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The Oscars 2014: ‘Frozen’ vs. ‘The Wind Rises’

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This is an anonymously submitted user article for Frozember. Read more of the Frozember series, here.

It’s that time of the year again in Hollywood: submitting movies for Oscar consideration in hopes of winning big. This year, Disney submitted a few hopefuls, including the highly-anticipated Frozen. It is not only already compared to Beauty & the Beast by critics and raved by lucky early viewers, but also people are already claiming that it will win Best Animated Feature.

Now, it is no surprise that Frozen’s pinnacle song, “Let It Go” is being deemed as the shoo-in for Best Original Song. After listening to the movie version of it, I have to say to agree: yeah, it might win. And after hearing some of Christophe Beck’s score, it might have won if it weren’t for the ridiculous “musicals are not eligible” rule. But, Best Animated Feature? Frozen has a huge problem with three words: THE. WIND. RISES.

The Wind Rises is from legendary Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki and it’s his final movie ever. The Wind Rises is based on the true story about Dr. Jiro Horikoshi, a civil engineer who designed airplanes in World War II. Why is it a problem for Frozen? Well, let’s compare movies and talk about both movies’ strengths and weaknesses. And unfortunately, for Disney and Pixar fans, I will talk about the controversial Brave win (I do love Brave though) at the Oscars to make points.

Frozen and The Wind Rises are currently the two frontrunners according to many Oscar prediction polls, so that’s why I’m focusing just on these two films (and not including Monsters University).

Why The Wind Rises Could Win


1) Based on a True Story

First, it is based on a true story. Unfortunately, for Frozen, the Academy typically prefers historical and dramatic movies to fictional ones. See why there are hardly any nominations for comedies? Exactly. (Even though movies like Chicago and The Lord of the Rings won Best Picture in years past, and movies like Juno, Little Miss Sunshine, and heck: Beauty and the Beast got nominated for Best Picture!)

The Wind Rises movie takes place in World War II. The Academy loves things topics like that. Best Picture movies such as last year’s winner, Argo, and The Hurt Locker are about wars. Best Picture movies like The King’s Speech are historical. The Wind Rises is both of these. Frozen is about…what? An animated, fantasy musical about two sisters with one having snow powers…and oh, a goofy snowman (who’s getting praised by critics, by the way) is somewhere in the mix.

2) Hand-drawn Animation

This point might strike some controversy: I really doubt it, but it could be because of the animation. While Frozen and the others are CGI, The Wind Rises is traditionally hand drawn. 2D animation can be very hard to come by these days and the novelty of it could tip the scales

I am most likely wrong and could have misread it, but I read somewhere that some of the Academy members don’t even watch the movies. They read the synopsis. *motions to point #1* Think about this year on how Pixar’s Brave beat Disney’s more deserving (in my own opinion) Wreck-It Ralph. A princess tries to save her mother from a curse in 13th-14th century Scotland against…video game characters?

3) Miyazaki’s Last Movie

The reason that will most likely set the deal for Best Animated Feature: It is Hayao Miyazaki’s last movie ever. And what is a better send off to a legend than giving him the big award to his last movie?  And not to mention, 11 years ago, one of his movies, Spirited Away beat Disney Animation’s very own, Lilo and Stitch and Treasure Planet, for the award.

Why Frozen Could Win


1) Strong Family Relationships

The family relationships are strong. In Brave, we had the daughter and the mother, trying to fix their relationship before a curse ruined the relationship forever. It’s the same case for Frozen, but only this time with sisters. As demonstrated in “The Party is Over” clip, and the songs “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” and the reprise of “For the First Time in Forever”, the exploration of the relationship is very strong and it’s full of drama. Remember: the Academy loves drama. But, they also love family drama like Elsa and Anna’s.

2) Movie Musical

I think that the fact is a musical will help a lot. Look how many Disney greats are musicals. Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Pinocchio, Tarzan…the list goes on and on! Plus, a lot of Disney movies won Oscars and Grammys for their songs. And some of the greatest cinematic moments are from Disney. And I think Elsa, making the snow palace, as she belts out “Let It Go” will fit in perfectly with “one of the greatest cinematic moments“. Most importantly, music is a very important piece in storytelling. If the music to Frozen is as great as we hear it, it could help out a lot with the voting!

3) Rave Reviews

Frozen is already huge raves from critics. Right now, Frozen has a 100% rating in Rotten Tomatoes with critics praising the new story, music, characters, and animation. Like I said before, they’re comparing this to Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid. If the critics are actually saying that, then the film must be pretty darn great. Unfortunately, for The Wind Rises, it may have an 86% rating, but it still draws criticism due to the World War II theme.

4) Disney’s First Win

It’s Disney! Furthermore, Disney Animation has never won a single Oscar for Best Animated Feature! The category was created in 2001, just a few years after the great Disney Renaissance. By that time, Disney’s quality faltered and other studios came up to compete.

As everyone knows, Disney’s last hit movie, Wreck-It Ralph was the declared shoo-in for the winner in 2012, but Pixar’s Brave won instead, causing uproar. In my opinion, Ralph should have won because not only was it very creative with the story, the worlds, how they took video games etc., but also, to my surprise, it had a lot of heart and I honestly almost cried a couple of times. I think giving Frozen the Oscar this year would make it up to upset fans. And with the comparisons to the 90s movies and to the fact that Pixar doesn‘t have a chance this year, I think this would be the perfect first win for WDAS.

5) Future Animation Plate Getting Crowded

This may be the last time to give WDAS the big Oscar for a while. Disney’s next movie, Big Hero 6, has lots of competition next year with Book of Life, Rio 2, The Boxtrolls, and Mr. Peabody & Sherman. After this, Pixar will definitely win in 2015 and 2016. Even though WDAS won’t have anything in 2015, there will be no way that Disney’s two movies in 2016, Zootopia and the rumored fairy tale, Giants, will defeat Pixar’s highly anticipated, Finding Dory. So, Academy members, if you’re dying to give WDAS the Oscar, do it now or forever hold your peace.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, I’m conflicted. I mostly want Frozen to win because WDAS deserves the Best Animated Feature Oscar because it practically created the category. I can’t think of a better first recipient than Frozen. But, at the same time, The Wind Rises is Miyazaki’s last movie and this would be a fitting farewell. But, why couldn’t Studio Ghibli just wait until next year to release the film? With Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur being pushed back by another two years, this would have been a shoo-in for 2015.

What do you think, readers? Do you think the Academy will give Miyazaki a very generous farewell gift, or will they give him the cold shoulder and finally let the WDAS take the gold?

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  • Everything Pixar

    Oh ok and so now MU isn’t even for consideration? Frozen might be good, but just because everyone here is a Disney fan doesn’t mean that it’s ok to just completely ignore all of the other contenders. After all, Wreck-it Ralph was probably the best animated film last year but did it win? No. Why? Because Pixar has name recognition, WDAS, at least right now, doesn’t. They might have history, but the academy only remembers them for having sub-par material in the early 2000’s. So, Frozen has a good chance, and so does The Wind Rises, but it’s completely unfair to not consider MU, which, let’s face it, probably has the best chance.

