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Collection Of Brand New International ‘Frozen’ Posters!

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With the Frozen marketing machine in full steam, Disney has just released a bunch of new UK and Brazilian posters from their upcoming winter-themed feature film. Check out the new posters below:

frozen-poster-cast-new (3)

frozen-poster-cast-new (2)

frozen-poster-cast-new (1)


The official full-length trailer for Frozen will be out in three days! Are you excited? Which of these new posters are your favorite?

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  • When I first saw these I really freaked out! These posters are so awesome! I love them all! I really do not have a favorite. One thing that really caught my eye was that all kind of people reacted very positive on these posters on the Dutch Disney Facebook page, with the Olaf/Sven teaser everyone reacted negative, why did Disney not release these posters earlier? This is what we, and all the other people want! Don’t misunderstand me, I love Olaf! But this is so much better!

  • Love the new posters, but come on, Elsa? Does she only have one pose?

  • Brandon Kelly

    They are very cool posters. Although, in the poster where it says “in cinema’s December 6th” and everyone standing by Sven (who’s in the middle). I don’t know, Kristoff’s face looks awkward to me. His other poses and screen shots are fine but I find that this new pose he looks strange animation wise. Am I weird for noticing that? haha

    • Ember Lily

      He does seem oddly baby-faced

      • Brandon Kelly

        Yea I know right? Look, I know Kristoff is not suppose to be the “Dashing Handsome Prince” figure. But he does have a lot going for him in terms of looks for Anna. He’s strong, muscular, and has golden flowing hair.

  • Ember Lily

    These are so perfect! Wish there was more Elsa though 🙁

  • Edouard Dia

    Interesting that one with Olaf standing like a hero and Elsa removed on the side like a secondary character… !!!!

  • morgen71

    Anna’s shoes look so cool!

  • killercharlie

    That’s more like it! I’m loving Anna and Kristoff’s poses, especially the second and third one! Though I do wonder why Elsa is stuck in that pose and expression for most of the promotion material…

  • I love the first one! They’re all beautiful posters, though.

  • Luso Disney

    The last two posters are not European! They are from Brazil 🙂 The Portuguese ones can be found here http://lusodisney.com/?p=1168