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Want To See ‘Frozen’ For Free? Check Out This Disney Movie Reward Promotion

Are you pumped to see Disney’s Frozen? How would you like to see it for free? Well, Disney is making that possibility.

Disney Movie Rewards is doing a promotion to get free admission for Frozen if you buy select Disney Blu-Rays and DVDs. (You knew there would be a catch, right?).  After you buy it, go to DisneyMovieRewards.com and register the “magic code.”


Here are a list of titles that are part of the promotion (you may notice, that they are all Disney princess films):

If you’ve been meaning to pick up a DVD or two to add to your Disney collection, this might be the perfect time because you’ll get a ticket to see Frozen for free! Might come in handy if you’re wanting to see it two, three, or even five times in theatres!

But act fast, the offer is good only from 10/8/13 through 1/5/14 and you have to redeem your free ticket by 1/5/14. For terms and conditions, go to the Disney Movie Rewards page for more details.

Frozen is released in US theatres on November 27, 2013.

[UPDATE 10/18/13 2:46 PM PST] A few people have asked if they can register old DVDs/Blu-rays that they bought a few months ago, but hadn’t yet registered. The answer is…yes! So maybe it was a good thing you waited.

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    Well, that’s one way to get rid of copies of “Cinderella II & Cinderella III” that are just sitting on the shelves of Disney.

    • disneyfanguything

      and other horrible sequels. like Pocahontas 2

  • Fadi Antwan


  • Blake Taylor

    My copy of Little Mermaid Diamond Edition had a sticker on it saying it had this deal attached to it, but I guess it was a mislabel – there was no info inside like the sticker said there would be, and nothing happened when I redeemed the Disney Movie Rewards points for it. Dang it!

    • Annie

      Oh no, I hope you didn’t throw away your wrapper. If you peel that sticker that said $8 movie ticket.., you’ll see instructions to redeem your ticket on the back of it. It is not on the inside of the movie. You have to peel the little sticker. And be careful because the ink on mine got stuck to the sticker so I had try and make out my code.

  • Annie

    I was wondering if I could redeem more than one code and receive more than one free movie admission to see Frozen? Does anyone know?

  • alice

    Hey, I have a question for those members of dmr….if you redeem your movie ticket offer do you have to use it the same day?