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[UPDATE] ‘The Little Mermaid’: Diamond Edition Blu-ray Coming This October

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The-Little-Mermaid-Diamond-Edition-Box-Art-Cover-Blu-rayDisney just barely released its most recent Diamond Edition, Peter Pan, but has quickly ramped up its marketing machine to announce The Little Mermaid as the next Diamond Edition in the lineup. This will be the first time The Little Mermaid has been released in high definition and digital formats.

Many know that Disney recently cancelled the 3D re-release of The Little Mermaid, most likely due to disappointing box office numbers from Monsters Inc. 3D and Finding Nemo 3D. While many were disappointed they wouldn’t be able to see this Disney classic on the big screen again, unfortunately it seems unlikely that the 3D conversion (if it was ever finished) will be included in the Blu-ray combo packs. However, before the 3D release was cancelled, there were rumors of a 3D Blu-ray release.

The Little Mermaid: Diamond Edition is available October 1, 2013. Watch the trailer below!

[UPDATE 2/6/13, 12:44 pm MST] Our fan, Faisal, informed us that many Disney employees who were working on the 3D Mermaid project are currently still working on the conversion.  According to a compilation of Disney employee tweets on the subject, the cancellation of the 3D was blown out of proportion by media outlets and the theatrical release is being pushed back to an undecided date. This isn’t an official confirmation, but if this is true, then the Blu-ray most likely will be released with a 3D disc in October.

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