    • I think “Monsters University” has a chance, just because of the name. But I personally didn’t think that movie is in the same caliber as “Frozen” and “The Wind Rises” seem to be in.

    • It definitely has a chance, but I think this author (who is anonymous) just decided to focus on the two of the race contenders–Frozen and The Wind Rises–since, according to many polls, the are the two frontrunners. So I think this person was just saying, who she thinks has the best chance of the two who are currently listed as one and two for winning.

  • Fadi Antwan

    Fantastic article! To be honest, I personally don’t care if it’s Mitazaki’s 1st or 1000th film. The better film should win. I haven’t seen The Wind Rises yet, but I feel Frozen is the better, more fun movie. It could just be because Japanese animation never appealed to me.

    • I too never got the hype of Japanese animation. I’ve only recently started watching some Studio Ghibli films and they’re….not bad, but I still like my American animation best.

      • Jenni

        Because you like stupidity.

    • I agree as well. An Oscar should not be given to someone just because it’s their last film and give it to them as an “honor.” A believe Miyazaki would want to win because his film really was the best of the year.

      • Cole Millions

        Operating on the basis that Miyazaki cares about what we Westerners think of him :p

        • KelVintage

          Well, he is Japanese so the feeling is mutual on my end.

          • cookies r awesome

            cough cough racism much

      • Damn-Deal-Done

        The academy mostly works on honours anyway and there is no such things as a best film. So it wouldn;t make a difference if they gave him it because it’s his last film. Besides, it is far superior to Frozen in every way.

        • Varg2000

          Far superior? Not even remotely.

          • cherryblossoms

            how so?? pls elaborate. in terms of music, i LOVE studio ghibli soundtracks, but i guess its a plus that frozen has vocals. as for animation, they are two different types of art styles. frozen is the more “sparkly and pretty” one, but the wind rises has the more artistic style, not to mention they express emotions, body movements much better. as for plot, lets just say cliche much to frozen. the wind rises, on the other hand, has more history, drama and deeper themes. as for characters, im okay with elsa, but seriously anna???? shes irritating, no offence. i admit that this time around the female character from the wind rises is not as complex as his other female protagonists, but still anna…..

            i love frozen too, i just dont think that the wind rises is any worse than it, in fact, its able to invoke deeper feelings compared to frozen.

        • CascadeWvera1

          Honestly, they’re much too different too compare. About the only thing they have in common is that they’re both animated films.

          • Damn-Deal-Done

            You can always compare cinema objectively based on the established conventions of cinema. Not just by looking at the pretty shapes and colours.

          • CascadeWvera1

            Yes, but the genres, studios, and themes are nothing alike.

    • Brianna

      The Wind Rises hasn’t been released in English speaking nations yet, so unless you get a ripped off recording from inside a theater in Japan…we won’t really know how it is until February of next year. Which is right before the Oscars. Anyway, as much as I adore Miyazaki (and anime in general), I’ve listened to enough podcasts of English speakers living/working in Japan, and the film itself was not enjoyable to them. Most of them referred to it as boring. Not saying it won’t win, but ya…

      Also, to respond to the article, we all know this is not going to be Miyazaki’s last film. He’s “retired” from film like 5 times now.

      • Aliscen Khaw

        aw, i quite like that film, cause i don’t like way too much gags in a story, which makes me worry about olaf, A LOT, cause seriously after hearing him sing ‘in summer’, i had 2nd thoughts about draging my friends to…

        • Brianna

          From what I heard regarding The Wind Rises is that it’s too serious. It’s not a film for children (which is fine) because it’s so boring. Though the people that I heard review are all adults and they were bored out of their minds. One reviewer even said he honestly fell asleep in the theater for a short time during the film!

          • Aliscen Khaw

            what! which part? i was extremely sad when his wife died! T.T, (sorry spoilers) and no offence disney, frozen solid, banishment of him, i was really expecting a sacrificing death scene( like tangled and lion king, that gave me a lota feels~), or villain death==.

          • Brianna

            I don’t remember what part since I heard the review a few months ago when the film was first released in theaters.

          • KelVintage

            Seriously, if you can’t shut up about spoilers then get off of the internet. Or learn how to write properly. The spoiler warning comes before the freaking spoiler, not after you tool. Idiot.

          • Aliscen Khaw

            haaah, if your here to be rude or just release stupid anger then you get off the web==. if you don’t like it, say it properly your not a kid( unless you are, then my bad)

          • K

            You’re an idiot. You write a spoiler and then can’t even apologize. You have the brain of a little girl obviously since you can’t even write complete sentences you dumb bitch. Screw off,

          • L

            wait, where did that even come from… looks like someones had a bad day.

          • Jenni

            For dull people. Thought provoking and mature movies = boring to them.

    • Aliscen Khaw

      i agree the best should win, i hope the members aren’t bias, they should really watch both films before judging. as for japanese animation, some of them are nice, i mean i really enjoyed howl’s moving castle, Ghost in the shell: stand alone complex, and fate/stay night:unlimited blade works( if you wanna give this a go, u need to watch the fate/stay night series 1st). and i appreciate their effort a lot to preserve 2D unlike america which is vastly moving to 3D, heck i hear some of the disney animators can’t even draw in 2D! or draw! you just need to know the software.==

    • longliverocknroll5 .

      How can you say I haven’t seen the film and then turn around and say “I feel Frozen is the better, more fun movie”? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

      • Fadi Antwan

        It’s what I feel is true from the reviews I read all over the internet.

        • ZZZ

          How can you say one film is better without even seeing both?

          • Varg2000

            He practically says that he chose the film that he BELIEVES to be the better one, and that with great reason.

          • longliverocknroll5 .

            He made the assumption based on absolutely no personal experience of the film. That is absolutely ridiculous.

          • Varg2000

            While you do have a point, most people who expected Frozen to be an amazing film appeared to have been correct.

          • longliverocknroll5 .

            Which is, yet again, absolutely ridiculous. Your point is only correct in your perception of the film. Stop stating opinion as fact. Better yet, stop stating things altogether. Your ridiculous bias is abundantly clear.

          • Varg2000

            It is only ridiculous in your own perception of my words. Generally and personally speaking, Frozen was considered the better film and I’m just saying people’s expectations on it being great were generally either confirmed or exceeded. Simple. Now, I understand if it may be hard to face the truth like this, but sooner or later you’ll have to at least try to accept it. By the way, you gotta learn to respect other’s words/views and don’t become so defensive/aggressive when you read or hear something you don’t like to read or hear.

          • longliverocknroll5 .

            The problem with your entire argument is that you have continuously asserted proof based off of logical fallacies and opinion throughout this forum. You’ve said things like it’s “universal” in theme which is not entirely true and even failed to explain anything you claimed beyond the opinion portion of your idea in terms of quality of theme and other aspects of the film.

            The latter part of this comment is hilariously ironic.

          • Varg2000

            In that case, which “logical fallacies” are you referring to? Film is subjective, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I or anyone else will use personal experiences in explaining/supporting my stance. When have I said “it’s universal in theme” and what would this even mean? I don’t recall having said such a thing. Please elaborate. As for the latter part of your reply, I’m not sure I’m following your reasoning. You’re just making random unsupported statements upon my words. From your view, I can see how it comes off as “hilariously ironic”.

