilarious!!!

      • Katy

        Oh, and I feel bad that nobody’s mentioning Oaken- I thought he was pretty funny too!

        • Katy

          I’m sorry about my excessive comments… I just got home from the theater and needed to vent…

          • Fadi Antwan

            I enjoy reading them. 😉
            I wish I stayed in the theater for the post-credits scene. We almost made it to that funny part, but my sister couldn’t wait -_-. I had a feeling I would miss something. Oh well, I’m planning to watch it again soon. xD I LOVED it too.

    • TT

      omgygod FROZEN HEART! that song is soo beautiful I cant believe so many people forget about it. I tried to find it online but its not there….. );

      • Elsaisawsome

        If you go to ITunes, you can get ALL the songs that were in the movie!!
        “Frozen Heart” was one of my favorites, too!! Frozen is the best Disney movie of all time!

  • Abriane Enairba

    i cant believe how such a movie melted my heart, it was truly A-M-A-Z-I-N-G as I entered the theater i can feel the ice chilling out my bones and i have a feeling i would cry sooner and I was right, when Anna turned into ice, my tears are coming out from eyes i couldnt help but watch elsa weeping because of her sister, believe me this movie is brilliant in all ways

  • Pedro

    As a 23 year old guy who’s been in love with Disney his whole life, yes it was phenomenal! Everything I thought it would be, and SO MUCH MORE. 5 STARS, it was the greatest, most magical and emotional experience I’ve ever had in a theater. For many personal reasons I have to add, but it is really a sight to behold. I was never so moved by an animated film before. It became right away my second all time favorite, right after Mermaid. An absolutely incredible film. The only thing I would’ve probably say it feels a bit off in it, it’s In Summer, but then I remember that children will probably love that number the most, because they will get it more than the others, as a whole it is an incredible mature and adult movie, so Olaf is the escape for them. I actually loved his character, but I think the song (even though it is very smart and catchy) doesn’t adds much. But it’s something like Be Prepared or I Just Can’t Wait To Be King, or A Guy Like You, it’s that kind of thing. It is so short that I really don’t mind much, because everything else is probably the strongest they’ve had in a decade. I Can’t Wait To See It Again.

    • TT

      u have never been moved by an animated film? what about beauty and the beast or the lion king?
      I think that in summer fits in pretty well. the only problem I have with olaf is that he yearned so much for summer, but when he realized he will melt, his expression was like, “oh, ok”. he didn’t break down or anything, making him feels a bit bland.

  • Brandon Kelly

    Well, I finally saw it so I can give my review. I really liked the movie. For those who thought it was like Tangled, it was not at all. It is a modern fairy tale movie but has a more classic sensibility compared to Tangled. Elsa was a great emotional character. I know critics felt she was under-used but I thought her screen time was fine. It added to the mystery and tragedy of Elsa’s character. Anna was great, she was more spunky than Rapunzel which is good. I think Anna is definitely not a copy of Rapunzel or any other Disney character (wish Brave would done that). The songs were great! I really enjoyed them. When I first saw Tangled, some of the songs had to grow on me. With Frozen, I instantly knew the song right away which hasn’t happen since Lion King, Beauty and the Beast or Mulan. I also love Kristoff. Disney’s first down to earth leading guy to get the princess. Olaf was adorable! Best Disney side kick in a while. I did not mind the Hans twist, he’s a more subdued Gaston in my opinion. Are there any critics from me? A couple. Fixer Upper was ok, probably will have to grow on me. I felt that Kristoff and Anna’s relationship needed a little more time to grow. The Duke was a bit underused. I think both the Duke and Hans (along with the guards) would made a great villains group. Otherwise, the movie was great. The songs and the score were great. The animation was so beautiful. It was like a moving painting. It’s nice to see Disney bring the musical genre to Computer Animated movies. We are certainly in CGI renaissance. Tangled, Wreck It Ralph, & Frozen. Yep.

