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Finally! Four New ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Stills

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During the week of the video game expo E3 and with the first (and very highly anticipated) teaser trailer just around the corner, Walt Disney released four new stills to its upcoming video game-inspired film Wreck-It Ralph.

We already had the chance to see a test screening of the film (check out our podcast review here), so can give a bit more insights about the stills. The four photos each show some of the main worlds of the movie:

  1. The first photo is of the main power strip aka Game Central Station, which acts as a hub for all the video game characters to travel to and from their respective games.
  2. The second photo moves inside Game Central Station and shows Ralph (John C. Reilly) handing out Pac Man cherries to Q*Bert, Coily and other out-of-work game characters right after attending his Bad-Anon support group.
  3. The third photo show a player’s arcade view of begining of the game Hero’s Duty, a first-person shooter, as Sargeant Calhoun (Jane Lynch) is talking the player through the mission.
  4. The fourth photo shows Ralph after he accidentally lands in the colorful Sugar Rush and meets the hyperactive kart racer Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman).







Be sure to check out the hi-res version of photo 2 to get a look at a few of the other video game characters who make cameos in the film. Which photo do you like the best?

Photos via USA Today

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