          • longliverocknroll5 .

            Logical fallacies you’ve employed so far [note that I’m including all the comments I’ve read beyond this single comment chain from you]: Argumentum ad populum, appeal to emotion, incomplete comparison, circular reasoning.

            I’m literally replying directly to your words. How are my responses “random unsupported statements”? If that is true, so are your responses.

            You’ve said this is a film open to “everyone”; a film that everyone can connect with (which you’ve implied must be a requirement for a film to be better than another, which is unfounded). That would imply that the one of the themes, characters, etc. are universal, as in they apply to everyone. I’m not going to explain what that means any farther as I shouldn’t have to.

            From any view, it should be hilariously ironic. You’ve responded to far more comments in a “defensive” manner in regards to this film than I have. The evidence is on your profile. Yet I need to learn “respect”. If you were concerned with “respect” you wouldn’t be commenting so much about a topic that you’ve deemed as subjective or opinion based.

            There are still aspects of film that can be objectively better. Instead of arguing these points, you continuously state the equivalent to “my favourite film is better. Deal with it”.

            Actually, it does come as a surprise that you don’t even try to present some direct comparison/contrast between films (i.e. objective presentation of the films aspects, animation quality, voice work, colour palate, theme, characters, plot etc.) to defend why you feel it is “the greatest movie ever made!”, as I’ve seen you state in another article.

            All I’ve seen you continue to repeat ad nauseam is “my film is better”.

          • Varg2000

            “Argumentum ad populum” can barely be applied here as we’re talking on a subjective matter. “Appeal to emotion” doesn’t seem like a logical fallacy in such a discussion. I don’t know what you are referring to when you say “incomplete comparison” nor “circular reasoning”.

            It is not and cannot be an “unfounded” statement for me to say a film requires a wider audience in order to be considered “better”, because this is a subjective topic. Though I can for example say I know of very few to no people who considers The Godfather (a film limited to certain audiences) a good or enjoyable movie, but I know of hordes of people who adores and praises Frozen (a film that is made for the whole family, people of all ages regardless of gender).

            I’d say the reason I may come off as “defensive” to you is because I am simply defending my views and I stand by them, and I will answer people who replies on my comments.

            I don’t think my degree of commenting equals my degree of respect, but it is what the comments consists of which determines that. I only say that you should learn respect because here you come off as arrogant and treating me as if I had a saying on what is fact or not in a subjective topic but then shows off that yourself is trying to establish “facts” on a subjective topic (that’s called being a hypocrite). Anyways, don’t confuse my personal views for an attempt to state facts.

            Film is still a subjective topic and objectivity can be very hard to establish. However, films should and really can only be properly judged by your personal experience of the film. As of now, you’re trying to force something unto me. I simply feel that Frozen can be called the greatest movie ever made because of two main reasons; 1) my personal experience, as Frozen is the greatest cinematic experience that I’ve ever had, of all the thousands that I’ve seen, not one single film did I feel worthy being called “the greatest” until I was presented to Frozen;

            2) the worldwide impact that Frozen has had is nothing short of spectacular and incredible, it’s a movie that people just won’t stop talking about and giving praise. It’s unlike any movie I know of. It ain’t called a phenomenon for nothing, and it surely didn’t break so many records and earn so many awards and critical acclaim for no reason. The significant success of this film is without comparison.

          • longliverocknroll5 .

            You clearly don’t understand logical fallacies.

            You know few people who consider The Godfather a good movie? Might I ask how old you are? People generally agreed that The Godfather was one of the best films of the 20th century.

            And again, variety of audience doesn’t equate to quality.

            I’m not trying to be arrogant, I’m trying to have a discussion where you actually explain why you like a film rather than having to explain to you why your responses are flawed.

            I’m not forcing anything on you, I’m asking for a proper response.

            That’s not true at all. Film still has objective aspects to a degree with which you can draw direct comparison between the two.

            Frozen has been successful, much look dozens including many of the films I’ve listed which also had a great cultural impact.

          • Varg2000

            If you say so.

            Yes, indeed, I’m as old as dear Queen Elsa of Arendelle. To clarify, 21. “People”, referring to a certain audience which actually liked such a film. I have a tendency to ask new people that I get to know about things like their favorite film or whether they consider this and that for a good or bad film and such, and The Godfather so happens to not get that much credit (in comparison, when Frozen gets into question, people “lights up” and suddenly it’s the only thing being talked about), which have always made me wonder how certain people can like that film to such a ridiculous degree they dare to call it “the greatest film”. It’s just beyond my comprehension.

            A wider audience plus a great quality on the film itself equals success, which in turn generally equals a good movie. Now, what can be considered “good” or “bad” quality is a matter of opinion.

            Sure, whatever you say.

            Yes, film does have objective aspects to a degree, but I thought that was a little bit implied in my previous reply. I guess I wasn’t clear enough for you to understand, my bad!

            Yes, there are many films out there with a significant success and cultural impact, however, some (much) greater than others, undeniably.

          • longliverocknroll5 .

            Not at all surprised that people in that age range you’ve met would be more intrigued by Frozen than The Godfather. That age range, which I am included within as I am also 21, generally doesn’t care to watch older films, films without music, or films that their teachers might also watch. Might I also ask if you’ve actually viewed The Godfather, and would actively bring it up in conversation? Or is your belief that because it is not immediately mentioned the only cause you have to say that they don’t care for the film? Have those people also viewed the film? From what I’ve seen you mention about TWR, you appear to make snap judgment comparisons without even viewing the other film in question.

            Quality of film does not equate success, just like breadth of audience does not equate quality.

            If you want to think I’m forcing you, that’s your opinion, I’ve done no such thing. I’ve questioned you. Nothing further.

            You cannot determine the true cultural impact of a film within less than 2 years. If that were true, our society would be redefined every few months based on a fad movie, song, book, styles, etc.

          • Varg2000

            “in that are range”? You do realize I never clarified the age of the “people” I were referring to? When I say people, I mean people of both genders and varying ages. Yes, I have watched The Godfather, and I wouldn’t really be able to give much of a comment upon a film I haven’t actually watched. I don’t know if that is quite true that people around their 20’s generally doesn’t watch older films. As I’ve experienced it, they generally watch many random films regardless of year of release.

            Again, don’t twist or confuse the words. Let me put it this way; the quality of a film is determined by an individual’s personal opinion, if the audience is wide enough to give a greater and more precise end-result and they generally consider the film to be of good quality, then all this generally indicates a good movie. I’m not sure how I can put it any more clearer for you to properly understand.

            Sure, if you say so.

            Well, no, but today you at least get a great glimpse at the cultural impact that exists today and what might very well be in the future.

          • L

            “Surpassed expectations” Oh my! People expect little this days. It was a nice movie, I really enjoyed it, but technically speaking (story, character development, animation) it wasn’t even better than Tarzan, just more popular in part because of its generic themes, catchy songs and self mockery to Disney’s own traditions (“You can’t marry a man you just met” Gold!). I will respect your right to call it your favourite, but the best animated film, Who on earth could actually pick an absolute one?

