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Full-Length FROZEN Trailer (Finally) Released!

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And the moment we’ve ALL been waiting for… Disney has officially released the full-length trailer for their upcoming animated event Frozen! (Can we get a Halleluiah?!)

The new trailer, seen below in all its high definition glory, is hilarious, fast-paced, action packed, and just plain amazing. It gives us a much needed glimpse at the the characters, story, and animation. Anna easily is the highlight of the trailer, her mannerisms and comedic timing really cracked us up. Looks like Kristen Bell really makes Anna her own character. We’re sure she’ll be the shining light of the movie.

Also, did our ears deceive us, or did we hear the Disney “trailer guy” at the beginning of the clip? Haven’t heard him since Home on the Range! The animation looks spectacular – check out that scene of Elsa building a bridge of ice! And wolves!?


The hype for Frozen has been unbelievable. Ever since late last year, the Frozen fandom (yes, it already has a fandom) has been sharing every bit of information about this movie, from concept art, to stills, to leaked videos, and many, many spoilers- giving the folks at Disney a rough time. Finally, though, the Disney fan community can rejoice in the light of the all-new Frozen trailer. Disney, you did not disappoint.

The awesome new trailer was exclusively given to Yahoo! Movies and you can watch it below. There’s no way you can’t be excited for Frozen now! What’s your favorite part of the new trailer? Worth the wait?

Disney’s 53rd Animated Classic FROZEN blasts into theatres November 27!

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  • I already saw it last week but it’s awesome!!! I love Oaken! Anna and Kristoff are so cute, Arendelle is the place to be 😉 And and and no Idina Menzel? Hopefully she will be in trailer 2


  • JayEllCee12

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, love it, love it, love it, get to my cinema right now okay thank you goodbye 😀

  • PabloRuiz7


    But since we’re complainers and we always want more, now I need to hear Idina Menzel’s dulcet tones in the next trailer.

  • Monica Rae Jennings

    Aside from Elsa’s part which was freaking cool! Literally! Even if India Menzel didn’t speak. I loved the bit with the snow ball! XD It was one of the highlights of the trailer that I enjoyed.

  • h

    can you post it here I can’t watch it on YH!Movie :((

  • Love it! Already watched it about 5 times… *clicks play again*

  • JayEllCee12

    Oh, and did anyone else notice Hans has to fight Marshmallow in this trailer?!

    • Not Without

      Ahhh good eye! I just rewatched..seems like a spoiler too…. along with the hair.

  • killercharlie

    Anna and Kristoff are adorable! I love how they interact!

    Too bad we didn’t hear Elsa talk in this trailer… Ah well, maybe in the next one. :)))

  • Alissa Roy

    Love it! It kind of had a 90s-ish feel to it, with the whole opening scene of the trailer.

  • Brandon Kelly

    It’s about stinkin’ time!!!!!!! Love the trailer by the way.

  • Aliscen Khaw

    love the trailer! but show more elsa in the second trailer!! I LOVE HER! XD

  • MovieMan995

    Pretty decent trailer, though it does have a couple of flaws.

  • Bahtiyar Bars

    I Dont Like It! very similar to Tangled…and snowman is annoying!

    • Eva

      Dude…just because the artistic styles and names are similar, doesn’t make Frozen too similar. As someone that’s read the spoilers, trust me it’s VERY different from Tangled.

    • Brianna

      How is it similar? Rapunzel had a sister? Two love interests? A talking snowman? Snow? A reindeer? I could go on forever. Someone stop me!

  • Not Without

    🙁 Can’t say I’m impressed with the character animation and especially the lip-sync. It’s so hard for my brain to connect those over-produced voiceovers with the human characters. (Let’s assume these are not final mixes). The wolves are cool but are they “cartoony” enough? I don’t understand the design philosophy with the realistic and the fantastical. Elsa’s world and powers seem to be the only “innovation” here.

    I’m looking forward to the music and story, but it really seems Disney has lost it’s way when it comes to artistry. It’s sad with all this technology, all we get is sterile CG, this might as well be a live-action.

    Yikes and why at 1:53 is Ana’s hair all one color of platinum blond?

    • Brianna

      I’m pretty sure her hair changing color is a part of the plot. That’s why she has one silver strand in the character design.

