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New ‘Frozen’ Books Reveal New Character Images

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While we wait with bated breath for Disney’s upcoming fairytale, Frozen, here’s a first look at some of the covers for upcoming books based on the movie which will hit stores later this year. The gorgeously drawn covers give us lovely hand-drawn images of the princesses Anna and Elsa, along with mountain man Kristoff, Sven the reindeer and Olaf the snowman.

Check out the cool new covers below! Book covers courtesy Amazon.com.

Don’t those covers make you wish this was indeed a traditional, hand-drawn movie?

[UPDATE 7/1/13 5:59 AM PST] Per the request of Parragon Books, we have removed the images. Apparently the covers weren’t supposed to be released until later this year and Amazon broke that embargo.

In related news, keen-eyed fans spotted this CGI rendered image of Anna and Elsa over on the Disney Store UK website. Of note is the fact that Anna looks very different from what we saw back in February in the infamous “fake leaked posters“. However, Elsa still looks exactly the same. (Were those fake posters actually official?) Note that this image isn’t officially revealed by Disney, and the character designs may still change by the final movie.


Your thoughts on these newly revealed images? Do you hope Anna and Elsa’s CGI designs are final? We must say, Elsa looks gorgeous in every picture she’s in! Also, did anyone else notice that the white streak of hair in Anna’s braid is more prominent than ever? Hmm…

Excited for Frozen? Check out the newly released teaser trailer here!

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Gary is a Disney nerd whose favorite animated movies are Beauty and the Beast, The Incredibles and Frozen. Find out more at: www.garywrightonline.blogspot.com. Follow on Twitter: @IAmGaryWright and Instagram: @garywright91
  • Gary Wright

    That second image is stunning! Elsa is…wow. And Northern Lights? Seriously, this movie…

    • Jumbojump

      Is frozen setting up to be better than tangled? will it be more dark and adult? Also, will it center more on the relationship between the sisters than anything else? because that is what I want to see. Lastly, do you know when and what is disneys next fairytale?

      • Gary Wright

        Well…we haven’t heard much from people who attended the test screening, since Disney made them swear not to tell anyone. From what we know though, Frozen looks to be another Tangled-sized film, although it looks slightly more mature and dramatic (to me). Yes, the centre of the story is first and foremost, the relationship and drama between the sisters. Anna, who has always been overshadowed by her “cool” older sister, sets off to rescue her, so it’s a pretty epic thing. Will it be dark and adult? Well, don’t expect Disney will make it too mature for kids’ sake.

        I’m hoping that Frozen totally trumps Tangled and does not suffer from the same minor flaws. The voice cast is stellar and I can’t wait to hear Idina Menzel slay the songs. From what I’ve heard, the music is set to bag a bunch of Oscars next year.

        And Frozen is the next “big” musical fairytale, after which we don’t have any clue since Disney likes to keep things super secret till about a year before a film releases. Frozen will be followed by Big Hero 6 in 2014.

        • Jumbojump

          I don’t mean to be a bum, but for disney, I feel they do fairytales better than anything else. I wonder if disney fans can make petitions to disney about which films they want disney to produce next. Personally, I want to see an adaptation of The Goose Girl or Princess and the pea. What can I say, i’m a sucker for disney princess movies.

  • killercharlie

    I like this version of Anna’s CGI model a lot better than the first leaked one. She doesn’t look crossed eyed and actually looks kinda tough. The last book cover also makes her look bad ass.

    Me likey. XD

  • Brianna

    Love seeing the book covers – and Anna’s boots in the last one!? WANT! It’s nice to see a bit of her personality in the covers as well. She looks so much more intelligent than her male counterparts in that last one. Kristoff looks particularly dopey. haha And I hope that the snowman is not going to be as annoying as I feel like he’s going to be. He ruins the first cover for me…

    Just as a side note, I’m REALLY excited to see little girls with braids in their hair after this movie is released. That was definitely my hair style all of elementary school.

  • Braden

    I love seeing the 2D versions on the books! Rapunzel looks a lot like her sketches by Glen Keane, and Merida looks a lot like herself! However I am not a fan of the 2D images Disney uses to market Rapunzel! She looks so lifeless and you cannot see her character at all! I hope Anna and Elsa keep these as their official 2D renders and I hope they change Rapunzels to look more like she does in her sketches and books! Can’t wait for Frozen!

  • Aliscen Khaw

    i’m actually dissapointed with Elsa, i mean its great that she’s beautiful and all but she doesn’t have that elegant evil feeling like Maleficent, how should i put it, she doesn’t have a vibe….?Anna however, is much better,i’m quite please if this turns out to be her final rendered image.

    • Brianna

      Elsa is certainly our villain, but I have an exceptionally strong feeling that she’s going to be coming over to the good side. Maleficent and the Evil Queen are PURE evil. As amazing as they are, they’re very one dimensional villains. Elsa and Anna being sisters is going to be very important to the plot. I also think it’s valid to point out that Anna and Elsa look roughly the same age whereas Maleficent is an adult. So that age difference is definitely going to cause an entirely different feeling about the character in general.

      • Aliscen Khaw

        omg,i juz found out something intresting from a source,of which elsa is like a semi villain,the real villain is yet 2 surface with a deeper plot to the story,but i don’t know if i should state here…

        • Brianna

          I’m not sure how accurate it is since it’s from Disney Wikia, and I haven’t seen this information anywhere else. The comments are from a month ago and longer so it’s been up for a while too. I definitely think it’s possible that there is an over arching villain. Elsa had to get her powers somehow, right? Maybe the two sisters will team up in the end. 🙂

  • JayEllCee12

    Oooooooooh, they make me wanna draw some fan-art!!!
    I must admit, I was a little sceptical of those first images from the leaked posters, but their designs are getting better and better in my eyes – I just can’t wait to hear Idina and Kristen’s voices coming out of their mouths! 😀

  • Moonie

    Needs more Hans!

    Very cute though. I like the style they’re using for these.

  • Pedro

    The new design of Anna is better than the old.

  • Well, I’ve yet to see an angry- or evil-looking Elsa in any of these pictures. Maybe she’s not as bad as we thought.

    • Guest

      Hi there, from an over excited disney fan. Please dont be offended i have so much to ask 🙂

      1. About frozen, will it be darker,less kid friendly and have more adult jokes than tangled? Dont get me wrong, i loved tangled but i just felt it was a little too kiddie.

      2.One thing I like about disney is that they are a girl-friendly company, its a shame that most companies especially nowadays feel that women as leads dont promote good box office results. That’s why it pains me that my best animation company is moving towards that route by changing the name of the Rapunzel movie to tangled and putting more action in a fairy tale esque story. I hope frozen will focus less on the action and other characters and more on the sisters, will it?

      3. Is this disneys last princess movie? when and what is their next fairy tale? I’m hoping it will be Red Riding Hood, Princess and the Pea, Thumbelina, The Nutcracker and the Mouse King or The Brave Tin Soldier.

      I’m so sorry i’m on a ramble, just so many ideas running through my head right now. Thanks!

  • Not Without

    Morgan and Chelsea you need to make these your Halloween costumes!

    • We totally were going to make Anna and Elsa Halloween costumes last year (before ANYONE knew what they looked like), but by the time we thought about it, it was too late. Boo. I’m sure the good cosplayers already have their act together.

  • It’s kind of interesting reading these old comments and seeing how different the film was in comparison to what people predicted.