          • Varg2000

            First, film is subjective, and we’ve obviously got two different views on this. Second, according to my opinion, the story, character development, and animation is superb and I cannot compare it to any other animated classic, thus I do consider it much better than Tarzan and I’m convinced I can find many people who agrees.

            The film has become this popular because it is of great quality that is appealing to basically everyone, its contents are just amazing, breathtaking, touching, relatable, and extremely attractive! In short terms, its themes (specifically of love vs. fear) are brilliant! Its messages are great and resonant! The animation is gorgeous and stunning! Its environments are epic and magical! Its characters are extremely charming, beautiful and relatable! Its moving and fascinating story is perfection all the way through!

            Normally, it would be very hard to pick “the best one”, but sometime in your life you may bump into a film that really breaks all barriers. For me, and millions of other fans, Frozen is that film. I cannot compare the masterpiece of Frozen or its phenomenal legacy to any other movie. Frozen is basically that movie which everybody loves and which brings people together. All that for me really makes it the best.

      • Kay

        Well the wind rises looks so stupid that I can’t even stand watching the whole trailer. It better not win or else.

        • BlueEldur

          “Looks so stupid that I can’t even stand watching the whole trailer.” What are you, 10 years old? The Wind Rises is a serious movie. No shit it’s going to be boring if you’re expecting a cartoon.

          • Varg2000

            One main thing that makes Frozen automatically better and more significant than TWR is that Frozen is actually made to be appealing to everyone, the whole family; girls and boys; kids, teens, adults and elders alike. TWR is directed more at adult/older audiences. While it might have been the closest thing to a real competitor among all the nominated films, it could honestly never have won against Frozen. I’d say it was all over the moment Frozen stepped into the competition. I also don’t find the manga/anime-type of animation to be very appealing (nowadays I say it’s more disturbing), at least not as much as when I was a kid.

          • longliverocknroll5 .

            That in no way makes it a superior film. It makes it a more pandering film, not a better film.

          • Varg2000

            I do not understand your reasoning. Frozen becomes the better film because basically anyone and everyone can receive a fantastic experience out of that film. If a film is limited in range and directed only at a certain audience, there is no chance such a film could be considered better. Film is an artwork intended to be experienced and enjoyed, and the more people that are able to have a great experience out of it the better. Simple as that.

          • longliverocknroll5 .

            And your reasoning is not sound at all. Just because a film has a limited audience in comparison to another film, it automatically becomes better? Absolutely not.

          • Varg2000

            No, a film with a limited audience doesn’t become automatically better, but a film that is not limited to a certain audience and opens up to a wider audience is a requirement for a better movie, what ultimately makes Frozen better is its quality and contents, which includes themes and concepts that basically anyone and everyone can relate to.

          • longliverocknroll5 .

            Once again, you’re wrong. Being more accessible to a wider audience is not a requirement for a better film.

          • Varg2000

            Ah, yes it is. As film is supposed to be watched, enjoyed, and experienced, and the more people that can watch, enjoy and experience it the better. How is leaving others outside in the cold better? Being more accessible to a wider audience is a definitive requirement for a better film, if you ask me.

          • longliverocknroll5 .

            No it isn’t. A good film is a good film and does not require it to be open to all audiences for it to be a good film. How is pandering better?

          • Varg2000

            What a “good” or “bad” film is is a matter of personal perception, seeing as film is subjective. However, generally speaking, the better film is the one with the greater audience and greater contents. Simple as that.

          • longliverocknroll5 .

            No, it isn’t that simple.

          • Varg2000

            I’m afraid it is that simple, dear.

          • longliverocknroll5 .

            No it really isn’t.

          • Varg2000

            Yes, it really is.

          • Eduardo

            do not argue with fanboys :p

          • longliverocknroll5 .

            Requiem for a Dream, The Godfather, Silence of the Lambs, Erin Brockovich, Blazzing Saddles, The Hunt (Danish film), A Clockwork Orange, Gattaca, V for Vendetta, Blade Runner, The Manchurian Candidate all amazing films (in fact some of the best we have seen according to both critics and audiences) that are not open to all audiences.

            Even if you want to stay within animated works; Garden of Sinners (Japan), Waltz with Bashir (Israel), South Park, Perfect Blue (Japan), Watership Down (Britain), Animal Farm (Britain), When The Wind Blows (Britain), Grave of the Fireflies (Japan), Barefoot Gen (Japan).

            A film being more open doesn’t make it a better film, nor is it a requirement to be a better film. All the films I’ve listed are among the highest rated (critically) works and some have even been studied in universities based on their content, themes, characterizations, etc.

          • Varg2000

            I don’t think we’re on the same page on which films should be considered “amazing”. I see only three films among the ones you listed that I consider significant or good films (namely Silence of the Lambs, V for Vendetta, and Blade Runner). The “better” film is not defined by the words and opinions of critics or a minor audience (in comparison to certain other films), dear. The better film is (according to me at least) defined as the one that most people enjoy, the one that has had a significant impact worldwide, the one that has broken several records, the one that has made history, and the one that provides me (personally) with the greatest experience.

            I say it again, a better movie most definitely needs to fulfill the requirement of being able to be watched and enjoyed by a larger audience. What ultimately makes the film better than others is its contents and quality, which should be able to speak to, enchant or inspire/fascinate the audience. It should be something that you wanna watch over and over and that you enjoy every time. I get the feeling you need to open yourself up a little and don’t be so stuck inside the box. I can also assure you that there are many better films that are being studied in schools, I know Frozen either is or will be one of them, depending on which schools one is referring to for the moment. It’s the main film people speak of and analyze, and that’s not without good reason.

          • longliverocknroll5 .

            How have these films NOT impacted the world? A lot of these films have greatly impacted the world of film and setting a record is once again appealing to popularity.

            A better movie does not require being open to all audiences.

            I’m stuck? You’re romanticizing fairy tales (essentially) as if they were the greatest stories ever told simply because children can also watch them.

          • Varg2000

            I’m not saying that some of these films haven’t impacted some small portion of the world in some way, however, the degree to which any of these films have impacted the world can barely be compared to films such as Frozen.

            I’m not saying that you can’t do a good movie that is directed to a certain audience, I’m just saying that if you wish to make an even better movie then you’ll have to open it up to a wider audience, make a great movie that people will understand, enjoy, adore, learn from, and relate to. Make a movie that they would actually like to re-watch many, many times.

            I’m not quite sure you fully understand me. Fairy tales are generally among the greatest and most memorable films ever made, however, being specifically a “fairy tale” ain’t a requirement for making a better movie, you can make an enjoyable and great movie that a greater audience will love without it being a fairy tale (example; Jurassic Park, Star Wars, E.T., Big Hero 6). If you want to make a better movie, then an advice is to make sure you can provide a great deal of people with an amazing experience.

          • longliverocknroll5 .

            You still can’t say that Frozen is anything more than a fad. It is less than 2 years old. The importance of a film can not be determined in that short of a time span.

          • Varg2000

            Ah, yes, I believe it definitely can. Although if it ain’t enough for you already, just wait a few more years. I can see how it can be perceived as a fad, although I can with confidence say that it really isn’t, and that will be shown in coming years.

