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5 Reasons Why I’m NOT Excited for ‘Frozen’

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** NOTE: This is the opinion of one writers of the Rotoscopers team. The Rotoscopers, as an organization, is still very supportive of Frozen and excited for its release as shown with the Frozember campaign. Frozember will continue to be a positive celebration of Disney’s upcoming film, this is just one article (out of 30 positive ones) to hear a different perspective on this issue from someone who is not as excited for Frozen (yes, there are people out there). Even if you disagree with her opinion, please don’t attack Mayra personally for expressing her opinions. One thing we love about our readers is how respectful we are to each other even though we may have differing opinions. -Morgan Stradling, Editor-in-chief, Rotoscopers.com**

While you can be sure to find many amazing Frozember articles in the coming weeks before the film is released, I really needed to get something off my chest before it drove me off an ice-covered cliff (which Morgan our editor probably already thinks I did): I am not excited for Frozen. I know, I know, I should be fired. But I swear, I have real reasons! And I’m sure there are others out there, though they may be few, who would love to get together and gripe about this. So for those people (and for the amusement of everyone else), here are the 5 reasons I’m not exited for Frozen:

1) Olaf

Let’s start with something that I know other people out there can agree with me on: Olaf. He seems to be an unfortunate creature, doesn’t he? Typically, I find sidekicks adorable and out of the way, as they help the main character do whatever they need to do while providing a couple of laughs. Olaf does not do this for me. He is front row center with his showy self annoying me with that loud squeaky voice! So he may not be my kind of ideal heroine sidekick, I can let that go when I finally get to watch the film…if only it weren’t for the rest of the things that are bugging me about this film.

2) Plot

Plot is one of those things that we honestly can’t talk too much about until the film is released. However, there have been so many trailer discussions, and so much knit picking at every single detail that has been broadcasted online that I feel like I could pretty much, even if vaguely, figure out what will happen in the film. Which makes me feel like the story will end up being way too simple, too direct. Besides, how much more direct can you get about two sisters who’ve grown apart because of a difference which will bring them back together again in the end?


3) Score

So many people are super excited for the songs in the film, and while I have no doubt that they will be well sung, I do have doubts about the quality of the score. While I may not be a musician myself, it just feels like a lot of the music will end up feeling the same, and either trying to pull emotion out of you as much as possible, or just act as really bad filler. And while I’m really hoping for the best here, I’m also cringing at this portion of the trailer which just makes me feel like I’m at a really bad Broadway musical listening to an overture:

4) Voice Acting

Since the trailers are about the only things we have to go on, the reason I may not be too keen on the voice acting could be because of the editing. Thinking about it, when you take a film and cut out all of the little bits that you want to use in a trailer and try to put them next to each other no matter where it is in the film those clips come from, it’s understandable that they may sound like it’s not great acting. However, when you have dialogue like “That’s no blizzard, that’s my sister!”, or “It is not nice to throw snow people!”…well, let’s just say the cheese factor is sky high.

5) Animation

The one thing I am excited for is the magic snow. It looks wonderful! Sparkly and light and just plain magical…but in regards to animation, that is about the only thing that looks amazing. The rest of the snow, including Olaf, looks dull and flat. Not to mention there is no atmosphere when it comes to anything besides blizzards. I am looking forward to watching this on CinemaScope again, and for the magic snow, but aside from that, I’m just going to say “meh” to the rest.


Even though there have been some not-so-thrilling reviews popping up online, I’m actually still hoping that this film will sneak up on me much in the same fashion that Tangled did where I was pleasantly surprised by liking it quite a bit. It wasn’t a great film, but it was nice…

I want to love Frozen, really I do, but I can’t help it if I’m a bit tough on the films of this generation. We should be at a point in filmmaking where we are no longer testing new ground (with the exception of ever-changing technology), but pushing the limits of storytelling through characters and plot. While I have my reservations now, I do plan on keeping an open mind once I do sit down in the theatre to watch this film.

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About Mayra Amaya

Mayra Amaya is a Theater graduate from Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ where she also learned filmmaking. Amaya now resides in Brooklyn, NY where she works as an actor, writer and sandwich maker. You can follow her on Twitter (@amayasunwizard).
  • Mary

    I’m sorry but why would the Rotoscopers, who love Frozen and wants to get the entire world excited about this film, write an article like this. I find this article extremelypoorly thought out and makes me feel like I there is something wrong with me for loving everything you hated and being really excited about this film. I understand we are all entitled to his or her opinion but this is just not cool to post here. I feel like the author was annoyed and needed to put their two cents even though it doesn’t change how I, or others, love of this film. Complaining cannot change the film so if you really don’t like it this much, please voice your opinion somewhere else because you are not winning any points with the rest of the frozen fandom that frequents this website. If this came off mean and hurtful, I truly didn’t mean it too; I, like you, am just voicing my opinion.

    • Max den Hartog

      Come on. I’m
      in the Frozen fandom and I’m so, so excited for Frozen (Just like most of the
      other Rotoscoper writers) Mayra isn’t, and that’s ok! We have an entire month
      detected to Frozen with probably most of the days positive and fun articles, I personally think Mayra can tell us why she isn’t excited, there definitely will be people that agree with her. If you don’t, you can tell here why not or just wait until
      tomorrow and comment on the fun article that’s coming then. This article doesn’t mean we don’t want you to get excited, Mayra just shares her opinion, soon some of the opinions of writers that ARE excited will be uploaded. If they can give their (mostly positive) opinions, she should be able to share her opinion about why she’s not excited.

    • I knew before this article was published that it would get major backlash from our fans, but I still support Mayra for writing it.

      While the majority of Rotoscopers readers are pro-Frozen, I still believe that there is a less vocal subset who aren’t pumped for it (and probably roll their eyes at the idea of Frozember). I think some of us Rotoscopers and Disney fans may have a little bit of wool pulled over our eyes: we’re letting our excitement for the film blanket over any shortcomings it may have.

