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[MINI REVIEW] Disney’s ‘Frozen’ – Spoiler Free!

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Little less than two weeks ago, I got the chance to see Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Frozen at an exclusive early press screening. Frozen was the movie I’ve waited for all year so when I got the invitation I freaked out and, of course, I went to see it.  In this mini review, you’ll find out from someone who is a hardcore Frozen fan if it is really as good as we all think it is. This review is spoiler free so you can also read it even if you haven’t seen the film yet. Our full review is coming November 27th.

Frozen is based on Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen. Even though Frozen is based on The Snow Queen, it’s completely different from the original story. Yes, it features a queen with powers to control snow and ice, and yes, it features a girl who goes on a journey to stop the eternal winter, but in the original story this journeyer wasn’t the princess and the sister of the queen.

I wasn’t familiar with the original story of The Snow Queen and I also never read it, but I loved the plot and story of Frozen. The movie started out very good with the first 20-30 minutes being the best  scenes in the whole movie. Though I loved the begin, I didn’t really like the ending. It was okay, and in some way expected and I believe it could’ve been better. Overall, the ending was just too simple for this amazing movie, but it was also very Disney-ish.


Frozen is like most classic Disney films in that it’s a musical. It contains musical songs written by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, a couple that also worked on Disney’s Winnie the Pooh (2011) and Broadway’s The Book of Mormon. The score is composed by Christophe Beck, who also composed the amazing score of the 2012 Disney short Paperman.

I think the music in this film is amazing! The songs have a very modern Broadway style and I liked that. When the film ended, a man sitting next to me said, “Frozen was meant to be a Broadway musical.” And he was totally right, the songs in the first act of Frozen are phenomenal and worthy of becoming new Disney classics (“Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”, “For The First Time In Forever”, Love is an Open Door” and “Let It Go”). Not only were the songs where amazing, but also the accompanying scenes where amazing and very theatrical. At time, I had the feeling that I was watching a musical instead of a movie (and I liked that feeling). The film also contained a few songs that I didn’t like (In Summer). It felt unnecessary as it stopped the plot. It wasn’t a bad song, but was ok. Just not my favorite Disney song and also not my favorite sidekick song; it doesn’t fit in with Friend Like Me and Be Our Guest.

I can’t tell too much about the score because I didn’t really focus on that. What I can remember was really good, even though it didn’t have a very Norwegian feel to it, it still had something special. I have to listen to the score a second time to make conclusions, so more about the score is coming in the review of the soundtrack.


Frozen features a big cast of characters, but also a great voice cast. The princesses are very relatable and so realistic. Throughout the movie I really felt Elsa’s fear and Anna’s awkwardness was also very well animated and voiced. The little moments where Anna says things that aren’t appropriate or when makes a joke at the wrong moment, really reminded me of myself and I think a lot more people will likewise relate to Anna. Characters like Anna and Elsa are very well-developed, partly because you are introduced to them at a very young age and, in that part, you’ll see why they do certain things in later parts of the movie. Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel where perfectly casted as Anna and Elsa!

Same with Kristoff and Sven: in the begin of Frozen you see them as younger versions of the adult characters and even though their story isn’t as big as the story of young Anna and Elsa, it does make a very good start of Frozen. The only character I would’ve loved to see as a child is Hans. He’s a quirky, interesting character like Anna and I would have liked to get more or a backstory on him.


I loved Frozen! I went in with high expectations and I loved it even more when I left the Disney office. Even though the end wasn’t great, the characters, music, animation and the world were fun and beautifully detailed. I loved it much better than Tangled because I felt it had a lot more adventure and heart and also because the music was better. As a Frozen fan I want to give it 5 stars, but because the end and some songs were a little weak I’m going to give it 4.5 stars. Still 4.5 stars isn’t bad! Go and see this movie on its release date! You won’t regret because it really is one of the greatest animated Disney events in a very long time.

✮✮✮✮ 1/2

Our full review is coming November 27th and our review of the new Disney short Get a Horse comes out tomorrow.

Frozen will release in theatres November 27th.

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  • JoAnn James

    THANK YOU! This was a great review, and Idina Menzel is my favorite person. If anyone has seen the movie Rent (2005), then you would be able to recognize the voice of Maureen, and it makes me happy.
    Note about the entire crew: you make my life! Thank you!

    • I wasn’t excited at first, but now I’m really curious to learn more about “Big Hero 6”!

      • V

        Big Hero 6 has the potential to be an epic superhero entertainer echoing shades of The Incredibles and The Iron Giant, two of my favorite non-Disney animated films. I know my anticipation for BH6 next year will be as crazy as it is for Frozen right now! 😀

    • James

      BEYOND EXCITED!!! I was a little worried after hearing how much they are changing from the source material,but then I realized that Disney does that with most of their films (Frozen included). I can’t wait for our first REAL trailer for Big Hero 6.

    • SnarkyDisneyFan1003

      Wh is big hero six???

  • Brandon Kelly


  • Oh, glad to hear this! So I assume you agree with the saying that this is “this generation’s ‘Beauty and the Beast'”?

    • Max den Hartog

      Yeah, Tangled and Wreck-it Ralph are this generation’s ”The Little Mermaid” and Frozen definitely is this generation’s ”Beauty and the Beast”. I hope Disney will continue making great films like Wreck-it Ralph and Frozen. Hopefully we are in the second Disney renaissance 🙂

      • TT

        to me, tangled is this gen’s little mermaid since they all have one princess with unique body feature, songs, critical success. wreck it ralph is more like Aladdin, with the main character being treated as trash and a girl character who grew to like him. frozen is basically beauty and the beast cause theres a cursed and false antagonist, princess, snow, unexpected antagonist, broadway songs.
        no film has reached lion king yet. hope big hero 6 or zootopia becomes new lion king.

        • Max den Hartog

          I didn’t mean Frozen looks like Beauty and the Beasts story wise, but I more meant greatness wise. Frozen will be one of these classics children will still watch in 20 years.

    • SnarkyDisneyFan1003

      I went to see it and I think it is this generations lion king

  • Boooo
  • Aliscen Khaw

    great review! i’m already super excited seeing the review posts in tumblr and all,1 thing though,how would you say Olaf is like? i mean like in terms of character, how is he?cause i’m so worried he might spoil some parts of the film, will he?

  • Kristina

    No one will be disappointed by this film! Go ahead and get excited! Went to a pre-screening at Disney Studios, my mini-review (spoiler free) at

  • awesome

    does anna get the power and her hair turns white and does elsa loses her poer and does her hair turn brown

    • SnarkyDisneyFan1003

      No they Elsa keeps her powers and Anna doesn’t get powers but I am not reviling any more

  • SnarkyDisneyFan1003

    For all frozen fans what was ur fav character mine is Sven

  • Jack t

    Haha, so this is where it all started. Ohh, I love this movie.