      • Not Without

        That bit’s not cool then, they could have at least rendered it out a regular color. It sticks out, I wonder if Disney noticed…

        • Brianna

          That’s the point. The plot involves her hair changing color. It’s supposed to look that way.

  • Butteryfingers

    I dig the comedy in this one. It is definitely shaping up to be another Disney classic.

  • Dan Siciliano

    Oh great. Another “Tangled”…Am I the only that’s not gonna like this movie when it comes out even though some people are gonna love it?

    • Fadi Antwan

      Lol “some”? …

    • Margie

      nope your not the only one me and lots of my friends think it’s going to be a total flop.
      i saw the trailer and all i could say was CRAP!!! IT REMINDS ME OF A TINKERBELL MOVIE!!!
      I’m a big Disney fan and all but just because it has the name Disney on it doesn’t make it magically another Disney classic!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

      • Dan Siciliano

        You know, if I directed a Disney feature, it would be a 2-D film and it would be a feature version of “Night on Bald Mountain”. And my point would be “Secret of NIMH” mixed with “Fantasia” and “Spirited Away”, like getting more epic than “Lion King” rather than getting ‘watered-down’ like “Tangled” and “Frozen”.

        • The Animation Commendation

          I’d like to see “Moby Dick” or “Les Miserables” as an animated feature.

    • The Animation Commendation

      I’m worried about how I’ll like this film as well.

  • morgen71

    Loved it but ELSA PLEASE

  • Debbie

    I love it! 😀 I actually think the animation is beautiful, Elsa’s ice magic in particular. I do wish we could see more of Elsa and her ice palace though, because they showed some animation and concept art of it at D23 and it looked fantastic. It doesn’t bother me that it’s similar to Tangled because Tangled is one of my favorite movies. I can’t wait until the movie comes out.

  • Adam Ball

    The comedy is great! LOVE Kristen Bell. “This awkward, not your awkward, but just cause we’re… I’m awkward. You’re gorgeous. Wait what?” YES YES YES. Super fun, animation is gorgeous. Still want like an epic trailer though like the Japanese one. With more relationship of the sister and maybe some music from the film!? Guess I just have to wait. AH!

    Also, Anna’s hair changing? Does the curse on Arendelle affect her personally? Or does she ALSO have powers? As the movie progresses her hair gets more white? Can NOT wait to find out!

  • Ember Lily

    It’s just so beautiful, I’m like crying

  • guest02

    looks entertaining! The only thing is I’d love to see more unique character design/shapes for the protagonists next time.

  • The Animation Commendation


    Ok, what do I think? Umm…well, I won’t say I’m disappointed, but I won’t say that I’m “OMG Levels of Hyped-ness”. The film seems to be mainly just a journey taken by Anna, (the ice guy, Kristoff, I think), and Olaf. And it seems much of the movie is focusing just on that. It seems like “The Emperor’s New Groove” in which the journey is more the focus of the movie than the plot. But again, this is just how it SEEMS to me from the trailer.

    This is the second time that I’m impressed with Josh Gad’s voice acting. (The first was in “Ice Age: Continental Drift”). I’m not sure what to think of Kristen Bell’s voice acting. I’ll have to wait to hear her better. And I WISH we could have heard Idina Menzel’s voice or at least hear one of the songs play in the trailer, but I can’t get everything in life.

    I’m just anxious to see how this movie will be financially and critically and whether it’ll continue the supposedly “Renaissance” that Disney’s supposedly in.

    • Not Without

      It’s funny you mention Gad. I hate to say I wanted to hate Olaf at first, but from what we’re getting, he’s the only “cartoony” business we’re getting. AND the only part I enjoy, needless to say Gad and immense talent.

      It feels like Disney’s approach to 3G is to lose squash-and-stretch animation in favor of realism. Tangled was mostly the same thing, it may well have been live action. I really enjoyed Tangled, but it felt limited to me.

  • Anne

    Finally!! I was convinced they would release the trailer before the actual movie. I love it! More Elsa!! I didn’t really like Olaf before now, mostly because he was hogging the trailers, but I think he is going to be a great character. (The unicorn line had me laughing really hard). I think the banjo is going to be the new frying pan…

    • Anne

      I also really loved Anna’s mannerisms. Her awkwardness is hilarious and it will be great seeing her interact with all the other characters.

  • Matthew Sample II

    I am now won over. I love Olaf. To see him melting… totally justifies his big position in the promotional campaigns.