      I commend Mayra for standing up for her opinion and publicly sharing it–especially on a website that is so publicly supporting Frozen. I look up to her so much and think she is in incredible writer; she represents the non-mainstream view, which I believe is needed. Many may disagree with her sentiments in this article, but I think it’s good to have another opinion and mindset represented.

      P.S. I’m still ridiculously pumped for Frozen. :P)

      • Not Without

        You guys are so getting this site right. Thanks for making animation fandom interesting again.

        • Well, thank you! That’s an incredible compliment. We’re fans first and foremost, so I want the site to be a place where the animation fan can come and read, discuss, hang, enjoy and meet other friends. 🙂

    • Well, this site is an animation fan site, not just a “Frozen” fan site. So all news, articles, etc. regarding to animation (be it positive or negative is fair game). I personally disliked “The Croods” (even though everyone else liked it), and I’d be willing to post an article on here about why I disliked it.

      And if you’re excited for “Frozen” (as I am), then this article shouldn’t make you less excited for it, lol. I still wanna hear Idina Menzel sing and see if the Duke will have an Ed Wynn-type voice like Alan Tudyk gave King Candy, lol!

      • anii654 (Jayden-G)

        I so agree with you on The Croods (my review will be up in I think Christmas Eve), though most people I know on the internet loves it. You said it so well.

    • anii654 (Jayden-G)

      Okay there. Many people are a part of Rotoscopers, and they can post their concerns about Frozen. While I am a bit excited fro Frozen, I already know what is gonna happen through spoilers, and just not that excited for it. It is just concerns and she hopes to be proven wrong.

  • Izzy M

    Are you kidding me? Frozen is pushing the limits of storytelling through characters and plot. Frozen is breaking what is the norm for Disney and putting out a film that is really revolutionary for full length animated films. If you don’t see this now, your view will change after you finish watching this film. I agree with a lot of what you said Mary but I thought this was going to be a joke. I subscribe and follow you guys for all stuff frozen (and othe animated films) and this didn’t seem like something you guys would post. Oh well, the writer will hopefully see how wonderful this film is after they see it. I already saw it and I’m in love with! Hope to never see articles like this in the future.

    • Not all films are unanimously loved by all. I personally find “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” extremely overrated as I do “Up”.

    • checkmarkdheart

      Not everyone enjoys it the same Izzy. I wish I could say I loved the film but I too saw it last night and am just “Well, I liked it.” People have the right to express an opinion.

      I will say that Frozen is a lot darker than I expected. There was a little girl behind me that didn’t want to stay. Again, I liked the film. I’m not in love with it. Which makes me sad because I have been looking forward and have been following this movie ever since they mentioned it. I mean I defend Olaf from the hate he was getting.

  • Taylor

    Wait why is someone critizing a film that hasn’t come out yet?….like you’re judging a film based on a couple of trailers? I disliked most of all of Tangled’s trailers and I adore this film. I think it’s still a little too soon but I understand not everyone is excited as others.

    • I believe that’s her point. She wasn’t a fan of Tangled, but it wooed her over in the end. Currently, based on marketing and promotion, she’s not a fan of Frozen but is open (and somewhat hoping) to be wooed over as well.

  • Brianna

    I think you’re jumping the gun on well…everything. I think it’s important to note that not all quotes you see in trailers end up in the film. So there’s a good chance those really cheesy ones that kind of tell the audience about the plot won’t actually be in the film. You’re entitled to your own opinion for sure! But pretty much everything you said has so little to go off of…I mean, we have two trailers and some random Olaf trailers. (And from what I heard, Olaf steals the show – in a very good way.) I’d like to hear what you think after the film debuts.

  • Kate

    This really brought me down this Monday morning. I’m glad others are upset with what they read because it thought I was the only one. Monday is such an awful day to post something so hurtful. Why couldn’t you post this tomorrow! Haha

  • I’m using my clairvoyance to predict some angry comments about this, Mayra… 😉

    • Mayra Amaya

      And in record time too!

  • Adam Ball

    I do not agree with some of these things. But solid points.

    I do believe the music sounds weird, but I have great trust in the composers and the majority of the cast has study singing performance (Kristen Bell was a musical theatre major at NYU and has Broadway credits, Idina Menzel is OBVIOUSLY a star and Jonathan Groff, also Broadway credits) but this may be a trade-off to good voice acting, we got GREAT singers but can they do voice acting well? We will see.

    My main disagreement is plot. None of us really know yet, but I really REALLY think this film is going to have a strong story. I find the dynamic something that I haven’t seen in animation and I also believe there are a lot of mysteries that have yet to be answered. If everything went as I would expect a story like this to turn out I don’t believe that epic jail scene would be in the trailer.

    But I believe it is very important to voice many opinions about a topic. How can we look at anything analytically if we are blinded to one side? 🙂 Good read!

    Check out this review! It has got me the most excited for the film: http://www.thewrap.com/frozen-review-disneys-best-animated-musical-since-beauty-beast

  • Eduardo

    Her reservations are fine and what not, but I will say this film has been receiving stellar reviews. Its being called the best musical since the lion king, and beauty and the beast by top film critics. So forgive me (Honestly not being mean I respect her opinion) if I don’t agree with the last part seeing as she didn’t source an article and based off rotten tomatoes the frozen reviews have been quite excellent. I suppose marketing did let the ball drop on this project as they did with tangled so its really understandable if she has reservations considering what we have been given doesn’t display much.

  • Mayra Amaya

    Thanks to everyone for your feedback and (for some of you) your support. There are many things to be said on this topic, but to start out I will apologize for publishing on a Monday. I didn’t realize that so many people had already fallen so hard in love with the film and that publishing first thing on a Monday would not bode well.

    I will NOT however, apologize for my opinion. I feel it is valid, and concrete. I wrote the piece in an upbeat manner and still HOPE that the film will win my heart. I am a Disney fan after all, and a romantic at heart (albeit a pessimistic romantic 😉 ).

    Here is the thing that I find funny, people have already fallen so hard in love with the film, something that they themselves have not seen, and then it is pointed out that I have nothing to go off of. But I am basing my opinion on the exact same thing that everyone else is. I’m just not incredibly excited about it. It is a matter of taste, and opinion, and yes, opinion evolves, all the time.

