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D23 Expo News: ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Cast & Details Announced!

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THE-GOOD-DINOSAUR-PixarAt the Pixar animation presentation at the D23 Expo, a teaser for Pixar’s next feature film–the Good Dinosaur— was shown the audience, introducing the central “what if?” of the movie. An asteroid flew past the earth, a dinosaur looked at it and simply kept eating. Footage was not very cartoony.

Co-director Peter Sohn and producer Denise Ream then talked about the movie, telling us all the dinosaurs are farmers, each one fulfilling a different function.They showed a clip of dinosaurs plowing fields and tending to crops. Lasseter had previously mentioned the characters were farmers in a previous interview.

The main character will be Arlo, an apatosaurus! And here’s the cast: Lucas Neff (as our hero, Arlo), John Lithgow (as Poppa), Frances McDormand (as Momma), Bill Hader (Forrest), Neil Patrick Harris and Judy Greer (Ivy).

Then, a clip or Arlo meeting a caveman boy was shown. First human (or bug, as the dinosaurs apparently see them) a dinosaur has ever seen! His name is Spot. Arlo and Spot are both outsiders who befriend each other. It could be interesting if the humans don’t talk yet, but the dinosaurs do.

Also, Party Central, A Monsters University-inspired short film, debuted at the conference. Uncharacteristically, the short WILL NOT be released as a special feature on the Blu-ray (due out Oct. 29), but in front of The Good Dinosaur.

Stitch Kingdom called the short “AMAZING!”, while Inside The Magic said it was “HILARIOUS”. We noticed a lot of caps used to describe it!

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  • Sounds quite quirky and fascinating! I am quite interested, despite my previously voiced Pixar disillusionment 🙂

  • MSample2

    I’m really looking forward to this. It feels right. This is the old Pixar.

  • Guest

    I’m wondering when will we get the teaser. My guess right now is before ‘Frozen’.

  • MovieMan995

    I’m wondering when we’ll get the teaser…