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‘Anastasia’ Musical Heading to Broadway! Angela Lansbury to Reprise Role

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Angela-Landsbury-Anastasia-A-new-MusicalIt looks like Fox Animation Studios’ 1997 animated hit Anastasia is heading to Broadway as a new musical. Broadway World broke the exclusive after learning that casting has started for a 29-hour reading for Anastasia – A New Musical.

The musical is still in the early stages of development, but Anastasia’s songwriters—Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty—have written fifteen new songs for the stage, in addition the film’s five orginal songs. The film’s music was nominated for two Oscars: Best Original Song for “Journey to the Past” and Best Original Musical or Comedy Score.

Casting is still underway for reading set for late July, but Angela Landsbury will reprise her role as the Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna. Aaron Lazar is the only other person known to be cast, though his role is currently unknown. Broadway actors Liz Callaway and Jonathan Dokuchitz provided the singing voices for the leads, Anastasia and Dimitri, respectively; it will be interesting to see if they are even considered to reprise their roles.

In Episode 12, we just talked about about how great we thought the music in Anastasia was. It will be interesting to see how they broaden the songs to include more characters such as the Dowager Empress. Also, it’s exciting to see an animated musical by someone other than Disney adapted into musicals for the Broadway stage.

What are your thoughts on an Anastasia musical? Would you go see it?

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  • HOFsmom

    Yes! I wish my daughter was a bit older, had her Equity card and a NYC agent! She would be at auditions for sure!!

  • Natacha

    I want to arrive soon in Brazil. I’m dying to attend this spectacle here. It would be an honor to be in the role of Anastasia.

  • Sally Anne Roberts

    yup i would go x

  • Marc Batchelor

    I’d make a special trip to see it.

  • Brooke

    I swear I will be so sad if Aaron Tveit is not cast as Dmitri. He is the epitome of Dmitri. And I certainly wouldn’t mind being cast as Anastasia at the same time ;D hahahaha Words can’t describe how excited I am!

  • Mary

    Gavin Creel as Dmitri!

  • SM

    Definitely would see it, but am also interested in a new musical in the works called Nicholas and Alexandra based on the Romonavs!

  • acglover

    squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

  • daisy119

    ummm Liz Callaway is great and all, but I just looked it up, and she is 52-years-old. I’m not sure she’s gonna be the right casting choice for Anastasia, all things considered.

  • Andy

    Yes!!! This needs to happen!!!!! :)

  • Josh Page

    This is the perfect next project for them. The music has tremendous potential. Once Upon A December is so damn good.

  • Pedro

    I’ve been on pair with this project. I LOVE Liz Callaway to death, she’s one of my fav singers/people on this planet. But she’s way too old to play Anastasia, how could she reprise the role? -___- I do hope they do it properly and delete that insanely weak standard villain that is Rasputin, the weakest spot of the film