    Believe me, when I see the film, I WILL keep an open mind, and I will be the FIRST to tell you if I was wrong. I have never found it difficult to admit when I’m wrong.

    In the meantime, please continue to discuss this! That is exactly what makes a great opinion piece, it opens up dialogue. But I was more so hoping to hear from people who feel the same….maybe I AM the only one…lol.

    • Mari

      I think you might be the only one… oh dear. Perhaps a warm hug from Olaf could help change your mind? 🙂

      • Mayra Amaya

        Oh, slowly but surely there are some people coming out of the woodwork. Check out @notwithout:disqus and @6da82f829fe2d2977922337b094fa4aa:disqus replies above! lol.

    • checkmarkdheart

      I actually saw the movie yesterday. I spoiled (thanks to tumblr) most of the plot of Frozen so I went in with really high expectations. I also fell in love with the film before even watching it. I think having known or just an idea of what was going to happen really affected the way I viewed the film.

      I have extremely mixed feelings about this movie. I want to love it. Without giving anything away, some things you mentioned in the article was exactly sorta how I felt when I left the screening. I don’t want to scare the frozen fans because I am one myself, but knowing everything about the film kind of sucks now that I’ve seen the film. There was something missing. Not sure what it was but something bothered me.

      Don’t get me wrong the film itself was good, not great. The musical numbers (especially Let It go HOLY COW) were pretty good. I am most likely going to watch the film again to make sure what it is I’m not happy with.

      p.s. Olaf, you have nothing to worry about him. 😉

      • Mayra Amaya

        I’m glad to hear from a Froze-heart (I have dubbed thee a Froze-heart!), that my thoughts aren’t coming out of nowhere. Let me know how your second viewing goes, and I’m really hoping you’re right about Olaf!

        • checkmarkdheart

          Aww thank you!! Yes, definitely because I want to understand why I ended up not being so crazy about the film. Also, to anyone watching the film stay after the credits. There’s a little tidbit.

      • How did you see the film exactly, may I ask? Are you a reviewer?

        • checkmarkdheart

          I’m an animation student actually. But I’m part of ASIFA-Hollywood which lets me have access to all animation related events and movie screenings. I was able to get a screening ticket for this. 😉 I recommend it to any student to join.

          • Oh no, it doesn’t make me ignore your opinion. It makes me respect it more, lol!

          • Aliscen Khaw

            OMG! i’m an animation student too! haha and yea same problem with youabout Tangled which i later found out why, there was a little too much gags,and well yea some of the animation seems odd, and i don’t know why, but i really didn’t felt like the film was about rapunzel, i mean i know it is, but unlike the past disney films, i just didn’t get a feeling from her, i felt more for Gothel and Flynn than her! weird right?o.e

    • That’s wonderful 🙂 ! Question, what exactly is a pessimistic romantic?

      • Mayra Amaya

        Lol. well, I tend to be a pessimist in life, but I still believe in love, and hope for the best in all things, but I’m fully aware of all the bad things that could happen, all of the shortcomings whether it’s love or just life. I suppose ‘realist’ is a more appropriate label but I like the juxtaposition of ‘pessimistic romantic’. 😀

  • Olaf


    • Mayra Amaya

      Sorry boo! I hope your performance changes my mind — I really do!

  • disqus_4f0x2ILDgI

    I have a strong feeling the writer will end up loving the film, or at the least, really liking it after watching it! 😀

    • Mayra Amaya

      I sure hope so! I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  • I honestly enjoyed hearing your side of this, Mayra. It’s always good to see the opposite side of the spectrum now and again. I’m really looking forward to this movie, and you’re not. That’s OK — opinions are a good thing. Don’t let anyone try to keep you from voicing your opinion!

  • Alissa Roy

    I love this Mayra! While I have been very excited for this film, I completely understand wanting to reserve all judgements until Frozen is actually released. We shouldn’t get our hopes up too much, or expect to love it just from some decent trailers! And while I am excited about this film and don’t 100% agree with everything you said, I do agree that Olaf is weird (and kind of annoying)… I have to see him in action I guess, I just feel like they are trying too hard with him in these trailers… But I am reserving judgements about him until I actually get to see the film. But still, lovely piece!

    • Not Without

      Speaking of the trailers, what gives calling something a “viral video.” That’s a little premature as we decide what will be viral not the company.

      • Mason Smith

        I agree. It’s like a distributor putting “NOW A CULT CLASSIC!” on the box for a film that was released a year ago.

  • Not Without

    Thanks, Mayra! Rotoscopers is continually an interesting blog because you guys give us interesting views on things. Keep it up. I don’t always agree with what I read on here, but I appreciate your tone, and candor. This is fun not an emergency room. I still don’t understand the Wrek-it-Ralph love…

    I have posted a few times on here about the Frozen animation and the design itself. I’m just not impressed. In one trailer we have what looks like 3 of the same female model and they stand there like lifeless SIM characters. The CG just looks like typical CG. The only whimsy we get is Elsa’s snow magic.. but I’m not sure how whimsical it is used yet. That staircase she builds looks like a simple rendering.

    I AM however a huge fan of the concept work that has come out. I wish they’d go more in an artistic direction than a literal one. It’s just boring to my eyes.

    I know Disney now owns Pixar, but it’s not like they should stop pushing the envelope with technology. It feels like they fell into a holding pattern with these plastic-y designs.

    Musically, I’m really happy they have a new set of composers and I can’t wait to hear this score. That cut “First time in Forever” IS cringe-worthy and I’m certain we’re not the only ones who thought so. I stopped listening to the music clips because I don’t want to spoil it. But yea so far….

    Their Snow Queen story really interests me though. I LOVED what the did with Rapunzel, that was fresh, familiar and even a little creepy.

    • I too wasn’t fond of “Wreck-It Ralph” when it came out, but my position on it now has gotten warmer.

      • Not Without

        I wish I could get through it.