        • Jenni

          Shows how small your brain is.

    • Anonymous

      Are you listening to yourself right now? “I haven’t see The Wind Rises yet, but I feel Frozen is better…” How can you say one is better than the other if you haven’t even seen one of them? I’ve seen both and I think that The Wind Rises is superior.

      • Varg2000

        Frozen is by far much more superior to TWR, and I’m pretty sure the success of the film speaks for itself.

        • Random Bot

          One of the reasons I think that Frozen is deemed “superior”, is that it appeals to the masses in the conventional manners. CG effects, check, dropping into Musical notes, check, Disney having generous amounts of funding to hype the show, market it and maximise exposure, check.

          Also does not discount the fact that Oscars is an American Award and so I can see a bias towards Frozen since it is for intents and purposes an American film. I am hard pressed to say that Frozen won due to quality alone.

          Incidentally for TWR, it has serious themes, more attention to detail and most importantly…it is much more honest a film in my opinion. To actually see TWR being nominated in Oscars, an “American” Awards show speaks miles of its quality. Frozen is a mass of publicity, and marketing, and does not cross boundaries in any way, it just falls back to Disney Cliches that have been made years over….it is just conservative. Yet here is it, nominated and won because of it, it is from those weaknesses that ironically made it more popular than TWR.

          So in the end, TWR and Frozen are just two different shows, but since they are pit against each other, I daresay that TWR is more ‘superior’ since it is an honest and unpretentious film that does not care what other people think.

          Just like an employee who produces good work whilst another bootlicks his boss, likely the one who bootlicks would get promoted, and not the one who actually works well.

          To claim it inferior to Frozen because of shallow statements like “I do not like the manga artstyle” is just opinion, I could say TWR is better than Frozen since I dislike animations that just have random and annoying musical notes when I rather have a genuine uninterrupted film.

          So if your definition of superiority is success = superior, rather than quality = superior……well then yes, in that case Frozen is ‘superior’ to TWR

          • Varg2000

            First and foremost, this is all a matter of personal opinions. “Frozen” does have CG effects, it drops into musical numbers, Disney did have the means to properly fund and market the film. However, I’d say these weren’t the reasons for its success, but merely a small ordinary portion of something that attracts moviegoers, what made the film so great and the phenomenon it is today was nothing else but the quality of the film. That is also something one can understand after reading certain reviews and articles on the film, where some even plainly state it.

            Had this film been your ordinary type of average type of film or Disney-film, it would most certainly not have made the kind of worldwide cultural impact and recieved the degree of success that can today be observed. When we speak of which film is more honest, I’d dare say they both seem equally honest, something which is actually quite ridiculous/unecessary to give a comment upon.

            When I speak of “Frozen” in a manner that make it out to be superior, then I base that superiority simply upon the success/impact and quality of the film combined. “Frozen” is simply nothing less than a spectacular masterpiece that I can relate to and which hits right in the deepest abyss of my heart and soul with such a power you never thought possible by the hands of a motion picture.

        • Sarah

          “The Success of the film speaks for itself.” That’s like saying because Justin Bieber is popular so he must be great. Popularity isn’t everything. The Wind Rises has such a more meaningful and deeper message than Frozen, something someone like you can’t understand.

          • Varg2000

            I believe you may not have fully understood what I was saying. There’s a great difference in comparing the ridiculous popularity of Justin Bieber among teenage girls to the worldwide popularity, praise and success of a masterpiece of a film like “Frozen”. Popularity speaks a certain language, and you gotta learn to understand that language, otherwise you’ll get the wrong ideas.

            The message of “The Wind Rises” is hardly deeper or more meaningful than the many great messages of “Frozen”, not to mention there is no greater, deeper or more important message than that which says that the most important thing in life is the love of your family, because it will define who you’re about to become, and you should never take it for granted. By the way, your very attitude as you say “something someone like you will never understand” is both ignorant/childish and barbaric.

          • longliverocknroll5 .

            No, their actually isn’t a difference. Both are logical fallacies.

          • Varg2000

            Sure, whatever floats your boat.

        • Guest

          Argumentum ad populum, care to try again?

          • Varg2000

            The popularity of Frozen is speaking a clear language. I don’t need to explain myself. Generally and personally speaking, Frozen is without a single doubt the most superior between these two pictures.

          • longliverocknroll5 .

            Still argumentum ad populum, care to try again?

          • Varg2000

            That’s still not a valid response in a discussion such as this, sorry. The success tells of which film is generally or most commonly considered the better.

          • longliverocknroll5 .

            Logical fallacies are not a valid response. Success does not equal quality.

          • Varg2000

            No they’re not. However, I’d suggest you’d stop with this “logical fallacy”-nonsense. A film of great quality and which makes a great impact equals success. Don’t twist it.

          • longliverocknroll5 .

            I’d suggest you learn what a logical fallacy is. I’ve twisted absolutely nothing, you’ve defended your claim that Frozen is the best movie ever because it did well at the box office.

          • Varg2000

            The box office results alone was certainly not my main reason as to referring to it as “the best movie ever”. You’re confusing the subject.

    • Vernon Miles

      “The better film should win” immediately followed by a statement that you haven’t seen 1/2 of the films in question.

      • Fadi Antwan

        I merely said I had a feeling, get it? It’s based on intuition not facts. I’ve only liked one Studio Ghibli film so far, and I’m usually right about my hunches. I will see The Wind Rises either in theater or on bluray. If I like it better than Frozen, I will make an announcement here because apparently everyone here think my opinion matters so much.

        • Vernon Miles

          I haven’t met you, but I clearly feel that you don’t know anything about movies. Now, that’s not based on any facts or actual knowledge of you, but its a hunch, which means its probably right.

          • Fadi Antwan

            So clever! Yeah, sure make a conclusion from two comments. At least I’ve watched more than 15 Studio Ghibli films and know what I’m in for. This isn’t fixed. Just because I said I feel Frozen is better doesn’t mean I won’t change my mind when I see The Wind Rises if I like it better.

          • Jenni

            very dumb

          • Vernon Miles

            Did you ever see The Wind Rises?

          • Fadi Antwan

            Yes, I saw it a few months ago. I liked it, but it’s not a masterpiece or anything. It’s just a sweet movie. Frozen was more fun and enjoyable in my opinion.

          • Vernon Miles

            Fair enough.

    • Sarah

      Watch the movie first before judging something.

  • Hmm…you do provide a valid point, but I still think “Frozen” will win the award. Then again, I haven’t seen either yet.

  • Regina G

    I mostly agreed with this article. You had a lot of really good points. I’ll be interested to see if “The Wind Rises” picks up traction as a lot of people think it will. But, to be fair, it’s only getting a week long qualifying run in like two theatres. So, it might not break out enough. Also, as you pointed out with the Rotten Tomatoes score (And I read a lot of reviews around the time it premiered at festival), not many people are extremely enthusiastic about it, instead merely liking it. There are a lot of people VERY excited about “Frozen” (best since batb, lion king…….).

