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Thawing Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Secret: Is Hair The Clue?

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Well, it’s June and we Disney fans are still holding our breaths for our first (official) look at Walt Disney Animation Studios’ upcoming feature, Frozen. We’ve got our fingers crossed for a teaser/trailer to play in front of Pixar’s Monsters University on June 21 (as has been speculated), but until then, all we can do is daydream about how awesome the movie will really be.


Fans are going wild discussing the potential story of the film. We know the basic plot: Older sister has ice powers, curses little sister and flees, little sister undertakes an epic journey of reconciliation across a frozen landscape with a potential hottie/love interest and a misfit snowman. Throw in a reindeer and an army of angry mountain trolls and you have the basic plot of Frozen.

Frozen-Anna-Kristoff-Close-Up-Concept Art

But what else could there be? There has to be something more to it, right?

So here’s my theory. Anna is (accidentally?) cursed by her sister Elsa, thus freezing her heart in the process (ouch). Right? So what happens to dear, sweet Anna now? Wait for it.

I say she becomes another Snow Queen, like Elsa. (insert gasp here).

Think about it. Anna slowly becomes more and more like her sister, the curse begins taking over her own body, and she develops powers similar to Elsa’s. Want proof of my theory? Take a gander at the pictures below and see if you agree.

Look closely at Anna’s braid in the following pictures. If you squint hard enough, you’ll notice that Anna has a bright streak of platinum blonde/white hair right in the middle of her right braid!



Did you notice? What could this possibly mean? Does it mean that Anna’s hair will reflect her icy heart? Will Anna’s hair slowly turn white as the curse gets deeper? Does this mean that Anna’s hair will serve as a kind of “hourglass” (or “Enchanted Rose” if you will) that tells the audience how much time Anna and Kristoff have to break the curse? After all, this is a “race-against-time” kind of movie. It’s a wild theory, but definitely not improbable.

Or does Anna just like to do wacky stuff with her hair?

In 2010’s smash hit Tangled, Rapunzel’s hair was the scene-stealer. The fact that it glowed bright and turned brown when cut was a very fascinating story mechanic. I don’t see why Disney won’t try and make Frozen similar to Tangled, in that certain aspects like Anna and Elsa’s hair color reflects their “curse status” or whatever. Of course, for a film based on Rapunzel, hair plays an important part, but why should Disney port a similar mechanic over to Frozen?


What mysteries await us in Frozen?

So I turn it over to you. What do you think the white streak in Anna’s hair means? Could it really be connected to the Snow Queen’s curse in some way? Will all of Anna’s hair eventually turn white? Or will all of Elsa’s own hair turn honey blonde like her sister’s when her own curse is broken? Could be!

The plot thickens…I mean, freezes…

While you Animation Addicts ponder over these possible theories, take a listen at Young Anna, aka little Eva Bella as she sings Justin Bieber’s “Baby”. Aww.

Disney’s 53rd Animated Classic, Frozen hits theaters November 27, 2013.

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Gary is a Disney nerd whose favorite animated movies are Beauty and the Beast, The Incredibles and Frozen. Find out more at: www.garywrightonline.blogspot.com. Follow on Twitter: @IAmGaryWright and Instagram: @garywright91
  • DVC Morgan

    I think it’s a remnant of the curse. Like a reminder. And it may be that it gives her a tiny bit of the power that her sister has which will ultimately help her save the day?

    • Gary Wright

      Hmm..good point! That streak of white hair has GOT to mean something…

      • DVC Morgan

        Agreed. Great find. I can only hope I will not become as enamored of this movie as I am of Tangled. There’s not enough room in my brain. Or on my merch shelves. lol

  • PabloRuiz7

    I think you got it right and the color of the hair will be a visual indicator of something. Really good theory! If the movie really exists, that is

    • William Jardine

      I’m pretty sure it’s a myth. Like Walt’s frozen head.

      • Gary Wright

        I know right!? The mythical movie “Frozen”. Is it real or just legend?

  • Mason Smith

    Great article Gary!

    • Gary Wright

      Why thank you kind sir 🙂

  • Tom

    ” Does this mean that Anna’s hair will serve as a kind of “hourglass” (or “Enchanted Rose” if you will) that tells the audience how much time Anna and Kristoff have to break the curse?” I hope so! The movie would be way better then! However, I think it was just because of the ilumination. Sorry to be a dream killer

  • Brianna

    Hmm it’s an interesting idea, but I’m not so sure. It seems strange to me that Disney would jump on the magical hair idea again so soon. I also don’t understand why Elsa would accidentally (or purposely) give Anna ice powers. When you’re an ice queen, wouldn’t you want all the power for yourself? I mean, it could very well be possible I suppose. After reading some wiki information on the original fairytale, it seems to me like her young, innocent heart and warm tears save the day. Of course, Disney is well-known for altering plots, but that definitely sounds very “Disney Happy Ending” to me. 🙂

    • Jessamyne

      Well Elsa and Anna are sisters so maybe Elsa wanted to share, teaching the moral that sharing is good. It also shows that family comes first.