  • dtantale

    For one, I’m not excited for Frozen what so ever. The one point I couldn’t agree with more is the story. It just seems really boring and predictable. I think simple can be great in storytelling, but Frozen does not look like it does this well. Disney may break the mold from their other films, but unfortunately Pixar has broke that mold long ago, and Studio Ghibli was shattering that mold during Disney renaissance. Which are two animation studios in partnership with Disney, so the fact they are not learning more about storytelling from their sister companies is just kinda of sad. It might be an okay feel good movie, but I don’t think it’s going to be great or incredible in the least. If it was going to be great, the trailer would have shown components of greatness. I feel it has not. Most it can be at this point is surprisingly good but not great.

    • Mayra Amaya

      Yes! Exactly my point! I would have gone into further detail but you did a great job here! That’s exactly what I meant about the plot/story not being strong (from what we can see now).

  • Nathan C.

    Finally someone else besides me is not interested in the movie (Sorry Rotoscopers, but I’ve had my share of animation this year :/ )

    • What was your favorite animated film of the year, may I ask?

      • Nathan C.

        Hands down, Monsters University!

    • Mason Smith

      You couldn’t have held out until the new Zelda cartoons?

      • Nathan C.

        What Zelda cartoons? Do you mean the 3DS ones?

        Meh, not worthy enough to criticize. 😛

  • Mason Smith

    Nice article Mayra (I always love a good stab at Broadway). I suppose I’m in the middle of the spectrum; I’m excited for Frozen but I’m keeping myself aloof of all the hype so I don’t get spoiled or have many sleepless nights awaiting its release.

    I’m glad we have such a diverse staff of animation fans, and I hope the actual film blows away your expectations!

  • Fadi Antwan

    Do you not even get goosebumps by the end of this new trailer? 🙁


    • Mayra Amaya

      I am apparently made of stone…or ice as the case may be.

  • Ariel

    I personally have seen some pretty positives reviews from critics and fans who have seen the movie already. Nevertheless, great article! 🙂

  • Trevor

    “There have been some not-so-thrilling reviews popping up online”? Umm…actually the reviews from professional critics have been pretty positive so far. Albeit, there’s only like three online so far (keep checking Rotten Tomatoes) but I don’t think the fan reviews coming out of test screenings are really legit.

  • Rosie Artist

    This is a well written article, Mayra. Even though I for one am super hyped for Frozen, I can definitely see why you may not be so excited as myself and others.

    I didn’t like Olaf early on because it felt like he was just there for the kids, but as I learned more about his propose in the story, I started to warm up to him. It wasn’t until his, “Some people are worth melting for.” line, however, when my heart melted into a puddle and he won me over.

    I also agree on some shots of the snow looking kind of off, especially on Olaf, but there are plenty of things like the sparkly icicles dangling from the tree branches and Elsa’s Ice Castle that definitely take my breath away.

    I too was skeptical about Tangled before I saw it for myself. I was to the point where I was forced to go to the theaters to see it with my family. Now, not only am I glad I saw it in general, but I’m glad I got to the gorgeous lantern scene on the big screen. It was like nothing I’d ever experience before and to this day, to me it remains the most beautiful thing Disney animation has ever done.

    I know the trailers may have given away bunches of plot points for the film, but I have faith that the film has something extra that will make our money well spent. I once read a storybook adaptation of The Princess and the Frog before I got a chance to see the film, and though it was major spoilers, it didn’t ruin how amazing the film is to me.
    All in all, I’m glad you’re still going to give this film a chance and not be so narrow minded about it. Despite it’s apparent flaws you’ve pointed out, I just know Frozen is going to blow our minds away. ^-^

  • Ember Lily

    I really hope that my faith in this film will not be crushed

  • Meg

    Wow, always refreshing to see a negative opinion that’s just properly argued, sometimes people just write lots trolly crap on the internet -___-

    Though I was a little surprised about the animation one, the lighting looks really great, the details are nice and I do enjoy watching the snow get kicked around by the characters and such while they run. If you were to compare a screen cap from this and Tangled you would definitely see an improvement but I will admit compared to Tangled’s and even Wreck It Ralph’s much more squash and stretch animation the character animation in Frozen does look a little more stiff.

    • Dave

      The first statement you wrote is such an odd thing to say. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and it is weird to say that because you seem to live for drama, not very mature. I love that people are expressing they views on this topic on this website whether they are excited, not phased, or hated this article. I don’t think anyone’s argument is poorly, or improperly, argued; maybe they just didn’t want to explain in exact detail how they feel. I don’t think anyone was trolling but there are some uncalled for comments. I feel like some people who didn’t agree with this topic were kind of turned into the villain; I disagree with the majority of what is written so does that make me the bad guy? Who knows at this point.

      • Mayra Amaya

        I think she was actually being genuine at the top of her comment. Otherwise the rest of her comment would have been a bit more crass.

        I think most of everyone who’s commented at this point has been fair. Some more emotional than most, but I definitely don’t think there has been any trolling at this point.

      • Meg

        Sorry! I’m didn’t mean to say people with different opinions are trolling on the internet. It was mostly a compliment to Mayra, letting her know I just like to see people who can well articulate reasoning behind their distaste towards something. To me backing up reasoning to what you dislike or even like is what makes your opinion a critique.
        To be honest I don’t think anyone here is trolling, I agree with you on that on. From what I’m getting at everyone here seems fairly tame. Nobody seems to be getting turned into a villain, I actually don’t agree with this article either for the most part, I was just curious to read about what’s turning other people off about this movie. I don’t feel like a villain and it totally sucks that you do so sorry :(.

        It’s alright for the author to engage in a casual conversation and simply state ‘I dislike Frozen so far’ but for an article like this I would expect her to back up her points for it to be taken seriously as a critique. Just the same I like seeing the Rotoscopers talk about what they like so far about Frozen.
        Again sorry for the miscommunication

        • anii654 (Jayden-G)

          You were being tolerant and nice. What I got out of it was that when people post a negative opinion, it is just trolling without any thoughtful and calm explanations.

    • Mayra Amaya

      Thanks for the compliment 🙂 I totally understand what you mean, I was trying to maintain a balance and I thought that showed. But of course everyone is subject to their opinion.