  • Max den Hartog

    I hope Frozen wins, Disney already deserved it last year (I also loved Brave, but WIR was great too) and Frozen is once again an amazing film. The wind rises looks great, just not my genre..

  • anii654 (Jayden-G)

    Very good article. It does seem like 2014 will be VERY competitive and DreamWorks has a big chance of winning that year. I really hope Wind Rises would not win because of 2-D animation, and the film is kind of Oscar-bait. The reviews of Frozen are good, but I have read some that said it is alright. The whole Brave thing is the reason why I am considering MU as top runner. Pixar has won 7-8 of the Best Animated Feature, and they are not active next year. A lot of great points, but if they do it to send the man a final send-off, that is not fair. The best film deserves to win. I am hoping WDAS wins this year because of their upgrade in films the last few years, and it seems like they won’t get another chance for a long time.

    • longliverocknroll5 .

      What is bad about 2-D animation. Personally I would much rather watch a well executed 2-D animated film than a lot of what passes for “3-D”.

  • Cole Millions

    I haven’t seen “The Wind Rises”, but I really do want “Frozen” to win. I love anime. I still want “Frozen” to win.

    Unfortunately, let’s remember that the people who vote on these categories are old, retired, actors/directors/producers in their 70s or older. Since Miyazaki’s movie is about World War II and war……. Ehhhhhh. I’ll just say I am nervous.

    • KelVintage

      The academy is full of old, white men. It might actually hurt Miyazaki’s chances since he’s celebrating the Japanese man who created the zero fighters. Not good memories for the Americans….

      • jooora

        he is not celebrating it! Please watch the movie before you comment!

  • Aliscen Khaw

    ah~ if only we could turn back time go to the OSCARS and establish a category for best animation in the 90’s then disney would have wiped the floor clean with their hits! XD

    • I know! They probably would have won 10 years in a row! How awesome would that have been?

    • longliverocknroll5 .

      And if they actually seriously looked at foreign films, and then the 2000’s would have been ruled by foreign animation films.

  • Brandon Kelly

    Nothing against The Wind Rises but it would be stupid for it to win for “Hand-Drawn animation” reasons. You know why? While Pixar’s Up deservedly won Best Animated Feature over The Princess and the Frog, The Princess and the Frog should of won best song in my opinion. The Princess and the Frog got nominations and did not win any. This film now deemed as “The hand-drawn animated flick released in a 3-D market.” Plus, when Tangled came out (which was a 3-D film), it didn’t even get nominated for best animated feature! (Even though the film had positive reviews and was a hit). It only got nominated for Best Song which I think it deserved because I See the Light was a more memorable song than When We Belong Together from Toy Story 3 (I think You’ve Got a Friend in Me is better in terms of a Toy Story song) And we all know what happened with Wreck It Ralph. So anyway, Just because its Miyazaki’s last film doesn’t mean a thing. There have people who did their last film did not win a thing.

    • Kate

      You’re absolutely right. I don’t even remember When We Belong Together, but I See the Light…I can play the whole thing in my head, music and all, just by hearing the line or a couple bars of music. Personally, I think that’s something that makes a good song; it’s ability to be remembered.

  • Nubby

    A little early to claim that Disney’s two movies in 2016, Zootopia and Giants, will have no chance to defeat Finding Dory. Fairy tale musicals always have a chance.

  • James

    Honestly, I have yet to see either of these films, but I only have a burning desire to see Frozen, so I hope that wins. Besides, the best film should win, no matter if this is a director’s “last” film.

    I disagree with the author’s thoughts on the future though. Looking at titles alone, 2014 IS very much a mixed bag of movies, they all seemingly being on the same level. But Disney HAS been getting better. Big Hero 6 could easily blow everyone out of the water. Let’s be honest, before we really got a feel for it, Wreck-It-Ralph did seem like a traditional Disney winner either, and now look at it! The movies from other studios could be better than expected as well, but… meh. Pixar also (currently) has a mixed status for sequels/prequels. Toy Story 2 & 3 were fantastic, but Cars 2 was bad, and while not terrible, I don’t think anyone would say that Monsters University exceeds Monsters Inc. in quality. So Finding Dory being a sure winner isn’t really the case, and we know virtually nothing about Zootopia or Giants. At least not enough to determine whether they have a shot at the Oscars. Until I see the movie, I’m team Big Hero 6 for 2014!!! 🙂

    Also, can anyone tell me why Tangled wasn’t nominated for Best Animated Feature for the 83rd Academy Awards? I don’t think it would have stood a chance against Toy Story 3 or How to Train Your Dragon, but it should AT LEAST have been nominated right?

    • swanpride

      Honestly, Wreck-it-Ralph originally looked like a recipe for disaster, and while I was more hopeful about Frozen than most others, a lot of people predicted it to be “Tangled on ice”.

  • Boooo
  • Raiden

    The Wind Rises all the way! It deserves to win! Even one bad Ghibli film is better than anything Disney has put out in the past ten years.

    • Varg2000

      How about, no… One bad Ghibli film would be forgotten or ignored and stand in the shadow of Disney’s latest works, even a good Ghibli film wouldn’t become as great and successful as a work of Disney, let alone Frozen, Disney’s probably greatest success.

      • Raiden

        Personally, I didn’t care for Frozen. It’s okay, but its for kids, and it doesn’t tackle adult themes, or challenges its audience like Wind Rises did.

        I was hoping it would win because, maybe, just maybe it would mean more sophisticated animated films for adults could be proven to be popular and would become a trend.

        Also, hand drawn animation is a dying art and needs every shred of support it can get.

        • Varg2000

          Frozen is a family-movie, and thus made for everyone or anyone, both boys and girls of all ages (kids, teens, adults and elders alike). It teaches kids great lessons at the same time as it gives older audiences a lovable, exciting, fun and touching adventure with characters and situations to relate to and love and admire. The Wind Rises is mainly directed at adults (though which appearantly wasn’t even a really big hit among that target age, seeing as it has been called “boring” by several adult viewers, at least that’s what I heard), and I don’t think it’s a movie that I would personally recommend. But that’s just me.

          I think the fact that Frozen is made for both kids and adults (though most of Disney’s films are) is part of what makes it so great and successful, along with the fact it delves very deep into the two great and important topics of love and family and evolves around this. It’s a really perfect film in my opinion with lots of detail and well thought-out scenes, stunning computer animation and powerful and highly memorable musical numbers that really speaks to you.

          Though I do understand why you were rooting for TWR, I’m not sure if that kind of film could become more popular. I mean, I love hand-drawn animation, but one just have to move with the times, thought that doesn’t stop us from still making new hand-drawn films, at least not as long as there are people with an interest in it. But I guess it just won’t be as appealing to the general audiences of the future. The hand-drawn classics sure were a great part of my childhood, and I can always re-visit those times every time I re-watch any of those good old classics.

          • AegysLTS

            I’ll be 27 soon and I’m one of those long row of adults who are in love with Frozen.