  • Dan Siciliano

    Well…I don’t know. With an idea like that…I don’t know. I’ll have to wait till the books come out. I think “Frozen” is gonna be the least anticipated film on my 2013 film list.

  • Tom

    Giiiiiirrrrrls! Another leaked picture similar to the last one, this time with Kristoff and Sven: http://25.media.tumblr.com/5540b68517ccea2f150848903c0a911e/tumblr_mo1jpyn86y1rmb6dko1_500.jpg

  • Maybe when Elsa goes crazy and “reveals” her powers, she accidentally attacks/hurts Anna. This piece of hair is a remnant of that attack. (Sorta like how Rogue from X-Men has that one blonde streak of hair from misuse of her powers).

    • Gary Wright

      That or her stylist forgot to dye all her hair honey blond. 😛

  • May Alice Page

    Eva Bella is playing Young Elsa, actually. Livvy Stubenrach is playing Young Anna.

  • Brianna

    Well, from this new, finalized image – THERE IS DEFINITELY SOMETHING SPECIAL ABOUT HER HAIR! http://www.disneystore.co.uk/frozen/mn/1340001/

  • Kyle Livingston

    i’m thinking that all of elsa’s hair will definitely be turning honey blonde/strawberry blonde like her sister anna’s when her own curse is broken and i’m thinking like when anna’s goals is to melt her frozen heart curse and bring back her estranged her sister and sent elsa back to her home like they did for the film tangled when rapunzel cuts her hair shorter and her hair turns brown which it’s true.

    • Kylie Livingston

      I think that kind of happens with your mom. Im not really sure tho

  • Shelb

    The movie is described as two sisters who are hot and cold for each other. Maybe the hair changing because Annas power coming into turns because shes becoming desperate, and I have a feeling her power will be heat.

  • Colander

    I think maybe Elsa turned on the air conditioning too cold and Anna got cold so then her hair turned white. Then Anna shriveled in the corner because she was so cold. Elsa discovered Anna’s streak and started crying on her. Anna got colder because Elsa’s tears made her wet. her hair turned white and i think after that Elsa was turned into a potato by the villagers and Anna shriveled into a snowflake which i think Olaf uses as earrings. The whole movie is about Elsa hiding her identity as a potato so the kingdom doesnt kill her and roast her, with the help of Hans, who protects Arendelle’s potato princess and finds out that radiation from the castle air conditioning was the cause of Anna’s death, and Kristoff comes out of the shadows admitting that he tampered with the system so Elsa could become a potato. The villagers turned Kristoff into a pregnancy test, and Hans married Elsa the potato. THE ENd

    • Koolwolfe

      I don’t want to spoil it, but I know what happened. If you are willing to hear the spoiler then just reply to me saying so..

    • Kitchen Basket

      Dont Spoil it pls!

  • Jonna

    Anna was jumping really high and Elsa tried to save her with snow but hit Anna in the head by accident. When Elsa’s powers hit her it caused her to have a white strand. They went to the trolls to go get her head fixed but even when it was fixed her hair was stained like that forever

  • eliasw123

    you were right

  • Angelina

    Ummm just saying when Anna is little singing ” do you want to build a snowman? ” she had a blond streak in her hair just sayin

  • Toto

    Everybody! In the beginning of the movie Anna and Elsa were playing with Elsa’s magical ice powers, and Elsa accidentally stroke Anna in her head and that white streak of hair appeared, in the movie the girls grow up and Anna meets Elsa in her magical ice castle and then another time Elsa accidentally strikes Anna in her heart and her hair starts to become white, why is this? Because the solid ice is covering her heart.

    Sorry if I spoiled for you the movie or I was mean

  • RainbowKittyPaws

    Elsa hits Anna in the beginning of the movie and her powers froze some of her hair. And Elsa lost control of her powers and made her room freeze.

  • Drummerboy

    The reason that Anna has the white streak in her hair is because when she was little elsa hit her in the head with a ice blast

  • Drummerboy

    But later in the movie Anna was struck in the heart by an ice blast by elsa and only an act of true love will keep her from freezing forever. Hans tries to kill elsa but Anna put herself between hans and elsa and broke the sword. People say that the act of true love that will save her is a true loves kiss, but some people think that Anna had to do the act of true love not another person. When Anna put herself in front of hans and elsa she saved elsa and that was an act of true love. So right when she was done freezing she started thawing because it was an act of true love that she risked her life for elsa

  • Ryan Derp

    I think it’s because when Anna was young,she was building Olaf with Elsa and Elsa accidentally hit Anna with her magic,but it hit Anna’s face,not where her heart is,maybe it hit her brain.

  • Lol

    Your comments are driving me crazy just watch the movie

  • zyqn

    When they was young elsa accidentally shot her in the head and she got that steak of white hair