      Honestly, I may just feel that way about the animation because I keep watching the trailer on my laptop computer which does make a difference. I have yet to see a preview at the theatres which I’m sure could change my mind a little bit…but not on all the other points. At least not until I see the film.

  • Don’t feel bad about your opinion. You’ve explained your position and reasons quite clearly. Everybody has movies that they consider to be overrated.

    On my blog, I actually made a list of the top 13 animated movies that I dislike, but everyone else likes (Anyone who wants to check it out, here’s the URL: http://markb4.wordpress.com/2013/03/11/my-top-13-animated-movies-that-i-dont-like-but-everyone-else-does/ ).

    I’m sure that when the movie comes out, you’ll change your mind about it. But even if you don’t, don’t feel bad about how you feel regarding it 🙂 .

    • Fadi Antwan

      OMG HOW DO YOU NOT LIKE LILO AND STITCH!!!!!! The music alone is out-of-this-world! I’m not that fond of the other movies on your list though, but I like most of them.

      • Not Without

        John Lasseter hates Lilo and Stich.

        • Fadi Antwan

          Well John Lasseter directed Cars and Cars 2 lol…He’s definitely not an animation God.

          • anii654 (Jayden-G)

            Cars is not that bad. I could not finish Cars 2 when I watched it.

      • After recently re-watching it, I’ve upgraded it from being “disliked” to being “neutral” to it. Now it’s like “Mulan” to me. I don’t like it nor dislike it.

        • Fadi Antwan

          HOW DO YOU NOT LIKE MULAN!!!??? Just kidding, I know I pushed it too far. 😛

          • Lol, I get that alot. But, like I said, I don’t DISLIKE Mulan, I’m just neutral to it. If all copies of the film were destroyed, it wouldn’t bother me. And if I was forced to watch it 100 times in a row, it wouldn’t bother me. That’s how I define being neutral, lol, which is why “Mulan” wasn’t on that list.

          • Oh Fadi, you stinker. 😉

      • Brianna

        Lilo and Stitch is definitely one of my least favorite Disney movies. I really don’t like Stitch at all. So glad he’s not taking over Disney anymore!

        • Fadi Antwan

          Some scenes are REALLY emotional in that movie, and Stitch is cute! Plus, I love the soundtrack!

        • I never found Stitch likable either. We “non-likers” of “Lilo and Stitch” must unite, lol!

    • anii654 (Jayden-G)

      All about the self promotion I see. I read that one a while ago, and while I do understand you not liking Lilo and Stitch, I think it is the strongest out of the 2000s Post-Renaissance era. I like it, but we all have our opinions.

      • Nothing wrong with a little self-promotion, is there 😉 …well, unless the admins tell me to don’t do it, then I guess it’s wrong, lol!

  • I’m so sorry you seem to have been met with some venom – I understand that people are super excited for this movie (me, I was only going to see it ‘because Disney’ until I saw the First Time In Forever trailer) and are feeling a bit sensitive about it, but you should still be free to post your opinion without feeling apologetic. After all, this site isn’t about being a Disney Army, it’s about being optimistic and fair, but also using your critical faculties. And as for anyone who thinks you’re judging too soon – it’s called ‘Reasons I’m not EXCITED for Frozen’, not ‘Reasons why I HATE Frozen.’

    I think your article was well written, really light and respectful in tone, and 100% fair even if I didn’t agree with all the points. Rock on!

    • Mayra Amaya

      Thanks! I agree on all your points 🙂 hahaha Believe me, I’m not upset or offended. I knew before I wrote this what the reaction could be. I’m just glad we’ve been able to move away from the initial emotional response to a more calculated, thoughtful dialogue.

      I will say, I wish I had spent more time on the article but I was on a deadline and on my way to work so I had to publish immediately! Had I given myself more time, I think I might have been able to handle the balance a lot better. Ah well, at least trolling has been kept to a minimum 🙂 And thanks for your input!

      I think I’ll be writing a reply to this once I’ve seen the film.

      • Either way, I really enjoyed the article and look forward to reading your thoughts once the movie comes out!

  • Aliscen Khaw

    well i’d have to agree with you about the music and the snowman, after listening to fixer upper and some of the other songs, me n my friends wanted to pull our hairs out n scream bring alan bac!(except let it go,tat was nice) BUT if u listen to the orchestra parts, it was actually very good, so we decided if the singing was too bad in the mv wel, earplugs are alway there XD. and i stil wanna barbeque the snow man, but after watching the japanese trailer, i actualy laughed, this just shows that they didn’t know how to catch the audience, GO WATCH THE JAPANESE TRAILER, look at the ending, the feels of the story, the twists, they even had better snippet of elsa’s song, n no olaf jokes(seriously). IF u dun like the eng frozen like most of my freinds, then watch the japanese ones with eng sub, we decided to that cause i don’t know why it feels more…fresh?o.e

    • Aliscen Khaw
      • Fadi Antwan

        I got goosebumps by the end of that trailer when I first watched it!

        • Aliscen Khaw

          yea~ XD the final scenes had so much feel, Olaf sounding caring n sweet for ann before his melting demise(no gags) the beautiful crashing snowflake, and anna screaming in agony for her sister, the feels! XD

  • Aliscen Khaw

    what i’m glad is that your not disliking this film because of stupid reasons like the tumblr haters.

  • Alex

    Ultimately, the writer of this piece cannot and should not complain about any pushback she receives. If it’s fair for someone to critique a film however one wishes, then it must be fair to for someone to critique the critique however one wishes.

    Personally, I think the following tweet makes an excellent point about this post:


    • Mayra Amaya

      Just so you know, I have not complained about any pushback. In fact, I’ve welcomed it. The point of the piece (as with all of my pieces) is to create a dialogue, a discussion wherein we can all express our opinions.

      As for that tweet, I actually find it really funny. But to be fair, everyone else out there is in love with the film based on the same information/material that I’ve judged it on, I just happen to have a different take on it. So it’s a little hypocritical, but funny none-the less.