          • 2Dforevah

            you just can`t listen and listen opinions? , just stuck with your idea of a “family movie” and popularity , the thing here is to create art not a premedite product , i can`t even could finish to see Frozen and i love Disney simple , secure, “any risk take” plot, but common , why kids have to be related to plastic things and behaviors, anyone in that movie acts in that way, so forced, and don’t bring out the kids theme thing cuz kids nowadays are more sensitive to things , what they see , what they read..etc. they don’t need obvious paths , Frozen do that , its predictable and boring. Just think about it which movie really made you think. don’t be plastic and cold (lol) like all these CGI movies. oh lord i hate these new CGI era, its just to much detail and fake characters. LOL this post its so old ,but americans need to chill out the nationally thing , made you blind.

          • Lithia

            Thanks of the comment. Really smart.

          • Varg2000

            Strange reply.

        • AegysLTS

          Just to point out though that Disney’s movies aren’t just for kids, some of their classics did explores rather dark themes. For example in the Hunchback of Notre Dame, violence, lust, racism and religious bigotry are clearly being displayed, there is one scene where the Judge Frodo smells Esmeralda’s hair…..

  • swanpride

    I think that the win of Brave had nothing to do with the synopsis (if they didn’t want a video game character to win, there were a lot of other movies with a better synopsis) and everything to do with Chapman. It was one of those “this is the opportunity to give someone who worked on great projects but never got the award” wins. Chapman was the first female director in animation ever (though with Prince of Egypt, for which she would have deserved a win if the award has been in existence back then), and this was the opportunity to honour her, even though there were at least three movies in this year which were better than Brave (Wreck it Ralph, Paranormal and Rise of the Guardians)
    Spirited Away is along with Princess Mononoke and Death of the Fireflies easily one of Miyasaki’s most acclaimed movies, so it really deserved over the contenders. Personally I like both Lilo and Stitch and Treasure Island better, but objectively Spirited Away was the most deserving movie.
    I hope that this time around, they will go for the movie which really deserves to win instead of playing Oscar politics…and if they disappoint again, I am sure that Disney will have some strong entries in the upcoming years. If for nothing else than because the studio hasn’t caught sequilities (yet).

  • amber

    I think Miyazaki’s film should win, in my personal opinion I do like disney but some of their storylines are weak, their most famous films were about princesses and how they were all hopeless until they found love, and some of the stories are very controversial, take Pocahontas’ real life story for example. Frozen, may have been a good movie but, the movie will probably be forgotten with time.
    but Miyazaki’s work comes from his mind and imagination and he puts hard work into every movie he makes, hand drawn animation is something of the past in america, and many people overlook how hard it is to make. his movies, animation and storyline are simply breathtaking, they take you on a journey so amazing it makes you want to believe in anything, while sending powerful messages through them. and you can relive that amazing journey again and again and never get bored with them, theres a reason why is Miyazaki is a legend. he’s a fantastic story teller and I think he deserves this oscar.

    • Lithia

      Frozen forgotten? Ugh…

  • Battle At End

    Frozen was completely overrated, it wasn’t in the same school with the legendary animations of Disney like Lion King or Pinocchio or Snow White. It is just a decent movie!
    People who shouting against me, i appreciate your point of view.
    After watching Les Miserables and Frozen, i don’t think musical is a good idea.

    • smg7320

      You’re just gonna have to Let It Go.

    • Varg2000

      I simply couldn’t disagree more! I even say it’s the best Disney-film ever made (so I have been saying since the first time I saw it), and I really do mean that. I completely love the good old classics/favourites like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, but Frozen is undoubtedly the best and most successful picture Disney has ever produced. This is just my opinion, and I respect yours! Just felt I had to say it. And musicals are great ideas, otherwise I don’t think this film would have gotten all the praise, awards, high box-office results, broken several records and being such an overall success if it wasn’t the amazing and touching musical that it is. I have yet to see Les Miserables, although I don’t think it will top Frozen.

      • Tularian Roman

        Quit bitching please.

        • Varg2000

          Let It Go, perhaps? 😉

  • Glen

    I’m a big big fan of Miyazaki but I still think Frozen might win. Agree with Fadi that no matter it is the final movie of Miyazaki or not, the best one should win. I haven’t watched the Wind rises yet so no comment about its quality or plot but Frozen is just awesome to me. The plot is simple, somehow predictable but it’s fun, fresh and meaningful (in a way that every kid could grasp it, which is different from the style of Ghibli’s movies) Complicated and meaningful things combined with the nature of cartoon to inspire adults like Ghibli’s movies is great too but still, cartoon is for kids and simplicity is appreciated :3

  • longliverocknroll5 .

    It’s the Oscars, of course Frozen is going to win. They love to play up American films over everything else.

    • Varg2000

      Are you sure the fact that the American films MIGHT be the best ones doesn’t have anything to do with that? To my experience, America does make the best films.

      • thehighroller

        This is an American competition, go to Cannes see the film festival and you will rarely see an American film win the award

        • Lithia

          Frozen’s currently beating Spirited Away in Japan in terms of popularity. (Not saying that popularity/quantity=quality)

  • edzyl blane

    I haven’t seen the wind rises, but to beat frozen it has to be perfect

    • Varg2000

      Which The Wind Rises of course isn’t/wasn’t.

  • Emmalee

    I’m really torn between these films.

    I must admit, I am a /huge/ fan of Miyasaki. I’ve seen almost every one of his films, and I must say, they’re almost always flawless. I do agree with the author of this article on storylines of the nominated movies. The Wind Rises has a much more complex and mature storyline, and is paired with beautiful, nostalgic drawings of the times when everything was drawn without CG. I don’t really think the element of this being Miyasaki’s last film is in play here. I think the quality and story of each movie should declare the winner.

    However, Frozen is a stunningly visual movie, with lovable characters, and memorable songs. I admit that I did cry during the movie, and have seen it four times…
    I think Disney really did a wonderful job on Frozen. The story was definitely much different from the cookie-cutter stories that Disney usually comes up with—and the “sisterly” love was a pleasant surprise.

    Personally, I don’t think these movies are comparable. Frozen is driven toward younger audiences and families who are looking for an entertaining and upbeat movie (which it delivers.) The Wind Rises is like most of Miyasaki’s films—gorgeously animated movies with gripping plot lines, and usually geared toward appreciators of animation and older audiences who are hoping to see another one of Hayao Miyasaki’s emotionally riveting movies.

    • John D.

      Woah, hold up. Frozen is by no means an “up-beat” movie. Everyone around me was crying HARD more than a few times during it’s run. Its a amazingly touching movie, a stunningly beautiful story. Disney’s outdone themselves, they’ve made a classic that will be remember 20, 40 years from now.

      • Varg2000

        Well said, and I definetely agree on that! Frozen is (if anything) a phenomenal masterpiece, a true and stunning piece of art. It’s a film that is made for everyone, both boys and girls of all ages (kids, teens, adults and elders alike), and it will without a doubt be “watched and loved for generations” to come. It is undoubtedly Disney’s greatest success, and it is far from something that would be forgotten. I think that, in the future, this spectacular film will reach to new heights and become even more successful and loved. Never before have I seen a film that delves so deep into the great and greatly important topics of family and love.

