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Demi Lovato Premieres “Let It Go” Music Video From ‘Frozen’

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Welcome to FROZEMBER! It’s The Rotoscopers’ special way of celebrating Disney’s newest animated motion picture event: Frozen!

Today on Good Morning America and Disney Channel, Disney released the official music video for Demi Lovato’s version of the song ‘Let It Go’ from the Frozen soundtrack. The music video, seen below, features Lovato in various scenes: a mansion, a dark room with covered furniture, a library, while she walks around the place. The lighting is dark and cold, while Lovato appears to be alone in the entire house. Towards the end, the lighting brightens, while Lovato removes the covers from the furniture. At the very end, she opens the doors and lets the bright sunshine in. In all, it’s classy, symbolic and very well executed.


Interspersed in the video are various scenes from the movie, particularly Elsa unleashing her powers and building her ice palace. The effect is great; as this video hearkens back to the Disney music videos of the 90s (Celine Dion’s Beauty and the Beast, Christina Aguilera’s Reflection). For the naysayers, the animation looks incredible.

We’re loving Demi’s version of ‘Let It Go’ and it’s nice to see that a lot of work has gone into the making of this music video. Demi looks and sounds absolutely amazing.

We can’t wait to see Frozen on November 27and hear ‘Let It Go’ play over the end credits!

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  • Brandon Kelly

    Reminds me of Christina Aguilera’s Reflection music video. Classic Disney music videos are coming back!

  • Max den Hartog

    Love the new footage of Elsa building her ice palace! It looks so good!

  • I was never that crazy the her rendition of the song by itself, but seeing it as a music video paired with scenes of Elsa creating her palace…GOOSEBUMPS! Perfection!

    I hope this song reaches #1!

    • You can probably expect more goosebumps when we see the full scene and hear Idina belting her lungs out!

  • Ember Lily

    The song and video are great, but I hate all the comments its getting on how Demi would have made a better Elsa than Idina, its frustrating!!

    • Fadi Antwan

      Don’t worry. Those kids don’t know better, but we certainly do. 😉

    • Christine Huang

      Maybe the kids haven’t heard Idina sing the song yet or who Idina is.

  • Brittany

    I wanted to like it…but I just always cringe at that edgy-scratchy changing-all-the-notes singing style and had to turn off the sound. 🙁 I’m just not the music style target audience. At least it’s being positively embraced by the public. That’s good news for the movie so I can’t be too picky.