      • Alex

        Well, calling the negative responses to your post an “initial emotional response” sounds like complaining.

        However, the idea that everyone who loves the film is doing so based on the “same material that you’ve judged it on” is false. My impression is that many of the people who love it do so based on having read the novelization. Your comments about plot indicate that you have not. So in fact, you’re just working off of trailers, while many of the people who love Frozen already are doing so based off of a novelization that — based on what people who’ve seen the film have said — matches up with the film basically point for point.

        Ironically, I do think that Frozen has weaknesses. However, I feel that the ones you’ve pointed out are shallow and ill-considered, and that your criticisms are so vague (“no longer testing new ground” and “pushing the limits of storytelling through characters and plot”) as to be meaningless. Without some specifics there, those are the kind of vague phrases that one could apply to any film.

        Provide an example of what you would consider to be “pushing the limits of storytelling through characters and plot” that would deviate from the plot of this film (which you apparently think you can deduce from trailers and online nitpicking). Impress us with your acumen. I look forward to reading what marvels you can craft that would still resonate with a family audience — young children included, which are part of Disney’s target audience — yet “test new ground” and push whatever limits you think need to be pushed.

        • I have to disagree about “many people who love Frozen have read the novelization.” I’m OBSESSED with Frozen, but am trying to stay as far away from the novelization and any plot spoilers as I can so I can enjoy the first in movie form. I think there are a lot of Frozen fans who have seen only the trailers, clips and other traditional marketing elements who still consider themselves to be big fans. I actually think the people who have read the novelization is a small subset of the larger Frozen fan base.

        • Mayra Amaya

          I see what you mean about me not looking at all of the material that is available online, but I mostly don’t seek it out because I want to hang on to what hope I have that the film may still wow me.

          As for not citing anything and being vague in my article, I didn’t feel that was needed in what I hoped would be a fun opinion article. I didn’t want to overly spoil the story by using Tumblr sources, or bang people over the head with a 2X4 by describing everything that I feel needs explaining.

          Not to mention, I have not seen the film, so I do not feel justified in going in depth as to my dislike of the film, because at this point I could be completely wrong! And I want to give myself room for when I do see the film, that I may be able to eat my words…all of them hopefully.

          As for an example of a film that would push the limits of storytelling etc. etc.? Studio Ghibli crafted some of the most amazing stories in the 80’s and 90’s that did just that — far and beyond what Disney has done even in their present state. “Princess Mononoke”, “My Neighbor Totoro” and most recently “Spirited Away” and “The Wind Rises” to name a few, do just that. Even when their story is very basic, they are able to show more than a couple of layers to each character that illuminates the complexity of being a child, a teenager, or an adult. And yes, these are the same target audiences as Disney’s.

          As for my comment on “initial emotional response”, I wasn’t complaining. I was simply pointing out how invested people have gotten in this film, which inevitably created an emotional response. I, more than anything, just find that phenomenon fascinating, the attachment to such a new fandom. I respect the fandom, and I still hope to be part of it come the end of November.

          • Alex

            You missed the point entirely.

            The small box-office numbers of the Ghibli films, if they were the kind of business a Disney film did, would be a disaster. If anything, those revenues suggest that Disney would be foolish to follow anything Ghibli does if it wishes to maintain an animation dept.

            But that’s besides the point. I wasn’t asking for a DIFFERENT film that pushes boundaries. You claimed that the plot of THIS film is “too simple, too direct.” Therefore, my question to you was: What would be an adjustment to what you perceive to be the plot of THIS film that (in your opinion) would make it “testing new ground” and “pushing the limits of storytelling through characters and plot” — yet still keep it likely to achieve the kind of mass appeal and popularity with a family audience that would keep Disney Animation afloat?

            Because anyone can claim that a plot is too “simple” and “direct.” It’s a vague and insubstantial criticism, basically on the level of saying, “It’s bad.” Can you back up your claim with any comments of substance about improving plot? A superior plot point that you feel Frozen is not following, for example? And one that wouldn’t alienate a family audience through unlikability? Such as?

          • Mayra Amaya

            I see now, sorry I misread your previous comment. The trailer alone has too many action sequences which totally distracts from the major plot points in the trailer…that is to say there aren’t many plot points because of how much action there is.

            That being said, I still don’t have any sense of who these characters are. Mind you most of what I’m looking for will hopefully come through once I see the film. However, what would have been really interesting to see would have been more of the relationship between Anna and Elsa: Did this power that Elsa has create a rift between the sisters? Is it hereditary? How does Anna deal with the fact that her sister abandoned her post particularly when Anna is the one who still has direct contact with the kingdom and presumably has to deal with whatever problems Elsa has left behind?

            Another way to have pushed the story via plot, would be if they had chosen to build up to the action sequences in order to reveal more about the kind of story we are getting into in the beginning, instead of just giving us a bunch of stuff happening for happening’s sake.

            These are all things that could have been hinted at in the trailer that could have built more character and story that would have intrigued me, but instead the trailer shoved a bunch of action and meaningless jokes at me which just happens to turn me off.

            And no, these may not be groundbreaking ideas, but that’s what the actual film is for. I just wanted to be more invested in the characters, which at this point I feel I know nothing about, nor care about. This trailer seems to follow whatever model they had for Tangled, and I was still charmed by Tangled, which is why I still think Frozen can win me over.

          • dtantale

            Look, just because an entire fan-base reads a novelization of something then saw the trailer, and says it looks close to what is in the book, doesn’t make it any less speculating than the person who only watched the trailer. Things change a lot from book to screenplay to movie. To lay in-depth claims at this point from any side before the movie is out is impossible. You judge something with what is in front of you. That is why it is a trailer, to gauge and attract interest. And guess what? Some people just flat out think this movie doesn’t look very good at all. I’m one of those people. I think all this movie can be is surprisingly entertaining but not great.

            One thing that will really hinder Frozen from reaching a level of great storytelling and character, which is already apparent in the trailer, is the number of action sequences that are included in the trailer. Just watching the trailer, there looks to be about 5 to 7 action sequences and that is way too many for a film like this. Big studio films tend to add unnecessary action to make up for lack of storytelling and character development in the hopes to “entertain” the audience.