        • KiriP

          not only do you constantly repeat yourself and come up with no real solid reason as to why frozen is better or is the best movie besides it can be seen by all people and it made you have feels for the first time it kind of sounds like you haven’t even given the other movie a chance to compare the two because you like frozen so much which is a bit sad. To be honest it wasn’t even the best compared to Disney movies if you take the time to really look at it there is tons of flaws. Just my personal opinion

          • Lithia

            Yes, well your opinion is your opinion. Several Disney films have flaws. No film is perfect. It’s up to YOU whether or not the flaws are large enough to stop the enjoyment of the films, which is why film is a subjective art. What may be big to you, may not be to someone else.

  • Maya

    Tonight there will be a bloody battle between these two beautiful films.

    I have seen ‘Frozen’ in the cinema and I really appreciate the plot, music, graphics and the film’s messages, but ‘The Wind Rises’ looks great too. I really can’t pick my favourite, at least until I see ‘The Wind Rises’.

    By the way, my mother and I betted with my father about which film will win the Oscar®. We said ‘Frozen’. He said ‘The Wind Rises’.

    Anyway, tonight this big question will be answered. Good luck to both films!

  • Wyatt

    Definitely The Wind Rises. I don’t hate Frozen, but it’s such typical Disney fair, regardless of its harkening back to classic Disney animated films. But I think the most important reason why The Wind Rises should trump Frozen is because it has a much higher emotional resonance.

  • Varg2000

    Frozen was without a doubt the greatest of these two films, and the best and most perfect film I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I voted for this masterpiece to win, and it WON BIG TIME. Bravo, Disney! I was so happy the moment I found out Frozen had won the Oscar for “Best Original Song” and Disney’s very first Oscar for “Best Animated Feature” (though I agree with a lot of other people that it should have been nominated for “Best Film” aswell, it truly deserved it). That was the day Disney made history. This movie touched me deep into my heart and soul, and I mean REALLY deep like no movie ever before.

    I never cry to a movie, NEVER. Frozen made me cry, now that means something to me. It melted my heart, and the moment I had seen Frozen, I knew what the greatest movie of all time looked like. And no offense Miyazaki, but The Wind Rises (which just didn’t deliver) could never have competed with anything like that, not with Disney’s probably largest and most successful masterpiece of all time. The moment Frozen came into the competition, it was all over. Maybe if Miyazaki had waited to release the film until 2014 or 2015, then maybe he would have had a chance to win the Oscar. Anyway, I’m happy with how it turned out.

    • Jenni

      Frozen is too “WEAK” to make me cry. Lol I find it hilarious people cried for this movie. You must be young and dull. Maybe the wind rises was too deep for you therefore you could not understand it and say it did not deliver. Frozen is just overrated and nonsensical with a horribly ugly designed snowman to fill in holes in the story. And perfect? Lmao this comment is the funniest for sure.

  • Jeremey

    Looking back at Frozen now, it was well-deserving of the Best Animated Feature of 2013, but it DEFINITELY should have had a Best Picture nomination. Fantastic, visually beautiful, moving story.

    • Varg2000

      I DEFINETELY agree on that! I even remember an academy voter admitting that it should have been awarded a “Best Picture”-nomination.

  • Varg2000

    It was fated that Frozen would win, as the spectacular and extremely touching masterpiece that it is, a much greater and more important film in every aspect (with all due respect to Miyazaki). Honestly the best animated film and family-film of all time (and please let me go further and say “best film of all time” aswell)! I was so unbelievably happy when I got the news. It was definetely well deserved!

  • Varg2000

    Frozen took the gold! And I’m certainly not disappointed! Far from it. 😉 <3 I said that with Frozen in the competition, The Wind Rises could never have won, so I agree that TWR should have been released somewhere between 2014, 2015 or 2016 instead, that way it would be more likely to secure a win.

    • The Wind Rises is not a film for children and would not be as popular as Frozen, especially in the United States. The Wind Rises is a film like The Tree of Life, it doesn’t cater to the mass audience but it is a powerful film about the human spirit, Japan’s history, Miyazaki’s last message to Japan through his animation. It is more profound than many of the animated feature movies in theatres nowadays. Frozen is a successful computer animated movie. The Wind Rises will be recognized as one of the best, and one to be studied by film students and Japanese studies for generations. Frozen, will probably be seen as a good comeback independent of Pixar for Disney.

      • Varg2000

        Well, spoken! Though I’m not sure if TWR will be considered “one of the best” specifically, though it might be respected by many anime enthusiasts, but which movie is the best or one of the best I’d say is a matter of personal thought. I personally considered Frozen to be “the” best, though, and nothing less in how you described the future use of and legacy of TWR. Anyway, I see you seem to be a big fan of Miyazaki’s film(s), and I hope they bring you great pleasure in that case. May you have a nice day, my friend!

  • Claire

    Actually Miyazaki has backed out of retirement, like what he did a total of 4-5 times before. 😛

  • kiri

    I’m sorry but not at all…Frozen was just a pretty piece of shit. That’s it. The plot was terrible and full of holes. Our main princess Anna was self centered and never really knew anything about her sister not even in the end. Elsa was the only realized character and the only one they seemed to take a bit of time to try and develop. The only song that gets any attention from the movie is Let it go which I wish people honestly would and in terms of even comparing it with other disney movies let alone a fucking Miyazaki film it was shit. Don’t even get me started on character design. Elsa, Anna, and their mother are all the same character just with different hair colors. I’ve honestly never seen that in a disney movie. Frozen would have been better had they not taken out a lot of solid plot points and songs they originally had but as it is. It doesn’t really make since. It’s a sloppy pretty piece of work and that’s about it

    • Lithia

      Well, on this website, we criticize films (especially ones that are almost universally loved) politely. Your language was uneccessary.

      What do you mean Anna wasn’t developed? She started out as this boy-crazy teen who thought she knew what “true love” was at the start of Frozen. She matured over the course of the film and learned what love really was. It’s almost like maturing into a young woman to me. She’s not as crazy or reckless as she was (like getting engaged to a man she just met). How could you miss that?

  • sylvy

    the wind rises was a beautiful film and the animation, characters, story, etc, are very amazing!!! i felt like frozen didnt have much of a story but it did had one of the most nicest animation i’ve ever seen and also a nice message. But i think Hayao Miyazaki deserved to win this oscar not only for the animation but for the story and the BEAUTIFUL soundtracks it has. also quick note: THE WIND RISES isn’t Miyazaki’s last masterpiece. I feel like people won’t give this film a try because of being japanese animation but trust this film had a lot more story than frozen.

  • Eric Breaux

    My reason for thinking Frozen is overhyped isn’t because of how popular it is. I really liked it too when I first saw it and thought it was cool that Disney was finally breaking away from their beloved stereotypes.
    Then I learned that the original story it was based on had a lot more important female characters, most of the characters are resourceful independent females actually. But Disney being who they are, decided it would be a good idea to scrap most of them, so not to alienate potential male viewers, even though no one thinks of male characters being alienating to girls. They even neutered the title for the same reason.
    Portraying the difference between attraction and true love I think is great, but in a world where most societies are male dominated, a faithful adaptation of The Snow Queen could have been a much needed empowering message that women are more than a pretty face for male pleasure, and have a strength all their own, independent of men. THAT is a message portrayed even less than what love really is.