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First Look at Blue Sky’s ‘Rio 2’ – Plot & Photos

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USA Today published a sneak peak at Blue Sky Studio’s upcoming animation film Rio 2. A while ago we were given a teaser trailer for the film; however, that didn’t provide anything substantial about the film’s plot and characters. So now we’re in for a real South American treat.


Jewel, Blue and Carla . Photo credit: Blue Sky Studios / Twentieth Century Fox Animation


Rio 2 will continue the story our favorite rare macaw couple Blu and Jewel as they adjust to their new life in a rare-bird reserve in Rio de Janeiro. However, the happy feathered couple has expended their family and have three full grown children named Carla, Bia, and Tiago. Blu still has his domesticated quirks from his old life, such as his insistence of making pancakes for breakfast, but for the most part, the family lives a very idyllic happy life.


Jewel and her family and friends take to the Brazilian skies! Photo credit: Blue Sky Studios / Twentieth Century Fox Animation


Blu with some familiar faces.
Photo credit: Blue Sky Studios / Twentieth Century Fox Animation

All of this goes out the window when Jewel discovers that her long-lost father and old clan are still alive, living deep within the Amazon rainforest. Their habitat is under attack and Jewel must help save her former home and family. The problem is her father, Eduardo, doesn’t trust human and won’t accept Blu, the formerly domesticated bird who he sees as a threat. Another problem: Jewel’s ex-boyfriend Roberto is still on the scene and is trying to still up some jealousy for Blu. Blu, of course, gets paranoid, even though the majority of the re-kindled sparks between Jewel and Roberto are just in his head.


While Jewel may have moved on, that’s not going to stop the suave Roberto from trying to rekindle a romance. Photo credit:Blue Sky Studios / Twentieth Century Fox Animation


Oh, that’s not all. The nefarious cockatoo villain, Nigel, has returned and is set on getting revenge on the Blu and his family. To help carry forth his vindictive plan, Nigel enlists the help of a non-speaking anteater named Charlie and a poisonous frog named Gabi.


  • Blu (Jesse Eisenberg): The awkward blue macaw returns, but this time, he has a wife and kids to protect. While he now lives as a “wild” parrot in the preserve, he’s still stuck on some of his old domesticated quirks from being a house parrot.
  • Jewel (Anne Hathaway): The confident blue macaw not only has a husband and kids to take care of, but she also has to save her father and old clan.
  • Carla (Rachel Crow): The oldest, music-loving child.
  • Bia (Amandla Stenberg): The middle child who is a braniac.
  • Tiago (Pierce Gagnon): The youngest bird of the family who is also the only boy.
  • Eduardo (Andy Garcia): Jewel’s long-lost father who has been living deep in the Amazon with the rest of his blue macaw clan. He doesn’t trust humans, even if their intentions are pure. As a result, he rejects Blu and won’t give him the time of day.
  • Roberto (Bruno Mars): Jewel’s ex-boyfriend who is set on re-kindling some feelings between him and Jewel.
  • Nigel (Jemaine Clement): This evil cockatoo returns to get revenge on Blu and his family. He will stop at nothing and recruits the help of Charlie and Gabi to help him infiltrate the reserve and rainforest and do some “fowl damage on the clan.”
  • Charlie: A non-speaking anteater who is helping Nigel getting his revenge on the parrot family.
  • Gabi (Kristin Chenoweth): A poisonous frog who is infatuated with Nigel. According to Chenoweth, “Have you ever been in love before? Have you ever done something in the name of love you maybe wished you hadn’t? That’s my little Gabi.”
  • Tulio (Rodrigo Santoro): The good-looking wildlife preservationist, who works at the Rio de Janeiro bird reserve.
  • Linda (Leslie Mann): Blu’s former owner, who has moved from her comfy home in Minnosota to the Brazilian aviary reserve to be closer to both Blu and Tulio.

Tulio and Linda in search for Blu and the family.
Photo credit: Blue Sky Studios / Twentieth Century Fox Animation

Additional Info

It would be a huge miss having Chenoweth in your film and not feature her in a musical number. So, much like the first film, Rio 2 will have a featured song (hopefully, giving the studio another Oscar nomination). This song will be sung by Nigel and Gabi, allowing Chenowethe and Clement to sing together. Personally, as someone who adores everything the great Cheno does, I can’t wait to hear what this song ends up sounding like.


Nigle the cockatoo is back, this time with some help, namely Gabi the frog who is infatuated with him.
Photo credit: Blue Sky Studios / Twentieth Century Fox Animation

The stills look spectacular. The bright, vibrant world of Brazil is still in full force in this film. It will be interesting to see how the visuals have been improved upon and even changed for this new film. Either way, the photos are eye candy. I particularly love the one of Jewel and Roberto, and the design of Gabi the frog.

Personally, I’m pretty pumped for this film. I rather surprisingly enjoyed Rio and enjoyed the change in scenery. While it was a big win for Blue Sky Studios, I hope that this installment keeps the franchise fresh and that they don’t kill the good thing they have going here Ice Age style.

Rio 2 hits theaters April 11, 2014.

What do you think about the plot and photos of Rio 2? Do you think it will be as big of a hit as the first film?

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  • Looks pretty good! Kristin in an animated film? Awesome! Hopefully she will have a song because her voice is beautiful! Looking forward to see more of this film because i really like Blue Sky!

    • Apparently she was set to voice Rapunzel, but they made story changes and Mandy Moore got the part instead. I was sad at the time, but looking back, I think it would have been weird to have Rapunzel with a Southern accent.

      • Haha, I’m glad they changed that! Her voice is perfect to be an animated character, but not Rapunzel, I hope her voice matches this character!

      • Fadi Antwan

        Oh thank God they made the change. She looks like she’s made of plastic. Definitely not good to play a Disney princess role…

    • Monica Rae Jennings

      This wouldn’t be the first time Kristin Chenoweth done a voice for an animated character. She previously done the voice of Rosetta in the Disney Fairies movies up until The Great Fairy Rescue. I’m so excited to see her in Rio 2

    • Brett

      Kristin also voiced a character in the original Space Chimps.

  • Maria

    Looks like a really cool movie! I really love the first Rio and I can’t wait to see the characters in action again. The only thing I have mixed feelings about is the ex-boyfriend thing, seems a bit cliche for me. (and voiced by Bruno Mars? Interesting…) but hey, I’m not one to judge a movie before I see it, so, here’s hoping.

    • Haha, I agree about the cliche boyfriend thing.

      And I raised my eyebrows too when I saw Bruno Mars. Hey, just like Kristin, if you’re going to have him, he better bust out a love ballad while he’s at it!

  • The plot sounds like a lot of classic scenarios (environmental issues, family issues, love issues) but I also found “Rio” to be a delightfully entertaining film so have hopes that the sequel will be fun as well. The characters are hilarious and knowing Nigel will be back is a treat along with Chenoweth in what looks like a comical role. The music played a big part in “Rio” so here’s hoping “Rio 2” also has lively samba.

  • Rose

    This looks like it will be fun to watch. I really liked the first one. It was one of the few animated movies of 2011 I actually liked that I could watch more than once. Also, I love Kristin Chenoweth and I’m looking forward to hearing her sing in this movie.

  • Fadi Antwan

    Guys I love you and your blog so much that I wish I could donate a million $ to help your it grow. You’re the best animation news website out there!

  • wayne

    Its going to be awesome!! Bruno Mars as roberto!he should get a song… any way looking forward to this flim