            Also, you might want to do better research in terms of talking about Studio Ghibli in regards to “small-box office numbers” and how foolish it would be to follow Studio Ghibli’s model. Ghibli has been around for 30 years now as an animation studio whereas Disney has shut down their animation studio in 2004 and almost shut down prior to that in the 80’s.

            As of right now, Disney has no 2D animation department. Pixar has helped saved Disney’s image in-terms of animation storytelling and animation box-office numbers which allowed them to re-open their animation department to make Tangled, Wreck-it Ralph, and Frozen. Why do you think Disney has U.S. distribution rights to Ghibli films? Because it is a huge market, maybe not as big in the U.S. but around the world Studio Ghibli is huge. I mean Spirited Away made $241 million world wide in box office and god knows how much they made off of DVD sales and merchandise. That’s not chump change. It’s not $1 billion that Lion King has taken in, but Studio Ghibli has only put out maybe one or two films total that have not made a large sum of profit, compared to the rest.

            Not to mention Ghibli’s groundbreaking storytelling has influences today’s most popular Animation Studio, Pixar, and guess what, Disney has had virtually no say in Pixar’s stories, since Toy Story 2. It even took Pixar to save Toy Story 1 & 2, which was originally under Disney control, because Pixar demand quality storytelling. Disney just wanted to make money. I mean Disney originally fired Lasseter because they didn’t know what to do with his ideas. So be careful when you talk about what is considered a financial disaster. Besides, box office numbers doesn’t equal great movies. And I have a million examples of that.

  • Margie

    I personally don’t really care for what I’ve seen of the movie either. I know i’m going to get hate for saying this but i found all the trailers and clips well…boring (Just my opinion though)

    I agree with what you said about the animation. It sort of reminds me of one of those cheap barbie movies or Tinkerbell movies!. the animation looks really stiff.

    Great article btw! i’m so glad to see i’m not the only one who is so far unimpressed by Frozen.

    Maybe the full finished film will be better but i highly doubt it.

  • JayEllCee12

    I honestly wasn’t expecting an article like this, it was a pleasant surprise! It’s great to hear another side of the spectrum on opinion, and of course, everyone’s to their own opinion…I for one am on the side of the spectrum that is so excited for Frozen that I start welling up every time I think about how amazing I’m praying it’ll be.

  • anii654 (Jayden-G)

    Wow, I am almost 2 days late commenting (though read it when first published but too bust at school). I actually agree with a lot of your points. The voice acting is actually very distracting to me, especially Groff’s. It is just a bit too modern and takes me for a loop. Olaf so far is a mix bag for me, since he does come off as annoying (like Genie), but serves a lot of purpose. Don’t let some of the comments get to you.

  • Brandon Kelly

    Did I miss something here? SO many comments!

    • Mayra Amaya

      I’ve somehow incited a comment-riot! Ah!

      • I think this is the most commented article. You’ve made a record, Mayra! Maybe you’ll get a Rotoscopers Medal 😀 !

      • Brandon Kelly

        Honestly, why is everyone attacking you? To be honest, while I think Frozen will be the best animated film of the year, the doubts you listed were some of mine as well. So no complaints about any of your points. Oh and I was VERY skeptical of Tangled when I saw the trailers. Once I saw the film, my opinion changed. But the trailers made it look like a ‘Shrek wanna-be.’

  • Aliscen Khaw

    Question are the trailers done differently in other countries? i mean i know they have the international trailer which they just dub over, but the japanese trailer is always so different from the eng 1(even BRAVE) so does this mean they do the trailers seperataly for different countries??

  • Natalie

    Very solid points, and I really commend you for expressing your opinion about Frozen! I, for one, am so excited, but I totally respect your opinions, and think this is a well-written article. Maybe you’ll like it when it comes out, and if not, that’s totally fine. If everyone was excited, there would be spark for debates and discussions over the movie anyway!

  • Marcel

    Finally a critical sound at the rotoscopers 🙂
    I think there are some valid points here. I’m the most scared of Olaf. The music and animation is going to be good and the plot will indeed be to simple. But most Disney movies are simple and can still be enjoyable.

  • Mason Smith

    …100th comment! Bahaha

  • Aliscen Khaw

    OK, i just finish listening to 5 full frozen songs n… … … … … … … … …yea bad broadway overture( except let it go) is disney giving this new style a go or something? cauz i’m seriously not hooked over it, the voices however was awesome, i can’t stop laughing when kristoff sang. so cute!

    • Mayra Amaya

      Oh boy. I think I’m just gonna wait for the release so that hopefully the music makes sense in context?

  • wanderingwolf

    I agree with this article and am honestly wondering what all the hype is about, even with new trailers and such. Then again I was never a big fan of Tangled (yeah, i said it), so what do I know! Just none of it sparks my interest and the animation in itself is a huge disappointment to me. I wish Disney would take a chance with more stylized stuff. I thought The Incredibles was a great example of really appealing character designs, but I guess Disney don’t want to venture too far out of their safe zone. understandable, but also disappointing.

  • samadhi aust

    are you fricking kidding me!

  • Kuraen

    1.) Disney loves there adorable sidekick, especially when so many kids will love the plush version. Olaf has really grown on me though. Enough so that I want a plush version of him. XD His jokes are cute and sweet and when he talks to his baby unicorn nose I want to hug him. XD

    2.) I read the script and I really liked it. It’s true the ‘villain’ kind of came out of no where. I think Disney wanted to focus more on the emotional struggles of the sisters, and since that’s not enough for a whole movie they need a physical one to fill the gap. Still a good movie and I found it uplifting to see the Elsa and Anna over come the odds. 🙂

    3.) Admittedly Kristen is a bit high (and in turn a little nasally) in this rendition, and Idina sometimes can’t help her broadway projecting. XP But it’s still a good song, that I can’t help singing along with. XP

    4.) As for the voice acting, good but I could do it better. ^O^muahahaha

    5.) I really so miss Hand Drawn Disney… I don’t know why though, but every computer animated Disney movie has had me obsessed. So even if it’s mostly snow, I think Disney will pull off something magical. 🙂

  • Bhavi

    Hi! Though I am an avid Frozen lover, I understand why the pre-release promotions made you feel this way. Have you seen the film yet/what do you think now?

