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More ‘Frozen’ Images Leaked!

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We’ve got a few more leaked pictures from Disney’s upcoming movie Frozen! Special thanks to our fan Liz (via Tumblr) for notifying us! These pictures appeared on the Tumblr blog “trex0rapunz3l“. Prepare to be amazed.

First up, here’s Anna! She’s without her magenta cloak (maybe she’s doesn’t wear it all the time) and thankfully does not look cross-eyed or at all like Rapunzel, as was earlier alleged. In fact, we think she looks amazing! Disney’s definitely using designs similar to Tangled and Anna will clearly be a great addition to the Disney family.


Below is the entire image. Apparently Anna is a cardboard cutout somewhere at the Walt Disney Animation Studios. If you look closely, you’ll not only see a ton of concept art, but also Olaf, the snowman!


Super-magnifying the image, here’s your first look at Olaf in full CGI. Looks kind of cute, doesn’t he? He somewhat resembles a Dr. Seuss character, but still has something “Disney” about him. He could be the show stealer in this film!


In somewhat significant news, the Disney Reads Facebook page posted this image of Anna and Elsa with the caption “Have you heard about Disney’s new movie FROZEN? It’s coming out this Fall!” 


Of note is the fact that these are the exact same images of Anna and Elsa as they appeared in the notorious  “fake leaked posters” a few months ago. So why is the official Disney Reads page using this image that Disney earlier stated is fake? Take this one with a grain of salt: it’s probably fake. The Disney Reads Facebook page is probably managed by a different team, who may or may not be following instructions from the main Disney marketing team. Chances are, they just posted this picture to promote the movie, without realizing that it’s fake. Although as we’ve said, the designs and costumes of the characters, even the logo, are indeed real.

Frozen is slowly beginning to thaw. If it’s following the same marketing pattern as Wreck-It Ralph, we can safely expect a first trailer a week before the release of Monsters University in June. An epic musical fairytale and the 53rd Disney Animated Classic, Frozen stars Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff. It’s directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, and will blast into theaters November 27, 2013.

What are your thoughts on the new images? Do you think Anna looks cute? What about Olaf? Just how excited are you for this movie? Sound off!

Also, check out the recently leaked image of Sven and Kristoff here!

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  • Gary Wright

    This is officially THE animated film of 2013.

  • max

    I like it 🙂

    • max

      And at first i thought i would hate this design for Elsa, but now i like it as wel 😀

  • I see great cosplay in the future 😉

  • pedro

    I AM BEYOND EXCITED for this movie, I’ve been on pair with it for so many years, and so glad the project finally took off. I just…it’s going to be AMAZING, I just know it.

  • Mason Smith

    Groovy! Elsa looks so red-headed in the pics. Charming. Olaf on the other hand. Kind of a King Kandy goofyness

    • Gary Wright

      Morgan thinks Anna looks like Heidi (from the book Heidi).

  • Anon

    “Take this one with a grain of salt: it’s probably fake.”

    No, the picture is not fake. The composition of those leaked posters was but not the characters or the backgrounds. This picture from Disney Reads (which has now been removed) is 100% authentic. The exact same one is featured on a lot of official merchandise that I’ve seen.

  • Braden

    I can’t wait! I thought we’d get a full length Trailer but we are only getting a teaser with the 2 characters, that are not Anna or Elsa 🙁 Im sad! We’ve waited all this time for a teaser! I wanted a teaser like Tangleds, with the tower. It was so simple and was really exciting! They should make a Teaser like that, but we still don’t know how it will turn out I guess…

  • A.W

    I quite like that Frozen has a correlating artistic direction to Tangled – I think it’s good for Disney to have a marked style in the current flood of 3D animated features. Also, it makes me think that Tangled and Frozen could take place in different kingdoms in the same world. Disney Princess-style Avengers, anyone?

    • Kynan

      OMG I need that to happen!

  • Debbie

    So excited for this movie!! 😀 I think Anna looks adorable and Olaf is pretty cute as well. I like the leaked design for Elsa, regardless of whether or not it’s real. I think this is going to be fantastic.

  • Nick Sorenson

    Well, guess that’s another new Disney movie that I won’t be seeing. This is just looking to be a repeat of Tangled, which is something that I actually DON’T want to be seeing since I didn’t even like Tangled. I’ve gotten real sick of Disney putting so much of their efforts and focus on CGI, so all I really care about is what their next hand drawn film will be (or if they make anything else that’s like their short Paperman), because anything like this is an instant letdown for me.

    • Philip

      You bad little boy! SHUT UP! ?

  • Kayla

    I really like Anna’s design, she’s cute and looks like she’ll be a fun character 😀
    Olaf looks goofy but cute, too
    I can’t wait for Frozen!

  • Ariel

    Hi Gary! I don’t know if you’re already aware, but I looked at trex0rapunz3l’s tumblr page, and a leaked CG image of Kristoff and Sven were posted not too long ago! It looks like the image of Anna and Olaf shown here. I just wanted to give you a heads up! 🙂

    • Ariel

      Oh and by the way, the image of Kristoff is a little blurry, but you can see Sven just fine.