    • TT

      it has no element of tangled at all besides the animation. however, I actually see more similarities in it with beauty and the beast:
      1. a cursed royalty
      2. princess
      3. dashing villain
      5. 2 suitors
      6. inanimate objects as sidekicks
      7. animals don’t talk
      8. someone dies and revives in the end through true love
      9. broadway-like songs
      10. gorgeous animation

  • TT

    rotoscopers, can u write an article about hans? he was a nice twist and all, but there r sooo many plotholes in his motives. they don’t really add up…so heres my rant:
    ok, so hans decided to marry anna and kill off elsa later, but elsa fled the kingdom and anna left him in charge. why didn’t he take over arendelle then? when he went to get elsa, and a henchmen was about to kill elsa, why stop him? if she died, he could become king. but then why bring her back alive? he knows that killing her can stop the freeze, then why not kill her?
    and I found hans to be quite stupid. maybe he made a mistake or something, but he locked anna in a cold dark room where staffs can easily pass through and hear her. also, olaf opened the door with a carrot. what security.
    and when he was about to kill elsa, he was closer to elsa than anna was, who was about 20 ft away, but failed to kill her as anna stopped him.
    I like hans, but his motives r so uneven. but I hafta admit hes pretty awesome to be able to fool all of arendelle.

  • Brittany

    I thought it was very good and and certainly entertaining all the way through. I didn’t think any of the comedy was annoying and the songs were lovely and voices were epic.
    *Songs* – I loved the melodies of the songs but I thought a few lyrics were awkwardly written, but okay enough to let it slide. I really loved Do You Want To Be a Snowman, Kristoff’s Lullaby, and I thought Love Is An Open Door would be MY SUPER DUPER NEW FAVORITE SONG….but now I kind of hate how such a genuine expression of falling in love is now suddenly a song that was…fake? Makes me confused and sad.. At least I still have I See The Light from Tangled.

    *Plot* – As an animation student that’s trained to analyze everything though I was a slightly disappointed with how rushed the story was, I really wanted to know why Kristoff grew up with the trolls & what happened to his Sámi family (prequel idea?), and was expecting the trolls to do something mystical towards the end besides being matchmakers, like explain why Elsa was born with powers. I also was super upset about Hans being evil because I’ve been TOTALLY in love with Hans for like 2 months, so I felt genuinely crushed and heartbroken about it all weekend. I’ve been trying to figure out if I just had a really strong emotional connection to Anna’s pain or if I really just didn’t like the plot twist. I thought the Duke’s henchmen would try to kill Elsa and thought Hans would end up with Elsa. I very much liked Anna’s beautiful sacrifice and the ending, I just felt Hans being evil was kind of tacked on and made the Duke a little random, other than being an annoyance that made us trust Han’s scheme even more…but him randomly being a killer was weird too. I liked Kristoff & Anna’s still-blooming relationship but I would’ve like one more moment in the film for them to bond. But I need to see it again so my nitpicky thoughts can settle away.
    All in all I still think it was a beautiful, memorable movie, I don’t think it’s as flawless as Beauty & the Beast or Tangled, but I do think it stands up strong against other recent disney classics. 4.5 for me. and the .5 part is really because I’m super impressed with how much the public loves it, and I want it to succeed lol.

  • TT

    I think the reason why frozen is rushed a bit is because they want to keep both the girls AND boys entertained. if there aren’t any fast-paced sequences, boys wouldn’t even be interested. and I especially like how the drama they put in the film r so intense my heart was pounding the whole time. ive never seen such an intense animated film released by Disney before.
    but I think they could’ve made the ending a bit better. when anna died, elsa should cry, and then sing a small reprise of ‘do u wanna build a snowman’ telling anna to come back to her and srry. while she was singing, due to act of true love, arendelle starts to melt, beginning from the place they stand on. then, when elsa realized arendelle was melted by love, anna melted also. that could’ve been a better ending.
    and Im disappointed at how hans didn’t die. why not? when anna blocks his blade, it broke and he fell into the ice. he accidentally broke the ice with his broken sword and he fell through. however, due to elsas magic, the hole closed off immediately, suffocating him to death. TADA!!!!
    if that happened, I will give this film a 5 stars. but it deserves a 4.5

    • Armond

      Oh my gosh! That would have been so much of a better ending! If that happened the film would be even more beautiful. Disney should hire you.

