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Don Bluth Talks about Dragon’s Lair Comic & His Long-awaited Return to Animation

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Don-Bluth-HeadshotIn a exclusive interview with Cartoon Brew, Don Bluth talked specifically about his digital release of the Dragon’s Lair comic, but also divulged a few gold nuggets about future animation projects.

In the interview, Bluth covers a variety of topics: Dragon’s Lair (obviously), his video game work, what interests him now in animation, directing plays at Don Bluth Front Row Theatre and his animation backstory.

When asked if he ever sees himself returning to animation he said, “Of course! Animation is still my passion. Though, boarding and blocking the story is the challenge I enjoy the most.” But regarding a Dragon’s Lair animated film, he said:

Gary has been working at developing IPs for possible feature films, and pushing to get Dragon’s Lair: The Movie in full production as a feature film.

There you have it, more proof straight from the horses mouth that a Dragon’s Lair film is (hopefully) in the works. Check out the entire interview here—you won’t be disappointed!


Pencil art by Don Bluth for the Dragon’s Lair comics rerelease via Cartoon Brew

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