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‘Frozen’ Video Leaked! Features First Look at Animation & Intro from Chris Buck

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frozen-castle-disneyWell, it’s not official and will probably be pulled, but a video recently surfaced featuring the first-animation from Disney’s upcoming film, Frozen!

The video was leaked on Disney Greece’s youtube page, but it’s unclear if it were supposed to release it (it seems strange that Disney Greece would be given a watermarked version to put up, even if the clip was supposed to be officially released soon).

A poster in the dvdizzy forum discovered the video first. The sneak-peak reel features many unfinished and unrendered scenes from “Disney Animation Studios’ 2013 animated comedy adventure Frozen”, but gives a glimpse into character designs and models. Featured prominently are Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf.

The video appears to have been made or cleared on 7/25/12, which is a few weeks before Destination D where concept art for Frozen was shown. Destination D was held in the first few weeks of August, so the video and materials might have been prepared for that event. However, I don’t recall seeing this video or ANY Frozen animation or video sneak peaks at Destination D. (If this was prepared for Destination D, what happened?)

Elsa and her hair look a bit different in the video. David Gilson (princekido on dvdizzy) said the characters and concepts are from a previous version. Also, maybe it’s just me, but I really liked the platinum blonde version of Anna better than the strawberry blonde that she is now. Also, we get to see a glimpse at the two castles: the kingdom where Anna and Elsa live and the icy palace fortress that Elsa creates in the mountains.

An someone who is hotly anticipating this movie (despite the lack of promotional materials from the Mouse House), this clip gets me very excited. I’m not surprised there aren’t any completed scenes to show, considering the clip is from nearly a year ago. I expect that a lot more animation has been completed since then. That being said, even Wreck-It Ralph was about 30-40% complete when I saw it at the test screening six months before its release.

This isn’t the first pieces of Frozen that have been leaked. Back in February, three fake posters that showed Elsa and Anna’s fully rendered CGI designs were leaked. And just last week, the soundtrack’s tracklist was leaked (it’s unconfirmed whether it’s real or not).

Maybe Elsa cursed Disney’s marketing team and they’re frozen in time, unable to release the materials. Whatever Disney’s reasoning, I think it’s about time that we got some official clips, trailers and posters soon.

Watch below before it gets pulled! Also, check out some stills from the video below.

[UPDATE 12:19 PST 4/24/13] The video has been pulled. And, per the request of Disney, we have removed the screen caps.

What are your thoughts on the animation? Are you liking the film and character more?

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  • “The Snow Queen” was one of my favorite fairy tales and still is. I’m a bit skeptical about the changes made in “Frozen”.
    True that the Disney version of “The Little Mermaid” had a different ending from the original tale but they kept the plot the same. This “Frozen” doesn’t seem to have much in common with the original “Snow Queen”. No fun-and-crazy Robber Girl or evil mirror shards? The queen has “sister” issues? Crazy talking snowman?

    That said, I know Disney has talent in spades and will hope they do this story justice. It should be a visually stunning film, I’m sure.

    • Braden

      We still don’t know. They could very well add the Rober Girl, and the Mirror (How could Elsa have gotten her powers?) Tangled did a good job of changing the story but keeping in key elements like, the flower that Rapunzel’s mother needs, the classic lines “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!’ It was more faithful to the classic story than The Princess and the Frog. Disney dose not want any info to be released on this movie, so they must be keeping a lot from us! Hopefully they can keep in the elements like the magic garden, the mirror, the robbers, and they probably will put Hans in the role of the Prince form the original. So don’t quite lower your expectations yet, because we never know. I mean look at Tangled, people thought it would fail, but now it’s one of Disneys best films!

      • Good points about “Tangled”. What impressed me was how Disney gave everything a valid reason in their version: why Rapunzel was kept up in that tower and why her hair was so long made sense. So I just hope they do something similar in having a validity to the Snow Queen and hopefully, a good reason for using the mirror.

        I’d expect them to keep “Frozen” under tight wraps since Disney doesn’t want to give away secrets/spoilers ahead of time. (JJ Abrams anyone?) But I’d rather have low expectations and be surprisingly blown away and that’s why I’m not gushing about this just yet.

        Oh yes, I hope they include their own version of a magical garden and robbers. Disney loves their baddies!

      • Ok, you two have made me want to read The Snow Queen! I’m doing to get the audiobook now!

        • Hope you enjoy the story. (Methinks Ghibli would do a lovely adaptation as well someday.) First time I discovered the story was an after-school-special when we watched “Shelly Devall’s Fairy Tale Theater”. It’s on youtube! Brings back memories…


  • This artwork is so beautiful! I missed the trailer though 🙁

  • GirlFromGallifrey

    I actually really love Anna’s old design too, I hope they use that one over the darker blonde version but I love Elsa’s character design too. I know they’re doing this in CGI but I love the 2D designs they’ve been putting out there (like the ones of Elsa we’ve seen). I’ve think this film is going to be visually spectacular (much like every other Disney film!)

    • What I think is that Anna’s old design made her look too much like Elsa, so people would confuse them. And based on the completed animation in that clip, they seem to be using the Anna with darker hair. 🙁

  • Qindarka

    Just to let you know, Ldns200 seemed a little annoyed that you linked to his video here (after the original was blocked) without permission. Should probably have consulted him first, his account could have been threatened with the increased exposure.

  • Ohhhhh… So good to hear and see something at least !!!!
    I like
    seeing mister Buck proudly speaking about “tradition”, “legacy”, ”
    tremendous heart”, “great storytelling…”… As for the music, it may
    be not the real one, but i like it, it sounds
    magical-romantic-mysterious, very “Disney” with a Tim Burton hint first,
    then it goes more adventure-type… There is a great “jig” musical
    pattern after the Olaf animation and during the “avalanche” scene; very
    Then, the artwork has a “Sleeping Beauty” vibe… the general atmosphere is great !
    The few animated seconds are very soft and shimmering and fluid… the sunset pink light reflecting on snow is bliss…
    still of Elsa’s ice castle is not that impressive, but the final part
    with her on top of the mountain attacking Anna with snow truly means…
    she can be mean and dangerous !!! It’s dramatically beautiful !

    • Hullo

      I totally agree, and I’m just waiting to get my hands on the first tickets available!

  • Video is gone – GONE before I got a chance to take a look. Bummer.

  • Kenneth Elliott

    The concept artwork looks awesome. The actual footage looks….. standard.

    • Qindarka

      It’st nowhere near finished yet. This dates back to July 2012 while the first finished shot of the film was only completed in February 2013.

  • FROZEN! It’s going to be the best animated film of the year!

    • Hullo

      You got that right!

  • Disneyfan34

    Does anybody think this film will have the potential to be compared with The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast? I liked the last two (Princess and the Frog and Tangled) but to me they didn’t compare to the stuff from the early 90’s.

  • knot_now

    I love Frozen ! I found the songs even better in french : http://blog.florent-cima.com/frozen-la-reine-des-neiges/

  • Marjorie Stocking

    I found frozen full movie http://bit(dot)ly/1h8F959