  • ImOneWithTheWindAndSky

    I think that Frozen and Tangled are really different, as i was comparing them to each other throughout the movie. I think that the death of The King and Queen of Arendelle (Anna and Elsa’s parents) may be one of Disneys saddest death. More of the reason was because of the perfect dramatic sad music in the backround, and just seeing Anna and Elsa grow up apart for the saddest reason just made the death seem even more worse. The parents were Elsa’s only friends and only people she could come to when she was scared. The parents were Anna’s only friends also, for she couldnt be with Elsa and now that they are both dead, seeing the girls at such a young age endure all this just brought me sobbing. just seeing how 15 year old anna doesnt even attempt to knock on elsas door to say goodbye to their parents was the start of tear streaming death.

  • Christopher Arthur

    First off, I want to say hi and that I love Rotoscopers! I listen to the podcast daily during my work route, so thanks for turning those once dreaded work days into something I now look forward too. I saw Frozen the day after Thanksgiving and all I can say is that it was good not a great timeless epic I wanted it to be. Compared to Wreck It Ralph and Tangled, it was a major step backwards. I think it a lot had to do with there being so many characters in such a small amount of film time. The audience was never given the proper amount of screen time to bond with the characters nor did their situations ever feel important enough. Another little problem for me was the musical numbers that were trying to be something but never fully executed. The songs felt so rushed and so overly done that I had no choice but to laugh during some of them. I felt the score by Chris Beck was beautiful and gave the film some of the character that it needed. I realized how lucky Disney was to have musical geniuses like Alan Menken and Howard Ashman be apart of their team and how hard it would be to try and fill their shoes. I don’t mean to be so harsh to Frozen because overall I found myself enjoying what little I had to work with but walking out of the theater I felt like, “WHAT THE HECK DID I EVEN LEARN?” and for me there was nothing really apart from the lazy cliche of loving others for who they are but come on I didn’t need a movie to tell me that. I had high expectations for this movie and was let down, sort of. Oh well, I know a lot of fans wouldn’t agree with me but I know of many who would. Here’s to my first world problems.

    Keep up the good work and looking forward to more podcasts!

    -Chris Arthur

    • Edouard Dia

      You’re so right mister. Thank U !

    • Trixie Ang

      The movie says a lot– not just to love others, but to live in love even if the world tells you otherwise. The kingdom became Anna’s world for as long as her sister got coronated as Queen of Arandelle, and what

    • Trixie Ang

      The movie says a lot─
      not just to love others, but to live in love even if the world tells you otherwise. The kingdom became Anna’s world for as long as her sister, Elsa, got coronated as Queen of Arendelle . . . And what was her life like in the castle? Lonely and depressing because she was friendless . . . because all her sister does is shut her out, not knowing that it is for her own good─ it’s to keep her safe from Elsa’s power. Even though it hurts Anna’s feelings a lot, she still dealt with it with hope and happiness, which proves her happy disposition in life and her bubbly personality. And I guess, eventually, that made her heart “frozen” which was shown through Elsa hitting her with her power. It’s like she has had enough already. I believe this was the turning point of Anna. She couldn’t take it anymore─ her sister always shutting her out.

      The damage done was so severe that
      the trolls couldn’t heal her anymore. I love what Pabbie, the elderly ruler of trolls, said in that scene, “The heart is not so easily changed, but the head can be persuaded.” This tells the audience that we cannot prevent other people from feeling what they feel, but we can always use our words and our actions to tell them otherwise and persuade what’s running in their head, so they might be convinced to not feel the way they feel. This shows that what their parents did of hiding Elsa’s power and isolating her from the world is wrong. There could’ve been a better way, because what they did made it hard for Anna . . . for both of them.