  • Angela

    you guys are idiot and olaf is not annoying and even elsa which is idina menzel maybe she will sing way better than you. and i do not agree with anything you said
    you didnt even watch a movie
    you IDIOT

    • dtantale

      Lol, how old are you? 10. No need to flip out and be insulting. The movie just not some people’s cup of tea. That’s what make the world exciting. Everyone has a different point of view, that’s what make the world so diverse.

  • Lori

    Looking back on this article, Ms. Amaya was right on. I personally feel there are some things about the movie that are just … off. In particular, Jonathon Groff as Kristoff was an odd choice — he’s a FABULOUS singer (yet he gets one 30-second song? What gives?), but his voice is not exactly the mountain-man, crusty Klondike I had expected. Kristen Bell was delightful, though she was dwarfed next to Idina Menzel’s powerhouse vocals. Even when Idina was “holding back”, she still blew Kristen’s voice out of the water.

    Olaf has grown on me, but only because of my daughter. She ADORES that song — makes us play it constantly in the car. The clever lyrics were definitely evocative of “The Book of Mormon”, which made me laugh on an adult level. But it’s still dopey sidekick for comic relief and can’t we get past that already?

    Finally, the plot had rather glaring holes — Anna leaving an entire kingdom in Hans’ hands while she goes off to stop her sister? And a trade partner wanting to off the sister for what purpose exactly? Plus, the parents were rather unsympathetic, in my opinion … especially after they went to the trolls for assistance with the first incident (sorry, trying to be vague here). You would think Elsa would have gleaned a bit more control due to their influence.

    I left the theater wanting to have liked the movie more. That hasn’t stopped me from having the soundtrack on heavy rotation and, of course, blanketing our home in Frozen merchandise. But after I saw Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, I wanted to go back in the theaters and see them again … Frozen will require some time.

    • I’m hoping to post a reflection on this article in the next week now i’ve seen the film (I just want some editing done to it so as not to sound too negative haha).

      I’ve gotta say though, Do you wanna build a snowman? is still my favorite song.

  • We All Have Opinions

    Finally, someone else said it!! The movie was good, but I feel like people are overrating it. The music did not help develop the plot or characters, and was the best thing about the movie, because the plot and storyline was disorganized and a bit rushed.

    People say its the first Disney movie to:
    -Work with sister love-> Lilo and Stitch has a more realistic sister love, where they actually even fight.
    -Question why someone would get married after knowing them for only a day-> Which was talked about in Enchanted.

    -Have a realistic princess (Elsa)> this is debatable, I understand that she works with anxiety and suppression that many people deal with daily. But, Tiana was a woman that lost sight of love and even fun because she was working so hard to get to a goal, which is a trait seen a lot in successful women.

    Also, there is no explanation for when *spoiler alert* Hans turns evil. I mean it was good that it showed a reality of love, when people fake it, but it was not a well supported plot twist. And finally [to end my rant, sorry!], Olaf. I want to like him… I just can’t.

    So, overall, I liked the movie, but the plot line was about as well developed as Brave’s plot line: not much. The movie was good, but everyone is really taking this movie’s hype a tad far.

  • troubledjealousteen

    I haven’t seen Frozen and don’t want to. The only Disney movies that I enjoyed were Tangled and Jasmine (or is it called Aladdin??) and Lilo and Stitch. Unless Disney Channel movies count. Love Disney Channel!!!!!
    I’m pretty sure that everyone knows how to knock, snowman.
    Elsa looks like a quiet and perfect young woman. Those people creep me out!! Also, I hate the cold and snow (why I live in Louisiana. Nice and sunny here).
    I have yet to see any Frozen obsessions in Baton Rouge, but when my dad takes my brother and I on a vacation, I see girls singing the stupid “Let it go” EVERYWHERE. Or “In summer”. Or anything else.
    I live in Louisiana, so I haven’t encountered snow, freezing cold, or a polar vortex. School hasn’t been called off for me. But everything looks dull and flat, especially Olaf. Not seeing.

  • Mandy

    Dearie you’ve made the right choice! And I should have read this before I paid to go watch the movie. And I totally agree with the things you pointed out, very accurate topic. Though Olaf wasn’t as annoying as I expected him to be.
    However! The movie is good, but not good enough to be overhyped and worshipped.
    I liked it but it was missing something, and it was predictable. It’s been obvious since the previews came out that Hans was going to be the villain because Elsa is Anna’s sister.
    After watching it for the 2nd time I started noticing that it’s had it’s cliche and cheesy moments.
    I do like that Anna wakes up with bed hair, stuffs her face with chocolate and is courageous. Sad how she doesn’t get any recognition, everyone is too hyped up on the Elsa train.
    All in all this movie is OK. But not good enough to be overhyped. I’m sorry and this tends to upset the Frozen fans but Beauty and the beast will always be 1 for me and will always be world renowned movie.
    Btw don’t apologize for having an accurate opinion, and for putting that truth on that table that have yet to be seen.

  • TangledLover

    I totally agree. I’m a HUGE Disney fan and I still hate this movie. This was one of THE WORST Disney Princess movies I’ve ever seen.
    A movie with plot holes, a lack of good sidekicks (and unfortunately, an annoying daft snowman), and bad songwriting (Let it Go is sooo overrated, just like the movie). Tack on a terrible, last-minute plot twist and you’ve got Frozerrated. Never watching this movie again.
    If any of you are interested in a good Disney movie, go watch Tangled or Wreck it Ralph. Both are 1000000000X better and have much more interesting and coherent plots.

    • dannicalliope

      I hate this movie also. And all of the songs. And yes, it is definitely over-rated. I would buy it as being a cute little thing for your five year old, but all these adults who are practically rabid over it have me wondering if we even watched the same movie.