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NEW Leaked Images From Disney’s FROZEN!

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Here’s an end-of-summer frozen treat–we’ve got our hands on some never before seen images from Disney’s upcoming animated film, Frozen!


The images below are taken from the official Frozen Novelization, in stores this October.

An extra special  shoutout to Tumblr user, Princess Anna of Arendelle for the amazing images! Get ready to scream in 3…2…1…

First up, a close-up of Princess Anna:


Prince Hans and his horse, Lemon, giving Anna a hand:


Anna meets Hans and Lemon:


Kristoff and Sven’s “duet”:


Anna before meeting Kristoff and Sven for the first time:


Olaf’s having a bad head day:


Screenshot from Olaf’s song, “In Summer”:


Anna braving Elsa’s snowstorm. Are we the only ones who think Anna’s hair is pure white?!


And finally, here’s a new officially released image of Anna and Kristoff hanging off a cliff:


Personally, I think these images are gorgeous. Disney is certainly pushing their animation to the next level with this film. They’ve taken the look and feel of Tangled and cranked it up several notches. If anything, we’re even MORE excited to see this movie (as if we weren’t already)! Can it please be Thanksgiving already?

Disney’s 53rd Animated Classic, Frozen storms into theaters November 27.

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  • Saw them yesterday and I’m in love! Anna’s close up is beautiful! I love Hans and Lemon (didn’t knew his name) Sven and Krsitoff and so cute and I don’t really care about Olaf :p. And I don’t think Anna meets Kristoff and Sven there for the first time because the EW still released in the D23 weekend was a still from when they first met. Maybe Anna follows them after they met or something that direction?

  • I think Anna’s white hair is because she is walking straight into a blizzard and her hair is covered in snow (like that photo of Kristoff).

    OR…it could be Elsa disguised as ANNA! Oooo!

    • Tom

      Why you guys think it’s Anna? We clearly saw Elsa wearing those clothes.

      • It’s DEFINITELY ANNA. Elsa doesn’t have two braids. And Anna is the only one who wears boots. Besides, the cold never bothered Elsa anyway.

        • I watched this image a little bit better, and the braid is a hand. But the clothes look like Anna.

        • Tom

          Actually I only see just ONE braid. The other one is the hand. But yeah, the boots make me doubt.

      • Yeah, that is true. In the trailers where she’s supposedly running away. Good point. It definitely could be Elsa. Although the hair isn’t right. Where’s Elsa’s bouffant?!

        • Tom

          Maybe her hair got messed as she was running away(?). Now, look at the boots…Elsa is not wearing boots in that part… I need the movie.

    • Stephanie

      You’re so fucking stupid.

  • Brandon Kelly

    Anna looks beautiful! Kristoff looks great. I like the fact that we have a disney hero that has no ‘prince’ like or even a ‘thief’ like look. He looks like a guy next door which is a great change for Disney heros.

    • LOL I never thought about that. Disney does have a thing for thieves: Aladdin, Flynn Rider, Robin Hood.

      • Brandon Kelly

        Yea, most Disney hero’s have a dashing or rugged look to them. Kristoff to me could be that nice guy next door with a pet dog. The average guy but not ugly or bad looking.

  • Anna is so pretty!

  • Monica Rae Jennings

    I’m thinking Anna’s white hair could just be Elsa and it’s after Let it Go orrr it could be just Anna trying to get through a blizzard.

    I am liking the look on Kristoff! In my opinion? Cuter than Hans. And I’m hoping Kristoff ends up with Anna!

    Any news on a English Frozen trailer?!

  • Rob

    Anna’s hair turning white could be a story point. Notice the one strand of white hair in her braid in the Anna meeting Kristoff and Sven image?

  • Armond

    Now all we need is a GOOD TRAILER!

    • Brandon Kelly

      Yea, why is there no trailer? I went on youtube the other day because I was curious of when Tangled and Wreck It Ralph released their trailers. There was already a trailer in June (2010 & 2012) for both films. In June we got only a teaser for Frozen. When Tangled got a teaser, I saw the date. It was February 2010. SOOOO what is going on?

  • JayEllCee12

    Interesting pictures!! I really like how quirky Anna looks :3 NOT MUCH OF ELSA THOUGH.
    Oh God, Kristoff plays a guitar-type instrument; and all the fangirls died from excitement that day. #TeamHans
    …And I just noticed with Olaf’s song/dream…he shouldn’t want it to be summer. In summer, he will die. If we’re getting logical with this, but he’s a walking, talking magical snowman so I think we can let this slide 😛

    • Why do you think they’re being so secretive about Elsa? She’s our queen! We want our queen!

  • killercharlie

    I want to pet Sven’s head so bad! Its great that we’re getting more screenshots but a trailer would be lovely. :)))

  • Brianna

    I’m officially a Kristoff fan girl.

  • Edouard Dia

    The first time K and A meet, K is covered with snow abd A is in her princess gown 🙂 We saw that picture before. Concerning the totally white hair of Anna ( clear it’s not a snow covering effect ), funny that no ones realize that the initial synopsis about a frozen spell on her heart ( and eventually all her being ) might finally be true !!!

  • Ariel

    Awesome! They look great! Thanks for the updates! 🙂

  • Aliscen Khaw

    its friggin september already! T.T trailers!pretty pretty please!!!!T.T

  • Aliscen Khaw

    wel this is my own theory maybe she already got hit by the ice magic? at some point she gets hit and almost dies according to the book.

  • Kyle

    It might sound outlandish but maybe Anna’s hair is white because she is trying to fight her sister’s powers and that it is consuming her!

  • Melissa

    Maybe the reason Anna’s hair is white is because of her ‘frozen heart’? Possibly the curse is making her hair go whiter and whiter through the movie, so it’s affected by time?
    And are those freckles on Anna’s shoulders? If yes, that’s awesome. A really freckly Disney Princess. It would be awesome if she had some on her arms too.

  • Guest

    Thanks for sharing these pictures. I can already tell this film is going to be visually stunning.

  • Alonzo Hawk

    Anna and most other characters in the film are indigenous “Saami People” who have suffered the same colonization as other indigenous people in the world. Have people really become so stupid as to believe the earth is broken down into white and non-white human beings?

  • coco pops