      Many people have frozen hearts
      because of bad experiences. It is harder for them to love. There’s a feeling of bitterness, hatred, despair, and brokenness, which are harmful and will slowly “freeze you to death” just like what the troll explained. In order to
      love again, to thaw that frozen heart, they should experience what true love really is, because like Anna, sometimes we think we know what love is. Right
      from the beginning, we saw how much Elsa loved her sister. She was only
      deprived from showing it because of the precautions their parents needed to do
      to her.

      Our parents will always mean well to us,
      but parents can make bad decisions to. They are still humans who make
      mistakes. This is just a lesson for parents to think of better ways to protect
      their children, to think of the consequences in the end because it’s not just
      about your child. The world doesn’t revolve around them─ what you do to them will always affect the people around them. Let us not be selfish . . . even if we mean well, let us not forget that we are not the world.

      Despite all these, Elsa’s love for Anna never changed.
      It remained genuine and true just like when they were kids─ young, true, and innocent. When everything seemed like falling apart and finally being as it is, true love intercedes and mends things back together.

      May the good Lord fill us all with love that will overflow for the others to receive and experience as well. 🙂

  • andrewlb54

    Loved the movie but not sure I can put it above Tangled. I love Broadway so I’m disappointed that they didn’t roll with the musical from start to finish. The music and songs were great and nothing like Tangled in the sense that they were more Broadway like. Though It felt like the musical aspect stopped once they meet Olaf, and the trolls song was ok but didn’t fit in the way the rest of them did. I think I preferred the Rapunzel/Flynn/Pascal/Maximus combo than the Anna/Kristoff/Olaf/Sven combo. I think Olaf really carried the movie once they stopped the Broadway act. Hans as the villain was predictable from the start to me, I would have been surprised if he ended with either Anna or Elsa. There is no real comparison to Tangled as one was more light hearted comedy and the other trying to be a deeper drama Broadway-ish musical. The animation of the snow and the characters is incredible. This really is a great movie. I just really wish they would have kept the musical going throughout the entire movie. I love Idina and what her voice is capable of and it’s a shame she didn’t have more songs to belt out. Either way, the generation that grew up with mermaid, lion king, aladdin, b&b is seeing a revival of great disney classics and hopefully it doesn’t stop.

  • Frozen4ever!

    Oh…my…GOD! I loved the twist!!! Movie was breathtaking. And I’m so glad that Anna ended up with Kristoff…

  • shon

    are you actually serious? i thought frozen was shit, completely overrated! i absolutely adore disney movies and how I’m 18 but they can still bring me to tears and create this magical feeling inside me but frozen was such a disappointment! there was NO depth at all! obviously feminists are going to like it because its about not needing a man and all that crap but seriously look deeper into the details of the movie, character development, storyline and script. some of the lines and that were shit! and i really wanted to love this movie but i was just so disappointed. plus the snowman just annoyed me.

    • Lithia

      No need for language such as that here.

  • Bob Smith

    I thought it was really great actually. Though I can’t help feel that this movie could’ve been even more than it already was, and this statement can be applied to every movie anyways, but this is something I definitely feel for Frozen. Elsa and Anna had tragic childhoods, so the movie probably could’ve been even more depressing and made their journeys even more emotional, and that would make the payoff at the end feel even bigger. More screen time for Elsa was something else this movie needed.

    A movie premise like this is rare, and a story about siblings is also rather uncommon. Its emotional moments all worked, but I feel a movie like this could’ve really ripped my heart out with a bit more work or changes.

    Then again, I suppose a movie that has to appeal to younger audiences as well can’t be too emotional, but I’m sure they could’ve handled it anyways.

  • lily

    its i mean ussaly its best lollllllooolloloollolloo